7 Ways to Protect Your Company Logo


Last Updated: February 24th, 2020

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Guest Post by Shelley Grieshop

Successful branding starts with a dynamite logo that promotes instant recognition.

But even the best business logo can lose power and potential if you’re not careful. A compromised logo can give your company a black eye. The end result can be a loss of trust, authority, and sales.

Here are seven ways to ensure your logo continues to represent you in a positive way:

1. Register your logo as a legal trademark for your business

Obtaining a trademark gives you exclusive ownership and use of your logo. If you do not have the legal and sole right to your logo, it can be copied or similarly used by someone else to confuse customers and cut into your profits. You can complete the trademark process yourself; however, in some cases it’s advantageous to use the services of an attorney.

2. Pursue threats to your trademarked logo

Monitor your competitors’ signage, especially advertising efforts by new startups, to stay aware of possible infringements to your trademarked logo. If you discover someone using your logo or something similar, a “cease and desist” letter may suffice to let them know you will not tolerate infringement. If that doesn’t solve the matter, you may have to resolve the issue in court.

3. Control your logo usage

Only share the trademarked version of your logo with those you permit to use it for sponsorships, advertising or other purposes. This will deter them from pirating an unfavorable version. Ensure your logo is exclusively used by reputable sources in applications pre-approved by you. The use of your logo by unauthorized sources — even your own employees — can be harmful to your business. Use software programs such as Google Alerts that will notify you if your logo or name are used online.

4. Do not change the font or colors of your logo

The only time it’s okay to alter your logo design is when you are making a permanent revision or update. This also applies to the use of your logo on social media channels where content is often less stringent. Consistency keeps your brand uniquely yours.

5. Make your logo scalable

It’s essential that your logo can be resized to fit every needed application. Your logo must be clear and detailed whether it appears on a giant billboard or at the top of your letterhead.

6. Use it carefully in your marketing plan

Choose high-quality promotional products when customizing giveaway items with your logo and name. Be sure to use items that make sense for your brand as well as the products and services you sell.

7. Get your logo out there

Use your logo as often as possible. Frequent exposure of your logo reminds customers who you are and what you have to offer. Logo recognition prompts clients to place more trust in your company, which ultimately makes them feel more secure doing business with you.

The bottom line

Your logo is like your child. It’s important to keep it protected at all times. Your company logo lets customers know you are the authority for the products and services you provide.

Follow these steps to safeguard your logo and your efforts will be rewarded with customer trust and brand loyalty.

Shelley Grieshop is a creative writer at Totally Promotional. She currently writes blogs, edits company communications and gets to decide when exclamation points are really needed.

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