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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
Mindflash is an online training company that specializes in creating a training environment with limitless possibilities. Mindflash has been in business since 1999, and provided training platforms for numerous large companies. Mindflash is not only available online, but can be accessed through a mobile app, allowing for training employees in almost any location.

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The Good

  • Customizable training sessions
  • Mobile app
When it comes to creating a training structure for a company, Mindflash makes it possible for companies to make training sessions completely customizable. For example, training programs can be formatted with videos, powerpoints, tests and quizzes, and even live training seminars. Anything that a company can imagine and create on the computer can be used in training employees, or even customers. These training programs can also be sold to recoup some of the cost associated with the program. Having a mobile app also allows a company to provide training to users from a large variety of locations. The online training portal can cut a company's travel expense by bringing the training to the user. Mindflash also provides training in almost any language because the courses are set up by the companies themselves. The website also allows for a company to track progress of any individual, in any course. Support is also available in the forms of live chat, e-mail, or phone call. One big benefit of the website is that it offers a free 14 day trial. No credit card is needed until the trial expires.

The Bad

  • Cost factor
  • No practice exams
One of the biggest drawbacks that Mindflash faces is the cost factor. An unlimited account that allows for a company to create an unlimited amount of training content, to an unlimited amount of users costs $4,999 per month, billed annually. The smallest package that is available costs $149 per month, which is also billed annually. This package also includes unlimited training content, but limits the number of users to 50. Although you can customize a training program to satisfy learning requirements for employees, or customers, the website does not allow for users to take practice exams. Also, the website is limited in that you cannot receive specialty training certifications, like a GED, through the website. These limitations are not specifically mentioned on the website, so when an email was sent them to get clarification on this, it took three weekdays to hear back from them. Receiving support back from the company can be a little slow.

The Bottom Line

The Mindflash website offers a wide range of features and customization to their customers. Although the price of a membership to the website is very high, the opportunity to participate in a free trial gives the chance to test the website to see if it will meet the needs of the company. Also, the website states that one of the features of the site allows you to sell your training programs. The site also allows you to track the progress of any user, at any point in training. This can save a lot of time tracking your training programs manually. Support is readily available to the companies, but can be a bit slow at times.
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