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Important Things to Know about Logo Design Companies

Logos are highly recognizable. They help increase brand recognition and affect the advertising art of your company. Creating a logo is an important step in developing brand identity.

As design trends change, some companies update their logo while maintaining its characteristic form. After a merger or when developing a new brand identity, businesses may do a total logo redesign.

Whether your business is updating its logo, undergoing a logo redesign, or just starting, logo design companies and freelance graphic designers are great resources.

Crowdsourcing platforms vs. logo design companies

Several websites have created vast networks of freelancers. People seeking design help can post their project or request through the crowdsourcing platform and receive bids from freelancers on the website. The quality produced by the freelancers varies, as do the costs.

Many of these websites make the logo design process a design contest. The individual seeking a logo design must set a monetary prize and a deadline. The individual can provide feedback on the designs they receive and request edits. Once they select a winning design, the designer gets the prize.

Each website has different payment requirements and conditions. Be sure to understand the specifics of any money-back guarantee and what you are paying for.

Logo design companies, on the other hand, have a team of in-house designers who will work on your project. Look at the design company’s portfolio to get a sense of the level of quality it provides. Companies usually have more consistent design standards.

How to choose a logo designer

When choosing a logo designer — whether it be a freelance graphic designer or a company — consider service and product offerings, final product rights, and costs and money-back guarantees.

Service and product offerings

In addition to designing logos, many offer the following additional products and services:

  • Logo design software
  • Website design and updates
  • Brochure and flier design
  • Stationary design
  • Business card design

When considering a logo design company, consider your business’s current needs and future needs.

  • Do you need stationary and business cards in addition to a logo?
  • Will you need help with fliers and brochures for company events in the future?

Some companies offer free logo design software, which can be beneficial for businesses on an extremely tight budget.

Other companies have pre-designed templates that users can customize. Customizing the logo's text, font, and color scheme with the online tool is typically free. To be able to use it and have the rights to it, businesses must purchase it. These logos are often cheaper than working with a professional designer. The other advantage is that each of the templates are professionally designed. 

For a specialized, high-quality, original product, it’s best to consult with a design team.

Many design companies have a portfolio of past work. Looking at the portfolio will give you a better sense of a company’s design style and quality. You can then see if it is similar to what you are looking for.

Final product rights

Your new logo will be plastered all over the place. It will appear on your company’s website, on labels, and in advertising. Some logo design companies may request that you credit them by linking to their website as you use your logo. 

Most logo design companies give their clients the copyright to the logo, but it’s a good idea to check to be sure. It’s especially worth understanding how the rights of the logo work because you may want to register or trademark it.

Costs and money back-guarantees

Logo design companies will often either work with a project-based system or a package system. A few also charge hourly rates. Check to see what packages are available at a company. Compare these package offerings and prices to those of other logo companies to figure out the best value for your budget constraints.

If you have a unique project in mind, contact several companies to explain what you are looking for and ask them for a quote.

Costs vary based on project or package purchased. Some companies offer unlimited revisions during the design process. Others only have one round of revisions. Some logo design companies charge an additional fee for revisions requested after the approval of the logo.

Some logo design companies ask to be paid upfront before they do any work. Many of these companies also have a money-back guarantee if you don’t like their work. Pay attention to the terms of the money-back guarantee. It may only be applicable for the initial designs. Once you’ve entered the revision stage, it no longer applies. 

The money-back guarantee may also have an administration fee applied, which means that you won’t get the entire amount back. Double check the terms so that you know what to expect.

What are the price ranges of logo design companies?

The prices depend on how many design concepts you want to see. The lower priced logo design packages start in the $40-$70 price range. The higher-price packages fall in the $150-$250 range. High-end design firms have much higher rates that range from $250 for the most basic services and $950 for more extensive services.

Should I hire a freelancer instead of a logo design company?

Freelancers can be just as expensive as a logo design company, and sometimes more expensive. If their rates are cheaper, that may indicate lower quality work. If you are considering a freelancer, you really need to see their portfolio before hiring them.

One advantage of a logo design company is that often you work with a team of designers. Working with a team allows you to see several different design concepts from different designers. Each designer will approach the same task differently.