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    5 Key Factors That Influence Your APR
    Personal loan companies often offer a wide APR range. The rate can vary from 2 percent to over 30 percent, which can be confusing for potential borrowers. What determines the APR? Why is it important? How do I know if I will...
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    What Happens If I Die Before the Loan Is Paid Off?
    Anyone who has debt (and that includes just about all of us at one time or another in life), has felt the burden, stress and anxiety associated with this sometimes-crushing load. Credit cards, student loans, auto loans, mort...
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    What Is a Loan Shark?
    When the need arises to seek out a loan, for whatever the reason, most people turn to a reputable financial institution or lender to service their needs. Doing this provides assurance and peace of mind that a person's financ...
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    What Is a Floating Rate Loan?
    Certainly, one of the first things a person asks when considering a loan is what the interest rate is. These rates, of course, fluctuate and vary depending on the type of loan (for example, mortgage loan rates are much lower...
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    What is the Difference Between Interest Rate and APR?
    When it comes to obtaining a personal loan-or any other type of loan-there are certain terms and definitions you'll hear. Each of these plays on important role for the lender and for you as you qualify for, receive and repay ...
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    How Many Loans Should Someone Apply For?
    Establishing a credit history is an essential part of qualifying for loans. It's an interesting dichotomy: to get a loan you need to have gotten loans or made purchases on credit in the past. For instance, if you meet with a ...
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    What Are Other Types of Loans?
    Need money to finance one of life's many major needs or purchases? Unless you are the fortunate heir to a large sum of money or you find yourself in the enviable position of being independently wealthy, you're probably going ...
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    What Is APR?
    Interest rate and annual percentage rate: two terms that often get tossed around when discussing loans and credit. Both are important to understand, and both are critical to the process of securing and paying off a loan. Whet...
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    What Is an Interest Rate?
    No matter what type of loan or source of credit you are seeking to secure-be it a mortgage, auto loan, student loan, credit card or personal loan-there are certain components you examine and pay attention to. Clearly, the am...
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    What Are Unsecured Loans?
    The need to borrow money might start in childhood or adolescence when you ask your parents or friend to spot you a couple of bucks to see a movie or to buy a toy or popular game. As an adult, borrowing money is required for l...

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