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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019

LogoJeez boasts on their homepage that they are an “Award Winning” company for their design and development services. They service Fortune 500 companies in over 45 different industries and they also serve small businesses looking to grow. They’ve created over 5,000 branding solutions, nearly 5,000 website designs for small businesses, developed 1,665 online stores, and also developed 420 Android and iOS apps to date. They’re proud of their global clientele and their growth as a company as they approach their 10-year mark in the industry. 

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The Good

  • Experience
  • Customer Care
  • Pricing


LogoJeez offers everything, including online content articles for those who are looking to boost their business not just with graphics and logos but with compelling content. They have been in business for almost a decade and have made clients happy worldwide. Their online portfolio is stunning as is their website. Additionally, they offer additional services besides just logo design.

Customer Care

They offer many ways to contact them via phone, email or live chat. Some of the very biggest and most recognizable names are their clients including Toyota, Kraft Foods, GM, U.S. Army, Chrysler and the United States Postal Office. If they can regularly satisfy clients of that level they are likely able to satisfy most clients. Their turnaround time is hard to beat promising some results within 48 hours maximum.


All of the packages for LogoJeez range between $100-$750, with the base package starting at $100. Although the upper packages are more expensive, the base starting package is a good deal compared to other industry competitors who offer starting packages over $100.

The Bad

  • Website Navigation
  • Undisclosed Information

Website Navigation

The website, while visually appealing, can be a little much to navigate. There is a lot of content and graphics on the home page and a box for "Live Chat" keeps popping up no matter how many times it's closed with a click. Every navigation to another landing page leads to the "Live Chat" box popping up again and following the mouse around the page. This isn't a deal breaker but it makes it all the harder to browse the large website with the box needing to be closed every few seconds.

Undisclosed Information

There is a lot of information that LogoJeez doesn't include on their website. They do not provide any information regarding contract length or a cancellation policy. Other industry competitors are very transparent when providing information about contracts. Additionally they don't provide any information regarding the size of the company or number of employees hired. There is a lack of transparency on LogoJeez's website.

The Bottom Line

In considering everything that LogoJeez offers, their reasonable package prices, the number of services they offer and the clients they've worked with, they seem like a pretty solid choice for just about anyone. They offer a guarantee on all their services and they are available 24/7. We recommend using LogoJeez for all of your logo design needs.

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Veronica Fort Worth, TX

Whatever you do DONT give them your money! They refuse to answer your calls, wont correct errors or even speak with you! If I could give them a negative star I would give them -100 stars! You never speak to the same person and Harris, Emily, Lyod, Peter and anyone you speak with will tell you the previous person you spoke with doesn't work there anymore! They always want you to "email" them the corrections! Well when you email them nothing get done! You call back and the new person you speak with tells you to email them the corrections and guess what...NOTHING GETS DONE! Its a terrible business to work with and a waste of valuable resources!!!! They break whats written in there contract! They gave our company a 3-5week timeline for a test website to be ready...its been 8 months and nothing!!!! No refund and unanswered calls!!!!!

6 years ago

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Christopher Schultz Greendale, WI

I am complaining regarding Logojeez business practices, I hired them to perform a 12 page website and the company had poor cooperation in this process, which raised concerns for me. In the terms and conditions (guarantee) a refund is promised and I was refused a refund. This company has poor communication skills and are hard to get a hold of and does not reply back to voicemails and emails. Numerous times I have tried to get a hold of this company while getting no-where. I spoke to many different people: Harris Blake, Emily and Chris Reid all to no avail. Never received a call back even though promised several times. My website was never finished, delivered and when I cancelled due to this, I was pushed around to different people and given many excuses as to why I was never given a refund. This company when I pulled up the address is actually a PO Box inside of a strip mall. One reason given for no refund is that the credit card processing company they use is out of business, this is in fact a LIE. They use a company called Indigo Credit Card Processing and they are in fact still in business and even have the same address as Logojeez. I called this credit card company to verify and found that they are at the same location as Logojeez just a different phone number. I am looking for a full refund of $1145.00 for services not performed per guarantee(under their terms and conditions). I would like the company to either credit back my card, or send me a check if the company they used is no longer in business. With this company I have written down times called and even have call recordings that state these facts. Emily-Called for a refund and was told General Manager would call back in a half hour-No call back from anybody a month later. Chris Reid-Stated would call back by end of day to issue a refund--No call back and no refund issued. Blake Harris-This is the main person that I have dealt with and have received no responses from him regarding anything. I have sent him every thing that they asked for with no avail. I would like the company to issue a refund in full for services not performed.

6 years ago

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Dominic NJ

I called them and was discussing my requirements, while another associate from their firm calls me since I had filled in a web request. When I informed him about this, he calls me RUDE and does not believe I was saying the truth, they do not trust their clients and are RUDE if they don'[t get work. I was glad to not pass my business to such team.

6 years ago

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