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    [Video] 4 Ways to Prepare for a Financial Emergency
    Did you know that six out of ten households face some kind of unexpected financial emergency each year? Clearly, you can never be too prepared for an emergency — especially when it comes to your finances. This video ...
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    What Is the Etiquette About Paying a Fiancé's Debts?
    Experts help engaged couples navigate their financial relationships Should you pay your fiance's debts? Are you obligated to? Is it even a good idea? I have recently come across several advice columns that dealt with the iss...
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    Setting Financial Boundaries with Teenagers
    The average teenager spends $2,600 per year. Where is that money coming from? Probably the bank of mom and dad. . . right? According to the 2019 JA Teens Personal Finance Survey, 64 percent of teens depend on gifts for spend...
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    12 Risks to Avoid If You Want to Survive Your First Personal Loan
    "Personal loans have served the general public as useful financial tools for years on end, and that's not likely to end anytime soon," says Sean Messier, Credit Industry Analyst from Credit Card Insider. "But with that said,...
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    Taking Out a Personal Loan to Invest: Pros, Cons, and Other Options
    Guest Post by Natalie Issa A new investment opportunity beckons, but you don't have the cash flow to dip into it. Could a personal loan be the right way to fund the endeavor? "You have to spend money to make money" is a comm...
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    5 Signs a Personal Loan Might Not Be Right for You
    "There are plenty of fish in the sea." While this might not be true of your dating life, it's certainly true of personal loans. Personal lenders, which nowadays are often offered via peer-to-peer lending sites, occupy a spac...
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    5 Tips for Getting Your Personal Loan Approved
    Personal loans are generally a bit different than other types of loans. You might need a personal loan to meet your everyday expenses, plan a vacation, or even pay for a wedding. When you are in the process of applying for a...
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    8 Things You Need to Know Before Taking Out a Personal Loan
    Personal loans can be a good place to turn if you are low on funds but need to consolidate high-interest debt or make a large purchase. Many people take out loans for home remodeling, new cars, or for paying student debt. Ho...
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    How to Determine if a Lender is Legitimate
    You may have heard the saying: "Money is the root of all evil." Arguments could be made in favor or in opposition of that assertion. But one undeniable thing is that people need money to survive, and we'd all like to have mor...
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