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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019

LogoYes is a Do-It-Yourself logo maker website that helps users create their own logos and other premium design products. Their mission is to provide professional, affordable design products that equip small businesses to compete with big ones. All their products and services help build a company's brand value by providing a strong, unified image. Since a company’s logo is their cornerstone to branding, and because all sales materials feature a logo, it follows that logos are their flagship products. LogoYes allows their customers to control the entire logo creator process in an attempt to save time and money. Customers can try their online logo program for free and create a logo sample before they make their actual purchase.

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The Good

  • Design Features
  • Tools

Design Features

LogoYes has an easy to use design feature that allows customers to fully design their new logos quickly and effectively if they are going a stock route. They offer a wide variety of designs, fonts, and colors so that customers can easily customize/change their own logo designs. Some ways that LogoYes feels they set themselves apart is that their designs do not lose detail when they are altered for size during placement, their logos appear distinct and memorable in black and white (for faxes, copies, etc.) as well as color. 

The initial logo creation process is quick and easy. For free, customers can play with the site's online editor tool and fully customize their own designs all from their own home, or office, computers. There is no registration or card payment information required until designs have been completed and customers are satisfied. To create a logo customers need to simply walk though three easy steps. First, they need to find their industry. Second, they need to choose a symbol. And third, add their name and customization to the design and then they are ready to go. No designing experience, or software, is required to create a custom design with LogoYes. Their tools are capable to help customers create their own professional, noticeable product that will resonate with clients and help brand their business.


Customers who use LogoYes have access to over 20,000 professional design elements to use to personalize/change their new logo so they can make it unique to their company. The design library is extensive and is regularly updated to keep up with the ever-changing needs of their customers. For customers who are nervous about the "Do-It-Yourself" process, the LogoYes online editor is easy to use and the final product looks just as sharp as if it had been done by a graphic design professional. Because it takes little to no time to create logos and customers see all changes first hand; customers are able to do in minutes what usually takes weeks of back and forth with other logo generator companies.


The Bad

  • Fees
  • Undisclosed Contract Information
  • Undisclosed Pricing


A common complaint with customers online is that LogoYes charges a small fee for making the initial purchase to get your first design. That purchase automatically sets you up for an account that consists of a "Free" 12 months logo starter kit. Each time you create a logo you essentially set up a new account for this. However, when the 12-month trial period ends LogoYes charges customers an unexpected monthly fee that is difficult to have cancelled from the account. Customer reviews express frustration because they thought they only had to pay for a single product only to find that they were actually purchasing a product that includes a reoccurring fee that they are unaware of until a year after the initial purchase.

Undisclosed Contract Information

There is a significant amount of information that the online logo maker doesn't include on their website. They do not provide any information regarding contract length or cancellation policy. Other online logo creator competitors are very transparent when providing information about contracts. Usually, there are month to month contracts or yearly contracts, but LogoYes does not release this information on their website. Additionally, they do not disclose if they have a cancellation or refund policy regarding contracts. There is no information on full custom design work. They do not list anything regarding being able to hire out an in-house designer to help customers design a full logo limiting customers to stock work only. For some customers that is perfect but for others who know exactly what they want might find the artwork limitations with LogoYes frustrating and this might lead them to a different company.

Undisclosed Pricing

In addition to not disclosing information about contracts, LogoYes does not release information about the pricing for their different services on their website. As well, they do not release information about activation fees, additional charges, or contract fees.


The Bottom Line

The bottom line with what we have found while researching LogoYes is that there are better design options out there. The LogoYes site could be better developed and easier to use and they do not do the best job promoting what they are capable of. They have also generated bad reviews from customers who have been pleased with their work until they find that they are being billed for a service they did not use or did not feel they authorized.

New customers need to make sure they carefully read the fine print before ordering. For customers looking for an inexpensive, quick, Do-It-Yourself product that is set up from stock options, LogoYes is a good fit and will be easy to use and very affordable. However, for designs that are more eye-catching and fully customizable, if that is what you need, there are better options out there. Because this site is free, or very inexpensive compared to their competitors, customers essentially get what they pay for when purchasing designs from LogoYes.

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