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LAST UPDATED: March 17th, 2020

Launched in 2014, Designhill is home to over 70,000 freelance designers for logo design services and product design services on the company’s partner site, PrintShop. 

Designhill aims to assist clients as they look for a logo that speaks to their business or brand’s personality and identity through one-on-one projects, crowdsourced projects, and AI design tools. 

Top Ranked Companies


The Good

  • Freelancer Gigs
  • Crowdsourced Design Contests
  • AI Logo Maker 

Freelancer Gigs

For a fixed Designhill commission of 5 percent, you can set your own price and negotiate your own terms with one or more of Designhill’s freelancers in the design gig marketplace. To determine your chosen designer, you can browse profiles including samples of previous work and read profile reviews. 

This option gives the client total freedom with their budget and gives the freelancer more confidence that their work will be rewarded, as opposed to the unknown results of a contest. 

Crowdsourced Design Contests

That said, Designhill does run crowdsourced design contests for individuals and businesses who want to compare multiple logos against each other. 

When you select a contest winner, you get full copyright ownership, unlimited revisions, and unlimited free polls to get opinions from your family and friends. Designhill’s contests come with a 100 percent money-back guarantee, so if you don’t find a design you love, you don’t pay. 

The turnaround time for a design contest can range from 24 hours to 10 days and you can end a contest at any time by declaring a winner. 

Pricing for contests is as follows: 

  • Fast track $199
  • Standard $399
  • Executive $699
  • Premium $999

The standard plan includes:  

  • 40+ designs expected
  • Great designers
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Unlimited designs and designers
  • Newsletter promotion
  • Social media promotion 

Prices include the prize for your winning designer, all fees and commissions. Designhill does offer discounts for non-profits and educational institutions.

AI Logo Maker

Designhill’s logo maker gives consumers the option of producing a logo, T-shirt design, business card, or email signature almost instantly. 

Pricing is as follows: 

  • $20 for a basic resolution logo file 
  • $65 for Premium your first project (after that, it’s $130) 
  • $150+ for Enterprise

The Bad

  • Limited Designer Vetting
  • Logo Maker Pricing 

Limited Designer Vetting 

Designhill is open to any designer joining the platform, no matter their skill or experience. On one hand, this openness to all may encourage the creative talent of people who haven’t had the opportunity to develop an expansive portfolio yet. On the other hand, appropriate filters may not be in place to guarantee that only the best designers take on projects. 

One exception to the seeming lack of designer vetting is with Designhill’s platinum crowdsourcing package, where it limits participation on those projects to the top 150 designers, presumably based on contests won or reviews generated. 

Logo Maker Pricing

While the basic Logo Maker service costs only $20, which is as cheap as that service comes, you get what you pay for in that case. To obtain high-resolution vector files of your logo, you need to pay $65. And for the ability to have custom changes made to your logo, you need to buy the most expensive package for $150. 


The Bottom Line

Designhill offers both depth and breadth when it comes to logo design. 

While most logo design companies specialize in one type of service, Designhill offers the best of multiple services in the logo design industry: working one-on-one with a freelance designer, running a crowdsourced design contest, and generating a logo instantly using AI. 

Whether it’s your logo, website, or company swag that needs design help, Designhill is definitely worth looking into. 

If you’re a designer, you can benefit not only from Designhill’s gig and contest models but also PrintShop. You can launch a Printshop store for free, and from there you can design and sell products for a fixed percentage of profits.

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