Three Ways to Go About Getting a Logo for Your Startup


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Written by: George Hancock Jr. | Best Company Editorial Team

Last Updated: February 24th, 2020

Logo Design

Today's economy and the ubiquity of coding and computer science in schools makes it easier than ever  to fly solo and create your own business. However, those same advantages are also disadvantages when it comes to competition. Odds are someone's already thought of your idea. Being the first mover and taking advantage of the marketing tools you have are essential to startups. One of the first things an entrepreneur thinks about is his logo. There are a few different avenues you can travel on the way to having one. Here are my thoughts on them.

The Cheapest Way

The internet makes it easy to get what you want, and that rings true for freelancers looking for clients. The most inexpensive way to get what you want is to hire someone to do it for a low price. You can find extremely low prices with freelancing sites like Fiverr and logo contest sites like hatchwise. The thing is, sometimes you get what you pay for. You're not going to get a semiotic evaluation with, for example, a $5 logo design from a Fiverr freelancer. You won't get one with the $105 product from hatchwise, either. With that product, you get dozens of designs from which you choose a winner.  If you already know exactly what you want and you can explain it simply, Fiverr might be a good way to go. The same is true if you just want something to serve as a logo until you have money to spend on another one. If you want to make sure your brand aligns with the meaning of the logo, read on.

The Inexpensive Way

If you want to take a step up from the cheapest logo design options available, consider BestCompany's top pick in the logo design category. Deluxe is a marketing company employing a number of logo designers. You get everything Fivver and hatchwise give you in addition to "a brainstorming session to develop ideas about how best to visually communicate your business brand and create a lasting impression through your logo." There are a number of logo companies that offer similar products. To learn about a few, click here for more BestCompany reviews. You might be able to get away with waiting a while to earn some cash before you get a logo at all, depending on what you do or sell. In that case, this option might work out best. You can always save for a while longer and then get an evaluation and redesign of your logo by a company that would fit in then next section.

The Expensive Way

The expensive way to get a logo involves an experienced brand strategist or people with expertise in a science that relates to branding, such as psychology. Take Spellbrand as an example. Its "corporate identity" package ($697) is very similar to Deluxe's basic package. The only difference is that Spellbrand offers an expert brand strategist to personally help you. This is important if you really want to compete with established brands.

And no, $700 certainly is not the ceiling of logo design pricing. According to a few sources, Symantec paid over a billion dollars for its logo. On the other hand, one of the most recognizable logos in the world is said to have been created for just $35. That logo is Nike's.

The Top Logo Design Companies

company logo
#1 DesignCrowd chevron_right
9.4 Overall Score
company logo
#2 crowdspring chevron_right
7.6 Overall Score
company logo
#3 Logobee chevron_right
7.5 Overall Score

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