Since its founding in 2014, FreedomPlus has aimed to create a unique and valuable personal loan experience for its customers. The lending company consistently does this by providing quality loans that meet individual needs through its sophisticated yet simple application and vetting process. FreedomPlus also provides professional advice through knowledgeable loan consultants and experts. 

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Key Takeaways:

  • Over 3/4ths of all the FreedomPlus reviews are five-star
  • A FreedomPlus personal loan extends up to $40,000
  • No pre-payment fees and flexible loan terms ranging from 2-5 years
  • One of the lowest credit score requirements in comparison to other personal loan companies
  • Unique services to help with credit card debt consolidation
  • Charges an origination fee between 0-4.99%
  • APR rate range from 7.99%–29.99% (As of June 2020)

The Good

  • Quality Customer Service
  • Flexible Loan Terms
  • Same-Day Lending Decisions
  • FreedomPlus Reviews
  • Simple Loan Application Process
  • FreedomPlus Credit Score Requirement
  • Fixed-Rate Loan and Payments
  • Debt Consolidation Loans
  • No Prepayment Fees
  • FreedomPlus Max Personal Loan Amount

Quality Customer Service

FreedomPlus provides quality customer service to its borrowers primarily through its loan consultants. Customer service and loan consultants help you make the best financial decisions while balancing your financial needs.

The company offers a simple and easy-to-use form to start your loan process online and allows you to call when you start your application with any questions. Friendly and knowledgeable loan consultants and experts are able to assist you throughout your application. User reviews indicate these interactions are extremely valuable for potential customers. Customer service also handles complaints. There is little to no wait time for customer service.

Flexible Loan Terms

FreedomPlus has flexible loan terms ranging from two to five years. FreedomPlus also allows borrowers to pay off loans earlier than the loan due date, so your loan repayment can ultimately be as brief as you'd like. This could save you a great deal of money in interest fees if you decide to repay the loan before your official payoff date.   

Same-Day Lending Decisions

FreedomPlus offers same-day loan decisions. However, this isn't guaranteed and will fluctuate based on your provided documentation, application verification, what time of day it is, etc. With error free applications you can expect the FreedomPlus loan process to be completed in as little as one day with funds to be made available within 48 hours. The process involves:

  • Filling out the online application
  • Deciding on your loan amount and loan term
  • Waiting for a credit decision to be made
  • Uploading legal documentation and reviewing the loan contract
  • Receiving your personal loan funds

Having a quick loan decision from online lenders makes it faster and simpler for borrowers to find a personal loan that works best for them.

FreedomPlus Reviews

FreedomPlus has an exceptional star rating from consumers. Quality reviews demonstrate to consumers that FreedomPlus is a trustworthy and high-standard lender. Reviews highlight reasonable rates and fees, simple repayment options, and exceptional customer service. This can provide peace of mind to potential borrowers that FreedomPlus is a good choice for their personal loan needs. 

Simple Loan Application Process

Receiving your loan as fast as possible is a highly desired feature for most, if not all, borrowers. 

FreedomPlus's intuitive initial online application takes a few minutes at most. Simply select the loan amount you are looking to borrow, describe the reason for taking out the loan (home repairs, credit card refinancing, consolidation loans, etc.), submit your credit rating (based on your credit score), what state you live in, then your name and phone number or email address.

From there, a loan consultant will get in touch with you to complete the transaction. FreedomPlus has extremely fast approval and funding times. It can usually approve your loan and get the money in your hands in as little as three days. Your loan repayment term can range from 24 months–60 months, with rates from 5.99 percent APR–29.99 percent APR.

FreedomPlus Credit Score Requirement

If your credit history is less than perfect, FreedomPlus might be a good match. Unlike many competing lenders, at 620, FreedomPlus has a lower minimum credit score requirement. A 620 FICO score is below average for Americans, is considered bad credit or fair credit. 

You will still receive better rates and repayment terms, the higher your credit score is, but a lower credit score requirement allows for a wider range of borrowers. Requirements of competing personal loan providers are generally higher: 

  • Best Egg minimum credit: 640
  • SoFi minimum credit: 680
  • Lending Club minimum credit: 699
  • Discover minimum credit: 750

Fixed-Rate Loan and Payments

FreedomPlus offers loans with an annual percentage rate from 5.99–29.99 percent, including the loan origination fee.  On top of that, it uses fixed monthly payments, so your monthly payment amount will never fluctuate. FreedomPlus also has fixed rates, so your APR will never be subject to change, as it can with a variable rate. This can provide peace of mind and stability to borrowers knowing the numbers they receive in the beginning will be the same throughout the lifespan of their loan. 

Debt Consolidation Loans

If you are seeking personal loans for debt relief, its important to know that FreedomPlus helps with debt consolidation and debt settlement by working with creditors on your behalf. For example, if you are seeking a personal loan to help tackle credit card debt, FreedomPlus will exclude said credit card debt from your debt-to-income ratio and pay off the credit card once you are approved. This service can help you qualify for more money and make bill payments simple. 

You could even qualify for rate discounts if you let FreedomPlus pay your creditors on your behalf, have retirement assets, or apply with a cosigner.

No Prepayment Fees

FreedomPlus does not charge any prepayment fees, regardless of when you decide to pay off your loan. This means you can pay off your loan anytime you want, regardless of your loan term. FreedomPlus also has fixed rate loans and one fixed monthly payment, so your APR will never fluctuate. This provides stability for borrowers and the opportunity to save money in interest charges if they want to pay off the loan early. 

FreedomPlus Max Personal Loan Amount

FreedomPlus has a max personal loan amount of $40,000 with a minimum loan amount of $7,500. Funds are available within 48 hours of credit approval (at least a 620 credit score required), and the APR ranges between 5.99 percent and 29.99 percent. You can have a FreedomPlus personal loan for up to five years. 

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The Bad

  • Origination Fees

Origination Fees

FreedomPlus charges an origination fee between 0-4.99% on its personal loans. While a fee like this isn't necessarily exorbitant for the industry, some industry leaders omit such processing fees from their loan applications altogether, but they are still quite common.

It is unclear how exactly FreedomPlus calculates its origination fees. On its website it states that, "origination fees are calculated on the final loan size and vary based on the interest rate and term selected." Make sure to talk with a representative at FreedomPlus so that you have a better idea of what this fee may look like for you.

The Bottom Line

The most important factor to consider when choosing between potential personal loan companies is whether their loan parameters meet your borrowing needs. In other words, does the length of the loan, interest rate, monthly installment payment, and borrowing amount match what you need in a loan? 

FreedomPlus personal loans accept FICO scores starting at 620. They have wide parameters for interest rates, high loan amounts, quick approval times, flexible loan terms, and no hidden fees. Having a large number of positive reviews, FreedomPlus complaints are limited and customers highlight exceptional customer service, a painless loan process, and great loan rates. 

FreedomPlus is a great option for your personal loan needs. Whether you're wanting to consolidate debt, cover home repairs, or fund other expenses, FreedomPlus is a quality lender.

*All loans available through are made by Cross River Bank, a New Jersey State Chartered Commercial Bank, Member FDIC, Equal Housing Lender. All loan and rate terms are subject to eligibility restrictions, application review, credit score, loan amount, loan term, lender approval, and credit usage and history. Eligibility for a loan is not guaranteed. Loans are not available to residents of all states – please call a FreedomPlus representative for further details. The following limitations, in addition to others, shall apply: FreedomPlus does not arrange loans in: (i) Arizona under $10,500; (ii) Massachusetts under $6,500, (iii) Ohio under $5,500, and (iv) Georgia under $3,500. Repayment periods range from 24 to 60 months. The range of APRs on loans made available through FreedomPlus is 5.99% to a maximum of 29.99%. APR. The APR calculation includes all applicable fees, including the loan origination fee. For Example, a four year $20,000 loan with an interest rate of 15.49% and corresponding APR of 18.34% would have an estimated monthly payment of $561.60 and a total cost payable of $7,948.13. To qualify for a 5.99% APR loan, a borrower will need excellent credit on a loan for an amount less than $14,000.00, and with a term equal to 24 months. Adding a co-borrower with sufficient income; using at least eighty-five percent (85%) of the loan proceeds to directly pay off qualifying existing debt; or showing proof of sufficient retirement savings, could help you qualify.

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Sheryl Bloom

May 13th, 2015 Altoona, PA

Scott was great from beginning to end. I could not have asked for a better experience. We were drowning in credit card debt. Now we have a 3 year plan to be virtually debt free thanks to Freedom Plus.


john morris

May 13th, 2015 West Columbia, SC

Very professional in handling my loan application and returning phone calls and knowledgeable about financial matters and situations



May 13th, 2015 Mobile, AL

In working with FREEDOM PLUS I think this team is wonderful.I am so grateful that I met this team of people. MAY GOD BE THE GLORY.THANK YOUE.A.J.G.



May 13th, 2015 Hyannis, MA

I had a very pleasant experience with Freedom Plus. I was helped for Della and she couldn't be any nicer nor more helpful that she was. Everything was done faster than I expected and went very smooth. This review is just about the loan process. Hopefully everything is going to be fine once I get the loan. Some of the reviews I just read scared me a bit.


Justine Chatkowski

May 13th, 2015 Avondale, AZ

Great place to work with. Jermaine was very easy and pleasant to work with, and I got approved! Highly recommend to other customers :)


Brian B

March 31st, 2015 Severn, MD

Very sketchy operations. My interactions with FreedomPlus came after applying for a signature loan from LendingTree. Within 30 seconds of submitting an application, I received a high-pressure phone call from FreedomPlus that insinuated that they were the only company that would give us a loan. They jumped around, but it ended up being a very high APR rate, especially for my 800+ FICO. I declined and went on my way, but continued to receive phone calls and emails. I eventually got the phone calls to stop, but not the emails. The "unsubscribe" link in every email is broken, so you cannot stop them. The company is unable to fix it; I've had to create an email rule to just automatically delete all FreedomPlus emails.



March 26th, 2015 Branson, MO

Very easy and fast response times. Customer service was fast and friendly as well. Della did a great job and was on top of everything.


Joanna Darden

March 26th, 2015 Trussville, AL

Scott was such a pleasure dealing with for my loan! What a professional! I felt an instant connection! Could not have had a better experience! Thanks so much!


Christopher Del Bene

March 25th, 2015 Charlotte, NC

Freedom Plus assisted me in securing a person loan that fit my budget and needs. Their customer service and loan department were highly educated and offered excellent options and advice which saved me a lot of money and time. I felt 100% satisfied with the loan presented to me. I would highly recommend Freedom Plus to anyone looking for credit and I plan on using them in the future.


Concerned Consumer

March 25th, 2015 Chicago, IL

The loan officer quoted me a rate in a whole number leaving off the ".99%" which essentially makes the true rate nearly 1 full percentage point higher. He repeatedly quoted the whole number and the additional percent was not discovered until it was time to sign the contract. Not happy about that. When confronted the loan officer tells me he always "forgets" about the percentage and will try to remember going forward. However the loan officer was professional throughout the process. Then I have a woman from their customer service department hounding me to confirm my address after the loan process was completed and leaves a message that I have fraud on my account and I need to call immediately, She then proceeds to tell me its company policy to tell customers that they have fraud on their account so they will call back faster. Great practices! Leaving off information of the rate, scaring people in phone messages with concerns of fraud. I will never do business with them again.


Glen Holton

March 25th, 2015 FL

Easy and fast. Scott my loan manager, helped me through each step and made the application painless and quick. Great Company.


David Clemons

March 24th, 2015 Pleasant Hill, CA

From the beginning online application process, to the quick response from the sales team and the follow up from the loan servicing, literally this has been the best experience. I will reach out exclusively to Freedom+plus for all future loans. Thank you all very much!



March 20th, 2015 Mastic, NY

Very good company. Helped me with my financial needs in a timely fashion. I highly recommend



March 16th, 2015 Richmond, CA

you have been very helpful and I appreciate all that you do for meyour customer service is outstanding taking care of my situations


Jen D.

March 16th, 2015 Simpsonville, SC

Great experience. Easy to use, super helpful and knowledgable. Bobby Neal, was amazing throughout the entire process and a pleasure to deal with. Felt at complete ease without any judgement.


Garth Rogers

March 16th, 2015 Dallas, TX

This is the place to get your loans people. A 10 STAR rating. Bobby Neal was fantastic to work with and helped me get through the process without any hiccups. Never a hassle and great communication. A very personable experience. If I ever need funds for ANYTHING in the future. I will call Bobby. Thank You FreedomPlus


Lee Eckert

March 9th, 2015

very quick to get to fund the loan..... Awful on the back end. No customer support, no replies to inquiries, very bad online account management.


Alfred Koehler

March 6th, 2015 Sarasota, FL

Ron Rinaldi is the best!!.. He made the loan process fast, easy and painless. A pleasure to work with and a credit to the company. Everything from the phone calls, call backs, E-mails etc. were handled in a very professional manner. I would take him out for an Italian dinner if I could.... Thanks again. I will recommend him to anybody. Al Koehler.



March 2nd, 2015 Arlington, VA

PERFECT SERVICE! Representative DAJUAN SOWERS handled loan application in very professional and expeditious manner. Phone calls were answered or returned promptly and release of funds to my bank account was on-time as promised. Also, AMY followed-up after loan closing to confirm details and answer any remaining questions. Will finance through freedomplus again without hesitation.


airene boyon

February 25th, 2015 Bethpage, NY

The process was done very quick. Ron Rinaldi was helpful and was great to work with.



February 25th, 2015 Opelousas, LA

Jermaine Jordan was very helpful and answered all my questions concerning my loan. I was approved and documents signed in less than 24 hours. I rated Freedom Plus a 8 because of the interest rate, a little steep, especially for someone who has good credit! Overall professional, quick loan approval, and spent time answering my questions. Negative, interest rate too high!



February 14th, 2015 Jacksboro, TN

Easiest loan I have ever took out all was explained up front. Great rate for an unsecured loan.


Douglas Fairfield

February 12th, 2015 Spring, TX

Jermaine Jordan was extremely helpful & completed approval & loan in less than 24 hrs. Easiest loan we ever received. I rated the company a 9 because of the interest rate. The advertising shows a much lower rate, but upon receiving docs I was shocked at the rate. I will try to pay off early to maybe save a little in costs. I've read the other reviews and find that if one needs a loan and can't get it any place else.........thus the high interest rate, but it got approved.


jeff dilling

February 3rd, 2015 Des Moines, IA

can't get signed in to view account help hard to get. wish I hadn't signed up for e-mail


Chris Martinez

February 3rd, 2015 Wayne, NJ

Della Williams is Amazing / Excellent....I highly recommend her if you are applying for a Personal Loan. She answered all my questions and was always available. She walked me through the entire process and took her time explaining the process. The easiest loans process I ever encountered.... Freedom Plus gave me the Amount I asked for when my personal bank I've been banking with for 15 years wouldn't. I have excellent credit and my personal bank only approved me a $10,000 loan ....Freedom Plus gave me well over $30,000...I Highly Highly recommend them Because of my Great Personal Experience with Della Williams.


David Fortiere

February 2nd, 2015 Isle Of Palms, SC

Michal Uher and all others associated with him and you should be congratulated on their efficiency and enthusiasm.



January 26th, 2015 San Diego, CA

Very helpful , my loan was approved fast, the employees are very professional and willing to work with me.thanks to Scott Beverly for helping with the process.


Vicki Leapline

January 26th, 2015 Pittsburgh, PA

Quick and easy, friendly staff, and an answer the same day.


Chris cruz

January 26th, 2015 Glen Cove, NY

Scott Beverly was very good always called and was very persistent .. Very accessible . The negative was the intrest rate was extremely high considering I have very good credit .


cynthia washington

January 22nd, 2015 Duncanville, TX

I find my experience borderline fraud/misrepresentation. I was $40,000 in debt and acquired help from freedom plus to help negotiate with my creditors to lower by balances. However during the negotiation process I was offered away to pay a monthly fee to pay the re-negotiated amounts in full. I did not realize I was signing a contract prior to the completion of negotiations with creditors. I am now in more debt than I was when looking for help from Freedom Plus and looking to get out of this illegal contract..


Leigh Ann Levy

January 22nd, 2015 Arlington, TX

Whoever left a message on my voice mail needs to be trained in how to leave voice mails. A) she did not say her name and B) I literally had to listen to the message 4 times to get the phone number to call you back. I shouldn't have to do that. I hope my experience gets better otherwise I may have to go shopping for another company that can speak slower on a voice mail.


Kimberly Lafleur

January 21st, 2015 Ville Platte, LA

Scott Beverly was very friendly and helped with any questions that we had regarding this loan. This was the easiest loan that we have applied for.



January 21st, 2015 Rancho Cordova, CA

Kelly Gillette gave excellent help in receiving our loan. He spent time to get me through the computor process. Thank you so very much.



January 6th, 2015 Manteca, CA

The people are very nice the only thing that takes the stars away is the interest rate they can take it down a little, I'm currently getting another loan to pay this one off as quickly as possible. I needed the money, and they kill you like sharks with blood in the water don't contact them unless you wanna lose half your soul cause that's what you give away when you sign the contract


Josh Alcox

January 6th, 2015 Austin, TX

Emery Benally was very professional and effective at presenting and following up during the entire process.


Thomas Lewis

January 6th, 2015 Jackson, TN

This was just about the easiest loan that I have ever received. The entire process was fast and the rep that I dealt with was very knowledgeable and friendly. I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for a loan. Thanks



January 1st, 2015 Bethlehem, PA

Quick easy process, good customer service and overall good experience.


Luann Anderson

December 12th, 2014 Vashon, WA

Ron Rinaldi was very professional to work with. He went above and beyond to meet our needs. We greatly appreciate his efforts.