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The Logo Boutique is a creative design studio that offers logo design, marketing postcard designs, web design, and other promotional products. They also have expert graphic designers on staff to assist in the process. The Logo Boutique has only been around since 2009, but has served over 25,000 customers. They immediately assign customers an account manager who will ensure the product is of high quality, and will convey all preferences to the team of designers. Customer service and satisfaction is important to The Logo Boutique.

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The Good

  • Full Contract Cancellation Refund
  • Packages

Full Contract Cancellation Refund

While many other companies remain undisclosed about information regarding contract cancellation refund and only refund up to half of the contract price, The Logo Boutique offers a full refund. They offer this guarantee as a promise of satisfaction for their product.


The Logo Boutique has a variety of packages that vary in price from $99-$329. Although the packages have different features and customizable options, all of the packages have good options based on customers needs:

  • The base Red Tag package is $99 and includes 10 original logo concepts, a team of graphic designers, and a project manager to help ease the process.
  • The Boutique Logo package is $159 and comes with unlimited logo concepts, unlimited logo revisions, and a satisfaction guarantee.
  • The Logo + Business Card package is $259 and provides original business cards design concept, 500 business cards free, and business card revisions.
  • The last package is the Corporate ID package for $329 and comes with an original letterhead design concept, an original envelope design concept, and stationary revisions.

The Bad

  • Company Size
  • Pricing

Company Size

The Logo Boutique is a small company with only 30 full time employee. Additionally, they are a newer company, and have only been around since 2009. The limited number of employees could potentially be a problem, especially when many competitors have hundreds of employees.


All of the packages for The Logo Boutique range between $99 and $329, with the base package starting at $99. Although the upper packages are accurately priced, the base starting package is more expensive than other competitors in the industry. Many other businesses offer a base starting package from $0 to $50.

The Bottom Line

The Logo Boutique is a great company that values customer service, and goes the extra mile to ensure 100% satisfaction. Although the base package is more expensive than competitors, they offer many customizable features that are appealing to customers. Additionally, they offer a full contract cancellation refund which is rare in this industry. Overall, if you are needing expert help and multiple logo revisions, than we suggest using The Logo Boutique.

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November 17th, 2017 Fort Lauderdale, FL DETAILS

Value for your money
Quality of product or service
Customer Service
Company trustworthiness

Excellent logo results ! I was very happy whit the logo that was designed for my business off a few broad concepts that I gave to graphic designers. Jhon was a very involved and knowledgeable project manager. I would definitely recommend The Logo Boutique to anyone looking for a new logo for their business.




October 21st, 2017

The initial concepts were quick but every subsequent revision was nearly 2 days and I had to keep bugging them to turn it around for me. As other reviewers have stated, the designs are not very imaginative and you end up doing a lot of the work yourself. I had to take their concepts into photoshop and tweak them just to get them good enough to show my client. I was very clear in my instructions that only Google Fonts were to be used, they did not follow my instruction. Throughout the whole process they seemed to pick and choose what feedback they wanted to hear, and several revision rounds they did not do at all what I had asked for -- only took up more time with bad designs I didn't ask for. I would NOT recommend based on poor listening skills and slow turnaround times.




September 29th, 2017 DeLand, FL

I really enjoy worked whit the logo boutique . Nice customer service and very professional logo design . I will use your services again. Sam