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LAST UPDATED: December 13th, 2019

DesignContest is a crowdsourcing graphic design company founded in 2003 and headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada. It offers a range of services, including logo design.

Clients submit a design brief that creates a contest for the designers that use the platform. Creatives submit their entries and the client chooses to compensate a winner, and possibly runners-up. DesignContest also allows clients to work with a designer one-on-one.

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The Good

  • Contest Archive
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee
  • Crowdsourcing Rules
  • Privacy Option
  • One-on-One Option
  • Additional Services

Contest Archive

DesignContest lets you browse completed, publicly visible contests to see what talent the design competitions typically attract. Users can see the number of entries, the prize money offered, the design brief from the company, and the winners. Many DesignContest clients seem to receive quality submissions and a range of entries.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

DesignContest guarantees that dissatisfied clients can receive their money back, 100 percent. This would include posting fees that other crowdsourcing websites typically retain.

Crowdsourcing Rules

DesignContest wants clients to receive a wide range of high-quality submissions, and so they offer customizable contest features that incentivize designers to participate.

Users can set a custom prize amount or choose from economy, standard, and premium packages for their logo design. Your compensation must equal or exceed $275.

Users can also guarantee a contest, which voids your 100 percent money-back guarantee but ensures designers that a winning design will be selected. DesignContest suggests that this option can get 150 percent more designs.

Clients can choose to promote a contest on DesignContest’s social channels for $79. You can also feature your contest for $49, ensuring that it will appear on DesignContest’s homepage and at the top of the contest list. According to DesignContest, this could result in 40 percent more submissions. Similarly, you can highlight your contest in the listings for $18 and possibly receive 20 percent more designs.

A Blind contest costs $39 dollars and blocks designers from viewing each other’s entries and copying them.

Lastly, you can set second-place and third-place prizes. Both prizes must be a minimum of $115. While this is a high cost, it can greatly attract more designers.

Privacy Option

If you want your logo design project hidden from search engines, you can choose the Private option for $49. This also prompts designers to agree to an NDA for the project. If you’re concerned about any public response to your design contest, this option is invaluable.

One-on-One Option

Clients can choose to work with a designer one-on-one for their projects. This has its benefits and drawbacks. Clients who work with one designer can expect consistency across all projects, but they won’t receive a high quantity of submissions to help them brainstorm the best design.

Additional Services

DesignContest offers more than logo design. Here are some other services they can provide:

  • Stationery
  • Business cards
  • Packaging
  • Book covers
  • Website design
  • Posters
  • T-shirts
  • Mobile apps
  • Character design
  • Banners

A full list is available on DesignContest’s site.


The Bad

  • Ethical Concerns of Crowdsourcing
  • Overwhelming Options

Ethical Concerns of Crowdsourcing

One in four of the one-star reviews we receive for crowdsourcing platforms include the admonishment that crowdsourcing is unfair to designers. Design contests can receive hundreds of entries, and only a few winners are compensated for their time and effort. This can undervalue designers if clients have unreasonable demands, unclear briefs, and unfair power over the contest, such as awarding no one if they don’t like their entries.

Thankfully, DesignContest gives clients the option to attract quality submissions and improve designer experience by setting high compensation, selecting multiple winners, allowing clients to work one-on-one with a designer, or guaranteeing a contest.

Overwhelming Options

Some customers might find their options in a design contest overwhelming. They may occasionally have to sift through dozens of low quality submissions, and many designers expect feedback so they can improve their submissions and re-submit. If you thought crowdsourcing was an option that required minimal involvement, you’ll be disappointed. However, many clients enjoy the selection process.


The Bottom Line

DesignContest proves to be a great option for anyone seeking a crowdsourcing platform to design their logo. It has one of the largest ranges of customizable features we’ve seen, which can encourage designers to flock to your contest with their best entries.

DesignContest has been in business since 2003, and it’s clear that they know what they’re doing with a wide range of services, sizeable social media followings, and a large archive of satisfied customizers. DesignContest might be worth trying out.

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Steve Anderson St Louis, MO

First, I want to say that I have been a user of other platforms...and had good and bad experiences. DesignContest was one I tried and found it to be easy to use, the designers did good work and the communication was solid. After using the platform, I also worked with the contest winner on other jobs I hired him for. So it made for a great transition, where I didn't have to go searching. This is REALLY good site and I would recommend it.

2 years ago

DesignContest Logo

Reply from DesignContest

Thanks for the review!

Dec. 16th, 2019