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99designs is a company where designers worldwide come together and make their creativity available to clients wherever they are. Designers compete to have their designs considered as the options are narrowed down by the client until a final design is chosen. The winner is paid in cash for their work. Clients can choose from different packages that offer a variety of services and varying concept amounts to choose from. 

The Good

  • Designers
  • Packages
  • Company Size


The ability to have a huge group of designers at your fingertips is a pretty alluring concept for most businesses. It's alluring because clients will be able to see as many options as possible and not rely on just one person to come up with a company brand or logo. There isn't a contract fee for 99designs, but there is a designers fee for the logos and designs.


There are many packages available for different budgets and the company makes it possible for clients to find everything they need in graphic design, web design, advertising, and marketing visuals in one spot. There are four different packages and the price ranges from $299-$1199. The packages are: The Bronze Package, The Silver Package, The Gold Package, and The Platinum Package. Based on the package you choose, you receive at least 30 design examples to pick from. Additionally, there are no additional fees for 99designs logos and services.

Company Size

99designs is quite a large company with over 1,519 full time employees. Additionally, they are a newer company, and have only been around since 2009. The large number of employees is a bonus, especially when it comes to customer service and product quality. They believe and strive for 100% customer satisfaction, and the large employee base helps solidify the customer satisfaction.

The Bad

  • Information Overload
  • Pricing

Information Overload

Though the idea of having so many options upfront is appealing to most companies, others may feel overwhelmed by the task of sorting through so many designs and trying to narrow it down to their finalists. Instead of going through a several step process, some might prefer a more straightforward approach where they get to know their designer and tell them what they are expecting upfront. It is not a one-on-one process.


All of the packages for 99designs range between $299-$1199, with the base package starting at $299. Although the upper packages are accurately priced, the base starting package is much more expensive than other competitors in the industry. Many other businesses offer a base starting package from $0-$50.

The Bottom Line

99designs seems like a great option for those who either aren't sure what they're looking for in a logo or design, those who are looking for a one stop shop for all their company branding needs, or those who are especially interested in being given lots of options to choose from and tailor to their liking. The customer service was great and there are different packages so even small businesses can benefit from their services.


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Michael Lyman
June 5th, 2017 Salt Lake City, UT

I used 99designs for work, there was a great logo that came out of the designers that they used, but the length of time that it took was unnecessary, the whole process took about 2 weeks. I tried to get working on there but their fees from the prize money is just too much to be efficient as a designer. I spoke with customer service and they were able to answer any question I had about the designing process.