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LAST UPDATED: February 27th, 2023

Heights Finance provides a wide variety of loan products, with a focus on providing loans to subprime borrowers, as well as those who have filed for bankruptcy in the past. 

Despite competitive services, Heights Finance is only available in six states and has poor consumer reviews concerning customer service and billing issues.

Check out Heights Finance reviews below to see what consumers are saying about their experience with this lender.

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The Good

  • Minimum Credit Score
  • Time in Business
  • Minimum Loan Amount
  • Same-Day Approval
  • Online Payments
  • $50 Refer-a-Friend Program
  • 15-Day Guarantee
  • Secured Loans Available

Minimum Credit Score

Heights Finance does not disclose a minimum credit score requirement on their website, indicating that it is willing to work with individuals who have subpar credit or who have filed for bankruptcy, as is stated on their website. 

However, subprime borrowers will likely receive higher interest rates due to increased credit risk.

Time in Business

Heights Finance has 24 years of experience in the industry. This can be an asset as they have been in the business of personal loans for a long time, but this does not necessarily ensure quality. 

However, customers have generally been happy with Heights Finance, especially with its credit score policy. Several customers have shared how, even though their credit history was poor and their debt was high, Heights Finance was willing to work with them when other lenders were not.

Minimum Loan Amount

Heights Finance offers personal loans as low as $500. 

However, Heights Finance's maximum loan amount is typically no larger than $10,000. So if you have a larger budget and want to borrow more than that, Heights Finance may not be the best lender for you.

Same-Day Approval

Heights Finance offers same-day loan approval, making the loan application process quick and simple. This is great for borrowers looking to receive funding as soon as possible without much difficulty. 

However, Heights Finance also says on its site that after submitting your application online, one of its loan representatives will contact you within 24-48 hours. Thus, same-day approval may only be available for certain applicants on certain days. You'll have to contact Heights Finance's financial services to ensure you qualify for same-day approval. 

Online Payments

Similar to many personal loan lenders, Heights Finance makes the payment process simple and easy, allowing consumers to make their monthly installment payments online.

When borrowers make an account on Heights Finance's website, they will be able to save payment methods and select dates for payments. 

In addition, borrowers have a single payment and a recurring payment option option, allowing them to plan ahead on their payments and make them occur automatically each month if they choose. 

Borrowers can also pay over the phone or in person.

$50 Refer-a-Friend Program

Heights Finance will give you $50 cash for each person you refer to the lender, there is no limit to the number of referrals you can send. 

You just have to print off a referral card on Heights Finance's website and fill out the information. You then give the card to any potential referrals and have them return the card to Heights Finance when they apply for and receive a loan. This may be laborious for some, and many other personal loan companies offering referral bonuses will generally keep the process online, making it quick and easy.

15-Day Guarantee

All Heights Finance loans come with a 15-day guarantee. This means you can cancel your account and return your loan funds within 15 days without any fees or penalties. 

Heights Finance will also return any payments to you that you may have contributed to your account. This allows borrowers to have a free trial period to change their minds if they decide Heights Finance is not for them or if they no longer need the funds.

Secured Loans Available

Heights Finance offers secured loans, meaning you can put up some kind of collateral, such as consumer goods or vehicles, in order to obtain a better loan offer. This makes receiving funding easier for people with lower credit scores and/or a less flexible budget because collateral ensures a lower risk for the lender. 


The Bad

  • Unknown Rates and Terms
  • State Availability
  • Poor Customer Reviews
  • Application Limitations

Unknown Rates and Terms

Heights Finance does not disclose its annual interest rate range or available term lengths. On its website, the company simply states that interest rates will be appropriate for the loan amount and the credit risk. This makes it difficult to estimate what personal loan bills will be for borrowers.

State Availability

Heights Finance is only available in six states: Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Tennessee, and Wisconsin. 

Poor Customer Reviews

Based on customer reviews, Heights Finance does not have the best reputation when it comes to customer service and billing. Customers have shared how its employees have been rude and are simply attempting to trap customers in debt. They have also shared that Heights Finance billing reports are unreliable and often times inaccurate. 

Read Heights Finance reviews in full, below.

Application Limitations

Heights Finance only allows online loan applications in select states. Although the company has over 100 branch locations across the Midwest, online loan applications are only available in Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, Tennessee, and Wisconsin. 

After submission, the application will be processed and sent to the nearest branch location where Heights Finance will contact you within 24-48 hours. 


The Bottom Line

Heights Finance provides a variety of loans to help fund customers' financial needs. The financial institution is willing to work with customers who have diverse credit histories or who have even filed for bankruptcy, which is not a common practice in the loan industry. However, there are better personal loan companies available for individuals who have higher credit scores and are looking for lenders with more upfront information and better customer reviews. We suggest looking into other top-rated personal loan providers before making your purchasing decision. 

Read Heights Finance reviews below to discover more about the customer experience. 

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Shelley Gold Milwaukee, WI

If I could give them zero stars I would. Consumers, please learn from my experience and former naivete. I was called by Heights, congratulated on my approval for a car from Car King in MKE. What we do t usually know is that dealerships and lenders have internal arrangements and it's NEVER for your benefit. If you have terrible credit and need their services...I get that. My credit is is high fair to good, excellent payment history, etc. I was duped into a 39%APR after I took delivery of my car. I had to drop the check off myself,! I never received a purchase contract, I thought my loan contract was all I had. Later figured out that my application was for far more than advertised price and down payment stolen AGAIN .A 688 FICO score and even I got 39,%interest. AVOID THIS BAIT AND SWITCH.

3 months ago

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Sherry A Michigan City, IN

I have a loan currently with Heights Finance. Heights gave me a second chance after filing chapter 7 bankruptcy about 5 years ago. I've had loans with them since then that have never been late nor had any missed payments. My credit score has improved over the past several years and I wanted to refinance my current loan to see if I qualify or a better interest rate. I was told abruptly before even confirming my identity (just my name) that the company no longer refinances loans for customers who have a past charge off. Even though the new loan(s) originated after my chapter 7 filing and was approved with forgiveness I was told the policy changed a couple of years ago. I assume this is after they were acquired by CURO. Denying refi to prevent a better interest rate seems questionable to me.

4 months ago

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Kita Takita East Saint Louis, IL

I absolutely will not recommend this company to a dead dog. I notice every time I call Kara has a superior nasty attitude and Hazel isn't a walk in the park either. I expect to be treated with respect weather I miss a payment or not. I fell on hard times and never lost communication and those two treat me like crap. They make me upset every time I call. World Finance worked with me during my rough times. I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone in Offallon, IL. I never in my life been threaten so much with a garnishment as if I wasn't a good customer. Normally companies work with people. I guess they pick and choose who they will work with. I hope they never fall on hard times.

9 months ago

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Rebecca Riggin Muncie, IN

Predatory lending is alive and well in the Midwest especially at heights in Muncie Indiana They will have you inflate the cost of items on collateral just so they can push your loan through for approval. They will also have you inflate the amount of hourly pay and not make you have a pay stub showing at least 6 months of valid work history. But instead will add in a pay stub from when you leave one job to the pay stub for a new job they’ll inflate your spouses salary pay to look like enough to cover the debt to income ratio but when you need a loan and aren’t lending professionals as a consumer you do what they say and then find out later it was a very bad idea We received a loan with heights a few yrs ago, had a decent experience.Paid it off super early and with how they acted we should have known better... about a yr later we received one of their checks in the mail to restart a loan which we now know is predatory lending but in our case was to late to be warned about. So we pay the bill a while and a issue arose we needed to see about adding to the loan and of course we are able to because if not we would have paid it off early again when our bank helped with consolidation. So heights agreed to extend the loan and give us more. They claimed $300+ had to pay off a past debt of mine which was exactly what we were working on and so we signed off and agreed to have them mail the check to fingerhut. Fast fwd a yr I receive notice from fingerhut saying I still owe a balance, their sending to a new collections agency and yada yada but I state no that was paid I had this lender mail you a check from a loan I took. Turns out neither finger hut nor their original collection agency received any said check but the balance of said check was also never replaced into the loan and lowered our loan total due. Then I pull my credit and find a $30,000 car loan listed in my name and guess whose the lender on unknown unowned vehicle loan... you got it heights finance... so even with all of these issues we continue to pay on a loan we took out and even for the full amount but then I end up in and out of the hospital during my twin pregnancy, we make some payments , then I go back to work make some more payments, then pregnant again and was in the hospital regularly and kept contact when I could while also being in a separation. When I moved and my sister wanted to just take over the original loan for me since I couldn’t pay it at the time I called and message after message unanswered. So now I’m back to work and today I find my bank account has been frozen by heights. I then find a notice at my home the one I’d repeatedly told them was where mail should go because I had to move due to separating from my husband last yr. so I look online and find a list of all this court stuff they claim to of filed even proof of mail being returned and proving no court summons ever received at an address I repeatedly gave them over the phone and even in a vm. So now I have to wonder if I’ll be able to pay my house payment on time and keep a roof over my 3 kids (b/g twins19 months and 5 month old boys head) since my bank is now frozen and I can not access the money meant to be for that next house payment. I had to lose my car to a bank last yr that I willingly forfeited due to my health during pregnancy making me unable to work enough and that REAL BANK didn’t even do this they sent notice to the correct address and have even tried to work out payments with me as I can to catch it up.So stay completely away from heights they sure know how to steal in a “legal way”

5 years ago

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JoAnna Chicago, IL

Worst loan company out there!! Avoid them especially the Mt Vernon and Effingham IL locations!!! They want to get you in debt, refinance you to keep you in debt than won’t help you if you fall behind and rush to ruin your credit rating!! Do not trust them or their friends who they paid to give them good reviews! I work for the government and am a twice widowed mother living on one income if they would treat me this way they will do the same to you! They are low life loan sharks with usury interest rates parasites sponging off of those in need and they are psychopaths!!

1 year ago

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Mike owen , MO

Terrible company I would urge everyone looking for a loan when they're down on their luck to NOT go to heights finance. These people are some of the most crooked people in business. They lie cheat and deceive every chance they get if you deal with these people you will regret it no good can come from it. If I could rate less than one star I would without hesitation.

3 years ago Edited September 14, 2021

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Christins Nicholasville, KY

I took out a $1500 loan… I made 14 payments according to my credit report of $136 each totaling $1904… I ran into financial difficulty and could not make those payments anymore so I was immediately garnished for another $2467 despite the fact that I had already paid $1904 towards the $1500 loan… In the end I paid $4371 for a $1500 loan! Run away as fast as you can! Don’t do it!

4 years ago

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Angeles borja West Chicago, IL

Worst experience with a lendor. They will not work with you to take a late payment off your credit even though I paid all fees and even paid the isnallment loan ahead of time. I explained this late payment was from the person I cosigned for and that I did the responsible thing and paid off the entire loan but they still had no sympathy for my situation, i even explained this is the only thing keeping me from getting my home loan approved but once they have your money they dont care to ruin your life

5 years ago

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D.H. Festus, MO

My account went into a charge off status due to a work injury & loss of income. Once I received my settlement, I made sure I knew what was due & paid every cent of what they said I owed. A year later I check my credit report & find that they have been adding charges every month since. I have not received a written statement stating anything regarding account, not even acknowledgement of the lump sum I sent. Guess I’ll have to send copies of proof to credit agencies & my attorney general.

5 years ago

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Mary Divita Chicago, IL

This company is a rip off I borrowed $5,000 I wanted to pay it off in half the time & am only saving $400 in interest but they charged me $3,000 in interest. How can they charge interest on money that isn’t even being financed that long I believe this is illegal & I want to sue them if anyone wants to do a class action I am willing

1 year ago Edited January 20, 2022

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Calvin Williams Festus, MO

I have a loan with heights I've been paying on for over a year payments are 210 a month I was going to refinance the loan they offered me 400 dollars and start the loan over I would have lost 2000 dollars that I paid in for a four hundred dollar loan no thanks.

3 years ago

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Fred Indianapolis, IN

wife and I where going to seek a lone from Heights when we received a flyer from them in the mail. But after having read the reviews here we decided not to and have thrown the flyer in to the shedder box. Flyer did not have the usual Info. on the back such as Interest rates (APR) leigh of loan etc etc.

4 years ago

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Christina Emery Nicholasville, KY

I took out a $1500 loan with them..It was during an emergency situation so I did not read all the fine print which is my fault. I made 16 payments of $136 a month and I still owe them $2300. On a $1500 loan!!! Just seems like bad business to me and a huge rip off!!! Beware of the hidden costs and ridiculous interest!!!

4 years ago

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Sarah Newburgh, IN

They sent me multiple letters a week saying I was approved for a loan for 500. I went in a week before Christmas to get a loan and was told they would know by that afternoon. I was called 3 days later and told that I was not approved. Now I have no money for Christmas as well as a new hit on my credit report. Don’t trust them.

5 years ago

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Christie M Montgomery Morenci, AZ

After making a payment online, there was a delay in heights receiving my payment therefore I was charged an unnecessary late fee and then staff was very rude when I explained I used their site to do so.

3 years ago

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Gary Falcon Black River Falls, WI

They send me offers then when I apply for a loan. I get turned down 3 times. Even though I had a loan in the past with excellent standing and paid in full early. I would not recommend this company to anyone.

3 years ago

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Ray Milewski Butternut, WI

Worst company you could do business with . The ASHLAND WiSCONSIN BRANCH IS staffed with unprofessionals, rude , and no knowledge of the banking industry. Predatory lending practices

4 years ago

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No One Chicago, IL

Sent me a preapproval for $5250 and did a hard pull on my credit report, yet they never called me back despite reaching out to them twice.

1 year ago

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Taykiyah Memphis, TN

Heights Finance is a RIP OFF. I ended up paying over $1500 for a $500 loan. We should get together and file a class action lawsuit against them

3 years ago