What You Should Know about Creating a Personal Logo


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Written by Alayna Okerlund | October 29th, 2019
Alayna Okerlund is a Senior Content Strategist at BestCompany.com. She is proud of her journalism background and strives to create informative, interesting online content. Professionally, she plans to further develop her writing skills and continue building up her SEO knowledge base. When she's not working, she enjoys being in nature and trying new foods.

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Just like business logos, personal logos are representative of your personal brand. A personal logo is more than just a pretty image you slap on a website or resume. It can tell a story, signify your passion, and be a powerful statement of who you are and what you stand for.

If you want people to recognize you and all you have to offer, creating and using a personal logo can be a major game changer. Often, having a unique personal logo can be the thing that sets you apart from everyone else.

Imagine that you are trying to choose between two restaurants. One restaurant regularly offers a wide variety of dishes while the other sticks to serving the same thing every night. Some people, maybe even yourself, might go for the one that serves the same dish every night since it’s familiar. However, many people would choose to eat something refreshingly different.

This restaurant scenario is similar to how people treat personal logos. If you don’t offer any visual representation, you blend in with everyone else. However, if you create a strong, refreshing personal logo, you might just become the talk of the town. It can be risky, but it also can prove to be worth it.

To help you learn more about personal logos and the personal logo creation process, we asked a few design professionals and enthusiasts to share some helpful insight and tips.

Here's an overview summary of a few of the big ideas:

  • Avoid a logo maker if you don't know what you're doing
  • If you know what you're doing, check out the web's many resources for logo design tools, such as Canva and Crello.com
  • Look through highly rated logo design companies to find a match for you
  • Look through a logo designer's portfolio to see what they can deliver
  • Have a clear brand identity before taking it to the designer
  • Think about not just yourself and your message but also your target audience
  • Get from others in your industry

Natalie Stoner, Owner of halofragmentia design studio

Why create a personal logo: “Personal branding is more important now than ever before. Developing a digital aesthetic can help with one's career, and in some cases can even make a career (think influencer marketing). A personal logo is not necessary, but it's a piece in a larger online persona that can make people recognize you and want to work with you. It adds polish.”

What to know before creating a personal logo: “First, think classic. If you do choose a personal logo, it should be something that you'll want to keep or modify subtly over the years. Next, it must reflect the values you are trying to promote, unless your personal brand is clever and trendy, stick with something simple and chic.”

Personal logo tips: “Think about what you want to say with your logo. Make a list of the three to five words that describe your personal brand. Are you fun, stylish, smart, zany, hard-working?  You'll want to choose fonts and colors that reflect your values. Do a little bit of research on color psychology to understand the feelings different colors evoke. If you know what you are trying to convey, it is much easier to put together a logo that expresses it.”

Recommended resources: “Logos are all around us. I like to spend time looking at logos for similar brands to make sure I am not doing anything too similar and get a feel for the way other organizations do things. Google image search can be very helpful. Get inspired by visiting www.behance.net/. Try designing with free tools like Crello.com and Canva.com.

Sara Abate Rez, Graphic Designer at MyPersonalBrand and Brand and Communications Director at Ambience Design Group

Why create a personal logo: “The digital world has changed everything. In this free-agent, consultant economy, the brand is you and a personal logo will help you get your name out there, whether switching careers or starting a new business.”

What to know before creating a personal logo: “You will need to really get to know yourself and what you stand for before creating a personal logo. The logo should capture the essence of who you are and express the type of product/service you can offer the world.”

Personal logo tips: “Start by doing an audit of your unique skills, personality, passions, and strengths. There are several quizzes out there that can help you determine what work you are best suited to. Work with an expert who can give you honest feedback on how to best represent yourself through a personal logo as it is not always easy to see what makes you different and special in a crowded marketplace.”

Recommended resources: “I would recommend exploring Pinterest for ideas on the type of look, style, colour scheme, fonts, etc. that you feel would represent you visually though your brand identity. Another good resource is our colour guide to see which colours represent you and your brand best.

Heather Toler, Owner and Lead Designer of Rva Creatives

Why create a personal logo: “The need for a personal logo is imperative. As a business owner, you need a forward facing item that can help distinguish you from your competition and your logo will help do that. First impressions are everything which is why brand recognition is something you should establish early on. Let your audience recognize and trust you through your logo system.”

What to know before creating a personal logo: “As an identity designer, I often run into people who cannot clearly, in two sentences or less, tell me what they do. Knowing what you do and why you do it will influence every move you make, so if that isn't clear you need to revisit your ‘why’ before sitting down and trying to get a logo off the ground.”

Personal logo tips: “Start simple. Don't try to begin with over calculated options. Consider the aesthetic of other brands that speak to you stylistically. Remember printing costs for future products such as t-shirts when considering colors. Be yourself, represent yourself. This logo is an extension of your voice.”

Recommended resources:

  • Books: Logo Design Love
  • Video: "The Futur" Youtube channel
  • Design Resources: Canva (phone and web app), Adobe Spark (phone and web app), and Over (phone app)

Kristen Dea, Graphic Designer at SEO.com

Why create a personal logo: “A logo can be a great way to add professionalism and recognizability to your name. We are in a world now where every person is a brand, and you will make more of an impact when you communicate who you are in a visual way. It will come in handy, especially on your social media accounts, website and resume.”

What to know before creating a personal logo: “I would suggest doing research on what you're trying to communicate about yourself. It will be a deciding factor when choosing typefaces, color schemes, and symbols.”

Personal logo tips: “Avoid DIY design. A professional designer has the experience and tools to create a quality logo you can use long term. Choose a designer with a portfolio that matches the style you desire. It's okay to be inspired by other brands, but don't blatantly copy.”

Recommended resources: “Pinterest and Behance are great for inspiration. You can go through an agency or a freelance designer. Some helpful sites to start your search include Freelancer.com, 99Designs.com and Fiverr.com.”

Audrey Strasenburgh, SEO Strategist for LogoMix

Why create a personal logo: “Creating a personal logo is a great option for those who are doing freelance work, are political figures, minor celebrities, or influencers. Personal logos will help others identify you, your work, and your industry without having to dig around for an online bio or ask you directly for more information.”

What to know before creating a personal logo: “There are a few things you should know before trying to create a personal logo. First, you shouldn't expect your first logo design to be your final version. Keep in mind that whatever design you end up with, that is how others will identify you, so you want to make sure that you absolutely love your final design.

Second, you don't have to create a logo from scratch using MS Paint — there are resources that can make a professional design for you in a matter of minutes. Lastly, if you seek out logo design services, make sure you have a budget in mind and stick to it.”

Personal logo tips:

  • Don't include more than three colors in your design. More than three can overwhelm potential customers and will send them running in the other direction.
  • Choose a legible font. A fun cursive font may look great on a large banner, but it will look compressed and jumbled on your website or other digital media. If you must go with a cursive font, make sure the font size is large.
  • Create a dynamic logo if you plan on using it for both online and offline marketing purposes. Dynamic logo designs include multiple versions of the same logo — some versions are more complex than others. For example, one version may include your icon, business name, and slogan; another version may include just your icon and business name; a third variation may just include your business icon. This allows you to scale your brand across different mediums.

Recommended resources: “There are so many resources that can help you create a personal logo. You can decide to hire a professional logo designer, you can hold a logo design competition, you can create your own logo using Adobe Indesign, or you can use an online logo maker like ours. If you're just looking for some tips or design inspiration, you can check out sites like Pinterest, Logo Design Love, and Logo Lounge."

Danica Norton, Owner of dnca

Why create a personal logo: “You should create a personal logo if you intend on commercializing or otherwise profiting somehow off of your personal brand. You should also have one if you have any sort of audience or community that you engage with. A logo is a way for you to show your value in the simplest form possible, so make sure it stands out.”

What to know before creating a personal logo: “Before you create a personal logo, take some time to reflect on what your personal brand is. Think of three to five distinct words that describe how your audience, customers, friends/family think about you and start from there. Is your brand professional? Casual? Educational? Feminine? Masculine?

Do some research about what shapes, colours, and/or fonts best reflect your personal brand. Don’t pick something just because it looks nice. Really think about the feeling and the story behind the logo.”

Personal logo tips: “Don’t go for something just because it looks nice or is inexpensive. If you are going to have a personal logo, have something that is uniquely you. A nice looking font with some colours is not going to make you memorable, nor is it going to reflect on your personal brand. “

Recommended resources: “That being said, there are inexpensive ways to get some value, especially if you are just starting out. Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr are some places to start — just keep in mind that, although it is possible to get some bang for your buck, you do get what you pay for. Don’t be afraid to spend some money because this is an investment, not a cost.”

Woman on Computer

David Sanchez, Founder of Mammoth Web Solutions

Why create a personal logo: “Creating a personal logo is the foundation of personal branding. You should only create one if you're planning on leveraging your name or personality to promote a specific product or service.”

What to know before creating a personal logo: “Make sure your logo is you. You want your logo to reflect your personality. Visually, it will be the foundation of your business, including Facebook/Instagram page, website, business cards, etc.”

Personal logo tips: “Make sure all text is highly readable so everyone can read it. Make sure it's simple, and not complicated. Simplicity is beauty in design, so if people are confused, they won't take the time to figure out what your logo says or means. Make it original and memorable. Remember, you're creating a brand. You want the image to stick in people's minds, so use colors that stand out without being annoying.”

Recommended resources: “Fiverr has hundreds of freelance graphic designers. Hire a marketing agency if you are getting a logo, website, and marketing services. You'll have a much better experience hiring a great company who can take on everything and communicate with each other well. If you want to make your own, use Adobe Illustrator or Canva.”

Gogi Randhawa, Founder of Msndrstd Creative

Why create a personal logo: “A personal logo can be the biggest tool in helping to create a familiarity among your market and therefore cause people to, over time, take notice. Without it, you are climbing an uphill battle of getting your name recognized without any visual identity and that is an extremely difficult thing to do.”

What to know before creating a personal logo: “Before creating a logo make sure it's relevant. Many times people not experienced in branding or graphic design just start and go with what’s cool looking to them, but a logo should be much more than that. It should give an idea of who you are, what you do and who you are trying to reach. Ask yourself, “What does this say to people? Will they know what I do? Is it easy to read? Does it fit the style of my work?”

Personal logo tips: “Do your research first. Look to see what professionals in your industry are doing and take notes. By no means should you copy them but the more you look at logos within a particular industry, the more you notice trends that occur and often times those trends are what attract the right audiences for that particular industry.”

Recommended resources: “You can do a search for ‘best (insert industry here) logo designs’ or ‘logo inspiration for (insert industry here)’. But often, if you are serious about your business, it’s best to hire a professional graphic designer that you feel comfortable with. You want people to take you seriously, and if you are an expert in your field, then you want people to come to you for your services, not do it themselves.

Graphic design is no different. There are many experts out there. Don't hesitate to focus on what you are best at and let a graphic designer focus on what’s best for your identity. It could save you a lot of heartache and trouble in the long run.”

Chris Stapleton, Owner of Noctis Real Estate

Why create a personal logo: “For those in an industry where they are required to differentiate themselves personally, a logo is the foundation to a broader personal brand. A logo is akin to a visual elevator pitch, in the sense that it is a simple visual reference that people can easily and distinctly remember, that should immediately bring to mind the value proposition and positive associations a person has with that individual and their business.

From a design perspective, the colors, style, fonts, and visuals create the base for all other branded items for the individual’s business, making brand consistency easier and allowing that person to present themselves as more professional and polished.”

What to know before creating a personal logo: “Before you set off on creating a logo, the first thing to know is that ideally, you will not change it in any drastic way once you have implemented it, so take your time and don't rush creating the final product. In addition, authenticity and timelessness are crucial.

Personal logo tips: “As I stated before, changing your logo in a drastic way is not something you should do unless necessary as part of a larger brand strategy. Therefore, create a logo that will not fall victim to ever-changing design fads and preferences and look ‘so 2017’ only a year or two after you started using it. Regarding the authenticity of your logo, this is where you really need to identify key characteristics of yourself and how you do business to ensure the imagery you are using to represent you conveys the same characteristics.

For example, if you create a vibrant, energetic logo that implies you're a bubbly and sociable professional, but you are actually a stern and monotone professional, that contrast can create dissonance for potential customers and make them less likely to do business with you.

Lastly, when designing your logo think about the mediums and use cases of your logo. From Facebook and Instagram to email heads, printed brochures, billboards etc, your logo’s layout and recognizability should work across various mediums and not be impacted by size, cropping, or configuration.”

Recommended resources: “There are plenty of great resources to help you create a logo yourself or have someone assist you. Canva is a free tool that provides a very intuitive user experience and has all the elements you could need to create a good logo. The Noun Project is a wonderful resource for finding all sorts of icons and vector art. Fiverr and similar services are another great option if you want to find a graphic designer/ freelancer who can help create a logo for you and Pinterest/ Instagram are also both amazing resources to find logo inspiration as well as artists/ designers who can create logos for you.”

Create your own path

In the end, choosing to create a logo and how you design it are your decisions to make. Your personal logo should be something that you display and something you’re proud of. Clearly, there are several design resources you can look into to help you create your personal logo. If you are having a tough time figuring out where to start or you feel overwhelmed with the sheer amount of resources available, consider checking out the recommended resources provided above as well as these top-rated logo design companies.

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9.4 Overall Score
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7.6 Overall Score
company logo
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