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    [Video] 4 Ways to Prepare for a Financial Emergency
    Did you know that six out of ten households face some kind of unexpected financial emergency each year? Clearly, you can never be too prepared for an emergency — especially when it comes to your finances.  This v...
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    Trouble with Holiday Season Spending?: A Game Plan Can Help
    A holiday budget. To many, this phrase may seem like an oxymoron — like a jumbo shrimp, a working vacation, or fresh cafeteria food. Holidays and budgets do feel strange for some people, like setting limits on the amou...
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    Should I Get a Credit Card or a Personal Loan?
    Myth or fact: Credit cards and personal loans are practically the same. "Personal loans and opening a new credit card are, at the core, the same concept," begins Brett Holzhauer, credit card writer at, "you a...
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    How Can I Improve My Credit Score?
    When you're sitting in the office of a mortgage lender or discussing with the local auto dealer the prospect of financing a new car, the words "We'll need to do a credit check" can either inspire you with confidence or leave ...
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    What Is an Average Credit Score?
    Your credit score: That little three-digit number that is a key determining factor in so many important decisions, purchases and investments. You hear all the time the necessity of having good credit and of the dangers of ha...
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    What Goes Into Determining My Credit Score?
    There are a number of instances when your credit score will come into play. Depending on your personal situation, this scenario might be the cause of nervousness and anxiety. Perhaps you have decided it's time to purchase a n...
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    What Is a Credit Score?
    If you are a professional athlete, a world-famous musician, movie star or author, or if you are a high-ranking executive of a multi-billion dollar corporation, paying for a new home, automobile or another large purchase prob...
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    Survey Says: Interest Rates Reigns Supreme
    Ever since the financial crisis of 2008, the personal loans industry has become increasingly competitive. Over the past seven years, hundreds of personal loans companies (both local and online) have sprouted up in hopes of p...
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    How a Personal Loan Can Help Your FICO Score
    If it's time to make a big purchase such as a home or a car, or even if you are trying to qualify for other types of credit, your credit score should be of major concern to you. After all, your credit score will play a part ...
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    Should I Use a Personal Loan to Pay Off My Student Debt?
    Many graduates are finding themselves deep in their student loans and are searching for ways to help pay them off quicker. One option they are discovering is to use small personal loans to payoff and save on high-interest lo...
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