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    What Makes a Logo Design Experience 5-Star?
    Deciding where to outsource your brand's logo design is a big decision to make, and ultimately you need to go with your instinct. But you don't need to choose blindly. At Best Company, we believe data-informed decisions are b...
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    10 Experiential Gifts for Freelancers
    Seventy-eight percent of people buy their gift recipient a physical object rather than a service or experience — but science has proven time and again that a material present matters less. For the freelancer in your li...
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    5 Graphic Design Trends for 2020
    If you’re not inside the design world, you might not realize how quickly graphic design trends develop. As our world becomes more connected, trends rocket from the fringes to the mainstream quicker than you can say "Gra...
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    32% of Logo Design Reviews Are 1 Star: Here's Why
    The world of online reviews is polarizing. You love a company or you hate it — that’s why you leave a review. And this reasoning is why it’s not particularly surprising that 32 percent of our reviews for the...
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    How to Use Animated Logos for Your Business [with Examples]
    Motion design is taking over the internet. Icons blink and move, pages fill with content as you scroll, and video content made up 67 percent of all internet traffic in 2016 — and its market share is only growing. While...
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    Your Guide to Typography in Logo Design [with Examples]
    Creating the perfect logo comes with immense pressure, but the issue only compounds when you have to juggle multiple design elements. Making a cohesive logo that balances a symbol and wordmark through its shape, size, color,...
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    The Shifting Face of Gender Marketing: How Logos Tell the Story
    If you’ve spent any time considering your target audience, you’ve likely considered gender. And you’ve likely wondered whether it should be relevant in your design, given that many companies have received a ...
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    What You Should Know about Creating a Personal Logo [+8 Unique Examples of Personal Logos]
    Just like corporate logos communicate an organization's value and relevance, personal logos are representative of your personal brand. A personal logo is more than just a pretty image you slap on a website or resume. It can ...
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    Logo Design Trends in 2019
    Logos play an important role in brand recognition. “In addition to providing a strong, inviting image that the public will associate with your organization, a well-designed logo embodies your brand as it exists at this ...
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    Three Ways to Go About Getting a Logo for Your Startup
    Today's economy and the ubiquity of coding and computer science in schools makes it easier than ever to fly solo and create your own business. However, those same advantages are also disadvantages when it comes to competiti...
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