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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019

FuelMyBrand provides custom logo design services at affordable prices to large corporations and small businesses alike; which helps them grow their company manifolds. They also help create designs for print and web, corporate identity solutions, business cards, stationery visual branding, and corporate websites… etc. They work directly with their customers to achieve the right images for all aspects of their company. Proper and competent branding begins with a well-conceived, properly designed, logo creation process which suggests a positive message and transforms the core vision of a customer’s company logo into reality. FuelMyBrand is designed to help customers by giving them access to their own design team of professional logo designers, to help manage and propel their company to the top, and have it continue on through the many years of their own business’ life-cycle. 

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The Good

  • In-House Design Team
  • Time in Business

In-House Design Team

FuelMyBrand creates logos that are unique and that will distinguish any business identity. They work to provide customers with the right logo for their company's website, marketing materials, stationery or even camera-ready artwork for offline printing. One benefit to using FuelMyBrand is their in-house logo design team. They hire their own designers and do all the work directly for their customers. They provide custom logo designs, and they do not use any sort of clipart, readymade images or stock photos in their logo designs work. All of their work is 100% custom/genuine which facilitates quick and easy trademark approval their client's logo or brand identity with the local registrar office. They take sufficient time for each project (which includes a fast turnaround time of 3-5 business days) to make sure each project is done right and has been given the time and attention the customer deserves. They offer budget friendly logo design packages. All of their packages are reasonably priced and they also offer a few different custom pricing options so that customers can find the package/plan that works best for their needs. And last but not least, they create logo design files that can be used anywhere. They provide multiple file formats including source editable files to make sure that your logo artwork can be easily accommodated for all sort of print usage i.e. from web use and PowerPoint presentations to large scale printing and embroidery... etc. They even provide customers a feature to request any additional logo format in future even after completing their current logo projects.

Time in Business

FuelMyBrand has been in the industry for over 15 years . They have long term experience in the design field. With over 10 years in the graphic design industry they have been creating designs for companies ranging from startup businesses to large corporations. They are a very complete company, offering many of the top design/business formats most customers looking for help will need. They offer extensive price packages that either start customers off with the basics or fully comprehensive packages that get customers set up for success from the moment they brand their company.

The Bad

  • Basic Service Option
  • Pricing
  • Package Limitations

Basic Service Option

FuelMyBrand limits customers a little bit with the basic service option. It is the bare bones of all of their plans. They only offer two revisions on the basic "Repair" plan which could make a customer feel cornered and limited when creating their new designs. Also with the basic "Repair" and "Octane" plans, customers don't have as many full service options and may find the need for more help but will have to pay a higher price to create a complete business identity.


They are not the cheapest option on the market. While their services are more customer oriented and give customers a chance to participate in the design process they do not have online tools that allow customers to participate in the process. Once a plan is picked a customer works directly with designer via email and phone to develop a logo for their company. Additionally, their Satisfaction Guarantee does not apply to their basic plan option and customers can only receive a full refund on any plan if they are not satisfied after the first revision.

Package Limitations

Design concepts are limited based on the different packages you choose and unlike other companies who have a wide selection of design images customers only get to see what the FuelMyBrand designers create based off a questionnaire taken during the ordering process. Three out of the four packages offer multiple designers for each logo project but they do not list specifically how many designers or options paying more will get each customer.

The Bottom Line

Based on other companies we have found on the market FuelMyBrand is a good option for customers looking for custom help setting up their logo and other company needs. They do not have step by step online editing options but they are a strong company for custom work and customer review express a strong satisfaction with working directly with designers as concepts are created. For someone looking for a more hands on approach FuelMyBrand may not be their best option but for those starting out, or needing help establishing the look and the feel they want to setup for their entire company, FuelMyBrand would be a great choice. They are more expensive than other sites available to customers however, you do get more customer/designer attention going this route and that would make plenty of customers feel more at ease with the overall ordering process.

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