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Originally based out of Singapore, Zopim was used by over 120,000 websites in 140 different countries. However, in 2014, Zendesk bought Zopim in an effort to give the best possible chat portal to its clients. Today, all Zendesk subscriptions include a basic Zopim product called Zopim Lite.

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The Good

  • Triggers
  • Free Trial
  • Analytics
  • Tools
  • Third-Party Apps


Zopim's trigger features are some of the best in the industry; businesses have the ability to create an "if, then" situation to chat with customers. Zopim's triggers can be customized to start a live chat if a user goes to a specific area of the website or spends a certain amount of time on a page.

Free Trial

Zopim offers a free trial of its product. During the trial period, 30 agents receive access to Zopim's Advanced package. After the trial, customers can choose to either elect the package that best meets their needs or cancel.


For a basic chat option, Zopim provides some pretty powerful analytic tools, including the following:

  • Emailed analytics: Monthly and weekly reports to help you manage your client chat traffic
  • Powerful visitor profiles: Information on how customers access your site, including the referring site
  • Chat analytics: Length and quantity of chats
  • Agent analytics: Information on how much time each agent spent helping your customers


Zopim offers a number of helpful chat tools, including the following:

  • Customized chat profile: Users can connect their social media profile or enter detailed personal information
  • Pre-chat survey: Businesses can determine the background of the customer using the live chat services
  • Mobile integration: Users can utilize chat services on any Android or iOS mobile device

Third-Party Apps

Zopim offers a number of third-party app integrations with e-commerce and CRM platforms. Zopim works particularly well with Magento, one of the leading business platforms in the market.

The Bad

  • Standalone Package
  • Limitations
  • Customer Support

Standalone Package

Zopim is designed to either be a standalone product or be used with Zendesk, which means that many of the features customers may wish to use are contingent upon a Zopim/Zendesk integration.


Zopim's service does have a number of limitations, including the following:

  • Only one third-party application can be integrated at a time
  • Customers must use Zendesk in order to have access to screen sharing and other "real time" solutions
  • Email reports are only available with the Advanced package
  • Only two chat triggers can be enabled with the Basic package

Customer Support

Unfortunately, Zopim does not show a company's business hours with the Lite and Basic packages, making it difficult for customers to receive appropriate support.

The Bottom Line

Overall, Zopim offers some great basic features, such as triggers, website analytics, and chat box customization. The free trial is also attractive. However, there are a number of limitations to Zopim's service, including the fact that only one third-party application can be integrated at one time.

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