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LAST UPDATED: May 19th, 2021

Deluxe Corporation’s story began in 1915 when W.R. Hotchkiss — the inventor of the checkbook — took a $300 small business loan to start a company. In order to survive for more than 100 years, Deluxe has had to regularly evolve in order to meet the dramatic changes in society, the economy, and technological advancements.

Today the company focuses on deepening customer relationships through technology-enabled solutions. It offers a variety of software and web-based solutions for the following:

  • Business operations
  • Digital marketing and branding
  • Payments
  • Retention and loyalty

Deluxe’s diverse product offerings serve every size business; however, it places particular emphasis on small business relationships. With more than 4.8 million small business customers, the company provides all the tools small business owners need to start, run, grow and operate their business.

The company even produced a series in conjunction with Hulu called Small Business Revolution, which you can watch for free on YouTube.  


Highlight: Logo Design

Deluxe Corporation offers a wide variety of technology-based products and business solutions, including marketing services. However, this profile focuses specifically on its logo design services.

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The Good

  • Create Your Own Logo
  • Design Package Options
  • Design Process
  • Additional Services
  • Time in Business

Create Your Own Logo

The cheapest route to go with Deluxe is to use its online logo maker software. Customers can browse logo templates and customize them using various text, font, and color options.

Once customers are satisfied with the logo, they can purchase it for $50.

Design Package Options

Deluxe offers three logo design packages:

  • Bronze ($195)
  • Silver ($395)
  • Gold ($645)

The Bronze package has everything the Starter package has, with the following differences:

  • 4 design concepts
  • 2 designers specifically assigned
  • 3 design revisions
  • Vector files

The Silver builds on the Bronze package by including the following:

  • 6 design concepts
  • 4 assigned designers
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Black and white version
  • Stationery design

The Gold package has the same as the Silver package but with the following differences:

  • 10 design concepts
  • 8 assigned designers
  • 1,000 printed business cards
  • Lifetime file storage
  • Fonts and color codes

Design Process

After filling out an online questionnaire, customers are contacted by an expert representative who guides them through a step-by-step process that helps them get their order right the first time.

After the initial design consultation, the Deluxe design team holds a brainstorming session to develop ideas about how best to visually communicate the customer's business brand and create a lasting impression through the logo. Deluxe takes this extra step because the company believes that it's crucial in order to develop a custom logo design that accurately reflects the customer's business.

Once a customer's design team has formulated several ideas, each designer will design a logo they feel best represents the customer's business. Customers receive logo ideas to choose from that represents a range of perspectives as each designer has a unique style and voice.

Following a review by a project manager, customers are able to review their concepts and make changes.

With the Bronze package, customers can revise their image only two times and with the silver, gold, and platinum packages customers enjoy the benefit of unlimited revisions.

Additional Services

Deluxe has additional services that help customers develop brand image with the printing of brochures, custom door hangers, pocket folders, stickers, magnets, notepads, etc. Setting up orders is a simple process and can usually be done in minutes. These services include web design, marketing, and business supplies.

Time in Business

Deluxe has been in the industry since 1915. Over the past 100 years, Deluxe has become one of the largest logo design companies in the world.

Deluxe employs over 5,000 employees who have helped customers around the world.


The Bad

  • Template Logos

Template Logos

Customers choosing to use the software select from pre-designed templates. While it is common for companies that offer online software to use templates, customers can run the risk of having logos similar to another company brand.

Deluxe is unclear about the copyright purchasing process with template logos. Some companies offer the option to purchase the exclusive rights, which means that the template would be removed from the logo library.

If you're looking for a unique logo, it may be best to choose one of Deluxe's design packages to work with their in-house .


The Bottom Line

Deluxe appears to offer the right products and services a customer needs to start the process of developing their business brand and logo design. The company has a high customer satisfaction rate and its packages are reasonably priced in comparison to other companies in the industry. The design process is simple and allows customers to play an active role through each step.

Deluxe has solid industry experience and is constantly developing new ways to help customers grow their own businesses. For anyone looking for affordable packages to help kick off or rebrand their company, Deluxe would be a great fit.

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Lindsay Ellery, IL

Customer Service was top notch in helping us create a new logo for a business we are starting. They were all very nice and personable and really listened to our ideas, but added their own professional take on it! We were extremely pleased and it was hard to decide which logo they created that we liked more! The price was fair, and we had about a 2 week turn around time from start to finished logo! We received the completed files very quickly in just about every format possible! I know by reading some of the other reviews, some people had some complaints, but we didn't have one problem with any aspect of the process!

5 years ago

star star star star star

Wayne Simpson Valparaiso, FL

When I contacted Deluxe I expected the "business as usual" interaction. I was amazingly surprised. I was contacted almost immediately. The phone conversation was pleasant, informative and productive. The staff member was friendly, professional and very knowledgeable. The interactions during the development were extremely helpful. Everyone I dealt with was friendly and professional. The experience was great. I would recommend Deluxe to anyone needing graphic arts and logo design work.

4 years ago

star star star star star

Marilyn Turner Berthoud, CO

The whole process was efficient and very productive. My ideas were incorporated into a beautiful design that clearly conveyed my message. I believe the price for the services and product was clearly presented and very reasonable. "

4 years ago

star star star star star


The logo designs we received were exactly what we hoped for and, once we chose the perfect one for our company, the files arrived very quickly and in every possible format we could need! It was truly a pleasure working with this company and would highly recommend them to anyone in need of a logo that encompasses their business!

5 years ago

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Cynthia Kelly

"Working with Deluxe was great! They took the time to listen to our ideas and implement the perfect logo for our company! They provided several great options to choose from. I highly recommend Deluxe. "

4 years ago

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Patrick Dudley Butte, MT

My overall satisfaction with both customer service and the end product was very good. The design team was very responsive to the edits which I requested to my logo - turning around the edits very quickly and accomplishing the requested edits as directed. Very satisfied with the final product!

5 years ago

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Sonia Tumminelli Webster, NY


2 years ago

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Danaé Lauren Tolbert Brooklyn, NY

Scamity scam scam scam! Here's my story. So I created my own logo via Microsoft Paint and needed it converted to a vector file. So the account rep, Anthony G waved the $190 fee to $150 since I created the logo (fair deal). After I hung up the phone I receive an invoice. My invoice said in writing that this is a 1 time fee, I had an option of 4 logos, and no recurring payments. After I received the invoice I immediately felt dread. Not to mention Anthony's contact info was absent from the email. The following day I speak with Jackie (a rep from Canada). She was nice and asked if I wanted my logo in different colors because I am entitled to 4 designs. I declined the offer. Jackie said my logo would be finished Tuesday, 8/20. Monday (8/19) I get an alert that my account switched from Mr. G to Kevin S. Around 2 pm I get an alert that my logo is finished but needs to be reviewed before it is officially made. They made 4 logos, the shade of red went from brick red to maroon. Remember I am entitled to 4 logos, I only selected 2. Conveniently at 4:45 pm, I receive an email that I was approved for an upgrade and charged $59.00. What?! So I call Mr. S. And guess what no answer! The following day I call him again. Yep you guessed it! No answer. Customer service was a joke and I finally demanded to speak to a supervisor. She allegedly refunded my account. So I took my claim to my bank and changed my bank card. Although in writing my recurring charge said 0.00. The bank rep told me they had me noted as recurring. Stay away from these fraudsters! I should've did my research 1st!

2 years ago

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Tom Paranzino Southington, CT

We are...will were...a new small business looking for logo design services. After speaking to their super friendly sales staff (Amy) we negotiated a package that was $395. Someone from a "design team" contacted me and we spoke about our needs. We were super excited. The design process began and within a few days we had 6-8 logo designs to chose from to begin revisions.....we hated all of them. All of them! They were incredibly basic and in about 5 minutes I made a nicer looking logo on their self design site just to prove to my wife how basic the logos were. We were rather disappointed. Nevertheless we picked one thinking that we could simply ask for revisions (since they were unlimited) and in the end we would have the logo that we were envisioning! This is where it really started to feel like a one sided conversation. You pick your "favorite" revision, answer a handful of redundant questions about what you like and don't like about it. A day or two later a slightly tweaked version appears. After a few weeks of this we weren't making progress; still a very very basic logo design. I reached out to the sales girl (Amy) and expressed our disappointment. She was again very nice and had the design team reach out to me again and they gave it a go again; same results. At this point our business is getting very close to launch time and our marketing materials, website, etc are at the stage where they needed completion for printing, embroidery, etc. We were essentially cornered into hiring someone different to do our design work. We chose a competitor that turned out to be amazing! They were unfortunately everything that Deluxe wasn't. We now have a logo that we're in love with! In the interest of being good business partners I reached out to Deluxe again and explained our disappointment and explained that we had essentially been forced to go elsewhere for our logo design due to timing and how long their process takes. They had someone "higher up" contact me and offer to start at square one etc etc. I explained again that our design need had been satisfied elsewhere and they weren't going to be able to rectify the situation by providing logo design services. I knew that they policy had a "no refunds" clause but I figured that, hey, maybe we can come to some sort of mutually beneficial resolution. I'm aware that they spent some time in "design" and their time certainly has value to it. I didn't expect to receive a full refund. Here's where our disappointment turned to "I'll never do business with them and I'm going out of my way to let others know my experience". I believe that greedy business is bad business and by not doing the right thing in business will cost you money in the long run. After a brief email exchange reminding the person they'd sent to resolve the situation it was made clear that their offer to "start over" was unfortunately too late. Here's where they sealed the deal. The next email I received was the "Dear John" letter that spelled out their policies and procedures, the timelines on our efforts to revise the logo, and how they don't give refunds, etc etc etc.....a bunch of corporate mumble jumble. In the end they offered a credit, equal to 1/4 of the amount we paid, to use on their services in the future. I mean if you really think that through the irony is hard to get past. Honestly, had they offered even half our money back I would have happily parted ways (we can't all get along all of the time) and been strangely satisfied with our overall experience. In the end we would have a logo that we love and we wouldn't have spent much more that our original budget spread between the two companies. In the end they chose the greedy route and here I am spending quality time writing negative reviews. It wasn't, and isn't, about the money. Money is just money. It's about doing business the right way and about doing the right thing. They offer a ton of services that we would have certainly considered for our business. We will without question go out of our way to spend our money for those services elsewhere. So, that's our Deluxe experience. Perhaps yours will be more pleasant.

3 years ago

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Jason Pierce West Milford, NJ

Signed up for the Gold logo package. I didn't need anything fancy and I didn't get anything any good either. All I got where designs that looked like newbies from the 80's designed. I ended up designing my own logo and couldn't get a refund so I figured I would get the business cards from them. At least I would get something out of what I spent. Well I just got my business cards today and they are going in the garbage. This company is pure crap. The business card quality is crap. It's so hard to read them. The email signature that they sent me was such low quality I could barely make anything out, I asked for higher quality files and got not as bad but still crap quality. I don't understand why everything is such low quality. If you want a real logo, either pay for an experienced graphic designer or go to you local grade school and ask a random kid to do it for you. Whatever you do, don't hire these 80's newbies if you want anything good.

4 years ago

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M Davis Mason, OH

This is company is horrible. I DO NOT RECOMMEND USING THEM! I own two business and am starting a non-profit organization so I have been looking for company to help with logo design. I chose to utilize Deluxe Services and went with the gold logo design package. After entering all of my information and payment information we received an error notice saying the card was declined. I assumed I must have made an error in the information I provided since I know we money in the accounts. I resubmitted and was again told the card was declined. I immediately called my financial institution with concerns to why the payment could not be process. The bank verified the funds we had available and alerted me that this company charged my card twice for the same amount. I contacted this company and was shocked at the customer service I received. I was friendly and professional and just wanted to resolve the issue - but the woman I spoke with was rude, and immediately defensive and all she could tell me was "they didn't charge the card". Even though I am starring at the charges on my computer screen and have confirmation from my bank that they were charged. I asked her to speak with someone else and she refused by saying "no, i needed to contact my bank. it is their error". How is is their fault that Deluxe charged my account twice?? Still no resolve after contacting them multiple times to get the same attitude. I've had the bank dispute the charges and will not be using their services in the future!

5 years ago

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Desiral Hagger

I submitted information about the logo I have in mind for my business, there site stated someone would call immediately or soon. I submitted info Sunday night expecting not hear from Deluxe until the next day (Monday). By 3 pm Central I called them and basically the person I spoke with pulled up my information and said...oh for this type of logo it'll be north of $1000.00. Of course I knew I could get this done with another company but they could have at least had the decency or the responsibility to notify me instead of having me wait and make the call myself. How this company was ranked higher than other companies I'll never know. Companies are really losing grip with the importance of customer service.

5 years ago

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Joshua Cauley Baton Rouge, LA

HORRIBLE!!! Absolutely horrible. This company is such a rip off and they won't return you your money when they do not perform the services you paid them to provide. I can't believe this company is still in business after the experience I've had with them the past 4 1/2 months. STAY AWAY from this company, they're a nightmare. I was suppose to be refunded over a month ago and keep calling to get my refund to go through and they still haven't refunded me. I am beyond pissed at this point.

5 years ago

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Terrible Portland, OR

If you have basic Microsoft programs like Word or Powerpoint you can do as well as Deluxe. Sorely disappointed in their substandard design. Also important to say they did NOT stand behind their money back satisfaction guarantee.

3 years ago

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Dan P New York, NY

Bad Experience with this guys! Old School missleading company with no transparency, making up prices ripping off costumers as much as they can! God bless you when dealing with them :)

3 years ago

star star star star star

Rogelio Rodriguez Saint Paul, MN

great customer service with knowledgeable reps that really looked into helping my line of business

5 years ago

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Daniel Eiblum Gaithersburg, MD

The logo they designed for me was cartoonish. They also charged tax on services, which I don't think is legal.

3 years ago