What Makes a Logo Design Experience 5-Star?

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Last Updated: March 19th, 2021

Deciding where to outsource your brand's logo design is a big decision to make, and ultimately you need to go with your instinct. But you don't need to choose blindly. At Best Company, we believe data-informed decisions are better decisions, and we have some helpful data to present within the logo design industry. 

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1-star stats 

In a recent content analysis of all of our 1-star customer reviews for logo design, we found that the four main themes emerging from complaints are the following: 

  • Design quality — 52% of 1-star reviews mention this
  • Payment and refund policies — 38% of 1-star reviews mention this
  • Customer service — 36% of 1-star reviews mention this
  • Treatment of designers — 25% of 1-star reviews from crowdsourcing platforms mention this

Other common issues include delayed responses, recurring fees, and lengthy turnaround time. 

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Of course, even good companies get the occasional bad review. Sometimes designers drop the ball. Sometimes consumers have unreasonable expectations for turnaround time. And sometimes reviews are highly emotional.

Regardless of why negative reviews were written, consumers and companies stand to benefit from being aware of them. Logo seekers can watch out for common issues and avoid truly problematic design companies, and companies can tweak practices accordingly and improve customer engagement to resolve issues that arise. 

5-star stats 

So now you may be wondering: 

What about the great logo design reviews? What do they say about the logo design experience, and what can consumers and design companies learn from them?

It turns out that the majority (56%) of all reviews left for logo design companies are 5-star reviews. Of those nearly 200 reviews, these specific aspects of the logo design company are given the most frequent praise (some reviews mention more than one): 

  • Quality of design or designer — 43%
  • Customer service — 23%
  • Turnaround time — 16%
  • Multiple design options — 14%
  • The design process — 13%
  • Ability to make revisions — 12% 
  • Pricing — 8%
  • Hard to choose favorite logo option — 4%

Ultimately, nearly all of the positive reviews convey the excitement of obtaining a high-quality logo while highlighting what the company did best. And that information can inform the decisions and experiences of prospective logo seekers. 

Creating a 5-star experience 

The data from both the 1-star reviews and the 5-star reviews shed light on best practices for design companies as well as recommendations for business owners and others seeking design assistance. We reached out to logo design company reps to see what they do to provide a positive experience for clients. 

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Design quality 

Design quality, the factor most likely to guarantee a 5-star review, comes down to clearly communicated expectations for the logo, vetting of designers, and allowing for multiple revisions to get the design just right. 

Communicate clearly 

A design brief is the best tool for clients to explain what they need and expect from a designer. It explains the exact purpose of the project, who the target audience is, information about the company, what your brand stands for, and the design requirements. Keep in mind that the best descriptions get the best results, and a design brief needs to be direct and detail-oriented. It is also helpful to include links to your brand’s social media accounts.

When outlining design requirements, focus on defining the details as much as possible, such as measurements, expected file types, and your brand's style guide with the logo and color schemes.

— Duncan Bird, VP of brand marketing and digital at Fiverr

Include typography design

The logo design process is an opportunity to improve or reinvent your brand fonts. Why? The majority of today's logos include a logotype, or a written text logo, not just a logomark (or symbol). A professional agency will consider hundreds of typography options, selecting a font that best fits your brand vision. It's an in-depth process that you don't want to overlook. 

— Caleb Leigh, CEO of Visuals by Impulse

Craft a thorough design process 

We have found that by sticking to a solid five-step branding process, our clients walk away impressed with the process and final deliverables. Here’s how the process looks and works:

  1. Discovery initial information exchange and learning about history, goals, and what the client knows about their position in the industry
  2. Workshop interactive exercises to unlock insights that we can’t get through question/answer format. Includes card sorting to define voice/style/behavior for the brand, design barometer to get gut reactions on design preferences, and stick figure diagrams to learn about unique aspects of the company
  3. Research — secondary research to review competitors, digital and marketplace presences, and audiences, including a detailed report of insights, observations, and guidance for design and messaging
  4. Identity — work to develop the primary and secondary logos, colors, fonts, photography styles, brand statement, tagline, and elevator speech
  5. Brand guidelines — the completed guide and package for the client to use moving forward 

— Corey Morris, VP of marketing at Voltage

Vet designers 

We have close to 40,000 logo designers from all over the world that design logos for our clients. Before designers can join our community they have to fill out a form with some personal information and a link to their online portfolio showcasing some of their previous work. If it doesn't meet our high quality standards they are not accepted. We only accept about 5 percent of all applications submitted. 

— Joe Daley, CEO and founder of LogoMyWay 

Retain the best designers 

We retain great designers by providing them with a great experience including friendly support, fast payouts, and improvements to the platform. We also deactivate designers that are harming the platform or lowering the community standards. This shows designers we care about the community.

— Guillermo Condo, head of customer support at DesignCrowd 

Allow for multiple revisions 

Screenshot of a 5-star review that says, "I used The Logo Company to develop branding for a client. Despite multiple rounds of reviews and edits (client kept changing decisions and/or didn't adequately explain their wants), these guys never balked, kept at it, and ultimately delivered a superior product that the client was delighted with."

Whereas a free logo maker may not give you multiple iterations and freelancers may charge separately for each request, we provide unlimited designs and unlimited revisions. Basically, we provide clients a design team for a fixed fee without them having to dig deep into their pockets. After the logo is done, they can request designs for other avenues like visiting cards, brochures, company profiles, flyers, social media posts, blog banners, and banner ads for social.

— Dushyant Bhatia, founder of DesignOye

Illustration of a hand holding a bag of money

Payment and refund policies 

Clients want to see that design services give them good value for their money. Clear pricing and guarantees can increase clients' confidence in a chosen company. 

Guarantee satisfaction 

At LogoMyWay, we offer a 100 percent money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your logo submissions.

— Daley 

Be transparent 

We are clear about our refund policy, what our customers are paying for, and what packages include. And we offer discounts to the most loyal customers.

— Condo

Offer a full or partial refund 

Payments are typically collected after a client completes their online creative brief and we don't get too much push back from clients paying for the work upfront. We work refunds on a case-by-case basis, but most of the time side with the client. I think because of that, clients that refunded actually have come back later and started new projects. 

— Aaron Bernabi, president of LogoWorks 

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Customer service 

Best practices in customer service include frequent communication, a dedicated contact point, willingness to correct errors, and a process that is intuitive and effective. 

Screenshot of a 5-star review that says, "I was referred to Logoworks by someone and couldn't have been happier with my experience. The work they did aligned with the vision I had for my logos, the process was easy to follow, and the service was top notch. Not to mention, Aaron was very personable in his interactions via email and over the phone. Thank you!"


Assign a dedicated account manager 

“At Logoworks we have dedicated project managers that work one-on-one with our clients and designers. It keeps the clients happy because the project manager can directly relay the clients questions or concerns to the designers, and it keeps the designers happy because they don't have to stop what they're doing to take emails or calls.”

— Bernabi 

Prioritize prompt turnaround times 

Screenshot of a 5-star review that says, "The designer was extremely helpful, and when I wanted changes done, she did them within the hour and was able to make my decision very quickly. I get compliments on our logo all the time."

We work on one request at a time which means that the brands need to ensure their brief is comprehensive and precise so that we can get them their request within one to two work days. In case of changes, the client may share his or her feedback via our chat dashboard with the account manager and the changes are incorporated within one working day. 


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Fair treatment of designers 

For crowdsourcing companies, compensation can sometimes be a concern for designers. To keep designers happy as well as clients, they can offer higher compensation as well as options for selecting runners up and contest guarantees. 

Let designers keep their pay  

We pay each designer for their work, regardless of whether or not their design is chosen. We also think it's fair that our designers keep their pay, even if a project refunds. We've seen some sites that make designers return their pay if a project refunds.

— Bernabi 

Let designers set their rates

Freelancers on Fiverr set their own rates and create their own services, allowing them to price their services according to the value they place on their time and talent. Fiverr's new Logo Maker is also a way for designers to earn more by doing less, enhancing their sales and bringing more exposure, passive income, and a new audience.

— Bird

The best "problem" to have as a logo design client 

Many of the 5-star reviews — 4 percent of the total mention a specific problem: that it was extremely difficult to choose their favorite logo out of the options presented by the logo design company, whether it was from an agency or a crowdsourcing platform.  

Screenshot of a 5-star review that says, "My experience with DesignCrowd was stellar. I received over 100 great designs over the course of 2 days. The hardest part was deciding which one to choose. I prefer this platform to working with an individual because you get to see several approaches to your project. I was really satisfied with the results. It was easy to input info and I got the results I wanted."

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