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    [Video] 4 Ways to Prepare for a Financial Emergency
    Did you know that six out of ten households face some kind of unexpected financial emergency each year? Clearly, you can never be too prepared for an emergency — especially when it comes to your finances.  This v...
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    The 5 Best Personal Loans Companies [2020]
    These awesome companies have earned a coveted spot on Best Company’s top five best personal loans companies list for 2020. After factoring in each of the company’s overall services and over 10,300 customer reviews...
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    Millennials and Credit Card Debt [9 Myths That Hold You Back]
    A recent survey asked millennials how they felt about paying off all their credit card debt this year. The responses indicated a real lack of optimism: 25% felt not at all confident 28% felt slightly confident 20% felt mode...
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    What Is the Etiquette About Paying a Fiancé's Debts?
    Experts help engaged couples navigate their financial relationships Should you pay your fiance's debts? Are you obligated to? Is it even a good idea? I have recently come across several advice columns that dealt with the iss...
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    3 Steps to Prepare for an Early Retirement
    Guest Post by Michael Deane No one knows how long they’ll live and thus how much money they’ll need in their retirement. But you must plan anyway, especially if you would like to go into retirement early. Many pe...
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    Trouble with Holiday Season Spending?: A Game Plan Can Help
    A holiday budget. To many, this phrase may seem like an oxymoron — like a jumbo shrimp, a working vacation, or fresh cafeteria food. Holidays and budgets do feel strange for some people, like setting limits on the amou...
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    Should I Get a Credit Card or a Personal Loan?
    Myth or fact: Credit cards and personal loans are practically the same. "Personal loans and opening a new credit card are, at the core, the same concept," begins Brett Holzhauer, credit card writer at, "you a...
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    Setting Financial Boundaries with Teenagers
    The average teenager spends $2,600 per year. Where is that money coming from? Probably the bank of mom and dad. . . right? According to the 2019 JA Teens Personal Finance Survey, 64 percent of teens depend on gifts for spend...
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    Game Plan: 4 Ways to Ensure That This Personal Loan Is Your Last
    34.3 million. That's the number of U.S. consumers with a personal loan at the end of 2018, according to Experian. According to the same Experian study, there are 36.8 million outstanding personal loan accounts in the United ...
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    The Heartbreak of Personal Loan Rejection: Top 5 Causes and Action Steps
    Personal loans are increasingly popular as a debt consolidation tool. When you have lots of credit card debt, one way to improve your credit and your financial well-being is by taking out a consolidation loan with a lower in...

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