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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
Bridge is a fairly new LMS system built to adhere to SCORM guidelines. It was founded by the same team who created higher-education backend Canvas; as a result, many of the same educational properties have been passed down to this new software and even improved upon. It has a number of helpful analytics options for monitoring progress and receiving feedback as a course creator, but doesn't have any features that allow for external use or selling courses to outside organizations.

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The Good

  • Media types
  • Analytics
  • Feedback
The course builder itself allows for several different media types to be uploaded and to function within the training module. This includes video clips, audio snippets, photographs, and text documents, all of which are supported and cleanly laid out for optimal user experience. The platform also allows moderators to hold live training sessions. Companies are also able to customize their platform by embellishing it with their brand logo, colors, and the like. Bridge offers extensive analytics over several criteria to help you make sense of your trainings' success. The software makes it easy for you to establish "groups," whether they are categorized by department, skill level, or something else entirely. Their analytics will help you measure the correlations between these groups, as well as measure overall activity and pass rates. Through the software you will have opportunities not only to train your employees, but also to give them a platform to be heard from. Users can fill out surveys to send feedback up to course-builders on the quality or accuracy of quizzes. You can also easily administer employee satisfaction surveys and get a better handle on concerns outside of employee education.

The Bad

  • Time in business
  • No custom domain linking
  • Expansion
The platform has not had much time to evolve and hold up against its major competitors. The company itself was founded in 2008, which, even in software years, is still fairly young. Bridge is currently not marketed as being used by any major clients, and the platform itself hasn't racked up much publicity or reviews overall. Currently, the platform doesn't allow custom domain linking. This makes truly customizing your dashboard difficult; you'll always have to operate through Bridge itself at the basic level. As handy as it can be to have your own logo in the corner, not being able to choose your own URL can put a damper on your "custom" dashboard. In addition, Bridge makes it difficult to expand your training modules and any courses you create outside of your organization. The platform does not provide a way to easily transfer your courses, and certainly does not include any features to support monetizing the transactions. There is no way to manage payment from internal employees and users, either. The trainings only function under the assumption that they are all free for all users.

The Bottom Line

Bridge is still a young LMS software and has room to grow and add new features. The lack of flexibility when it comes to sharing and monetizing your courses makes it limited to internal organizations looking to integrate employee education into their current schedule at no extra charge to the testers. In this case, however, it's a fine tool with analytics powerful enough to rank it up next to more sophisticated platforms.
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