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    32% of Logo Design Reviews Are 1 Star: Here's Why
    The world of online reviews is polarizing. You love a company or you hate it — that’s why you leave a review. And this reasoning is why it’s not particularly surprising that 32 percent of our reviews for the...
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    7 Ways to Protect Your Company Logo
    Guest Post by Shelley GrieshopSuccessful branding starts with a dynamite logo that promotes instant recognition. But even the best business logo can lose power and potential if you’re not careful. A compromised logo can...
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    8 Pitfalls to Avoid On Your Business's Social Media Accounts
    Just as preparing a solid social media strategy for your business is important, it’s also vital to avoid major pitfalls. Whether you are just starting your business or rebuilding your brand, you should create a solid s...
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    Expert Guide on Creating, Implementing, and Evaluating Your Business's Social Media Strategy
    You want to increase brand awareness.You want to drive traffic to your website.You want to engage with potential customers.You need social media.To get you started on your business’s social media strategy, here are some...
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    What You Should Know about Rebranding
    A successful company rebrand requires careful consideration and preparation. You need to think about when to rebrand and how to rebrand. After your efforts, it’s important to evaluate customer responses. When to rebrand...
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    6 Ways to Help Your Startup Grow
    Guest Post by Kamy Anderson Did you know that 90 percent of startups fail? There are many reasons for that, such as no business model, bad core product, no market demand, fierce competition, lack of funding, poor marketing, e...
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    Three Ways to Go About Getting a Logo for Your Startup
    Today's economy and the ubiquity of coding and computer science in schools makes it easier than ever  to fly solo and create your own business. However, those same advantages are also disadvantages when it comes to...
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