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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019

PureChat is a newer product in the live chat industry. The company was founded in August 2012 and was launched under a 30-day plan and received 1,000 subscribers within its first month. After a 2 year period, it had 100,000 users, which is pretty remarkable. In 2015, the company won a major award in Arizona. The company has a pretty outstanding platform, for being basic. The paid subscriptions offer an unlimited amount of chats per month, which is fair. We also found that it is a pretty customizable solution and there are a lot of other neat features included with the product. For small businesses, we found that PureChat might be enough to get the job done, in terms of website customer service needs.


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The Good

  • Price
  • Unlimited languages
  • Easy installation
  • Simple reporting
  • Triggers
  • Scheduling
There were a lot of basic features that we liked with PureChat. This is a good starter chat platform for most small businesses. The prices are affordable each month. We also felt that the freemium version is a great "test" for small businesses that want to see if PureChat is a good fit for their needs.
The pricing options with PureChat are pretty amenable (Prices listed below are if you pay annually). We found three different service levels:
  • Free: Unlimited Users but only 15 chats per month.
  • Starter: $15/Month and includes 3 users, 1 website, and 90-day chat history.
  • Business: $45/Month and includes 6 users, 3 websites, and 1-year chat history.
  • Growth: $99/Month and includes 15 users with unlimited websites, unlimited history, and unbranded chat boxes.
Unlimited Languages
On the website, we found that there are unlimited languages for businesses to engage with their international customers. While a complete language list was not included, we liked that such a basic chat service had major languages to help interact in different languages.
Easy Installation
We felt like the installation process for PureChat was plain and simple. With PureChat, you simply install a code at the bottom of each page on your website in the same location as Google Analytics. This makes your PureChat software-as-a-service easy to install. Unless you have a website update in the future, you shouldn't ever have to deal with the code for PureChat more than once.
Simple Reporting
We found that PureChat gives you some good options for tracking visitors on your website. You can see your customers' time on page, website depth, etc. In addition, the simple reporting feature works well with Google Analytics to help you see how your chats are maximizing your conversions.
We found that the triggers with this product were pretty useful. You can interact with customers who seem to get "stuck" on your website, turning them into conversions rather than page exits. Additionally, you can find customers who are about to abandon their carts in your ecommerce store. This means more conversions for your products as customers get help finding where to do something on your website.
Sometimes, it can be a problem when an agent forgets to sign out. Instead, PureChat has a scheduler for your agents. You simply put their hours into their account and it makes them "unavailable." When all of your agents are offline, an email form appears so that customers can leave their contact information for a callback at a later date.

The Bad

  • Lack of cobrowsing
  • Lack of file transfer
We felt like there were a few basic things missing with this product. For example, there are not many third-party integrations. We also were missing cobrowsing to help agents serve their customers. These are some pretty core things that power users are going to look for when purchasing a chat platform for their business website.
Lack of Cobrowsing
For us, the lack of cobrowsing was a pretty big deal. Cobrowsing lets you see your customer's browsing window to aid them when they are looking for something on a website. PureChat does not have this feature at this time and it severely limits the ability of the agent. It is possible, however, to send your customer a link to the area of the website that they are looking for.
Lack of File Transfer
We couldn't find file transfer as a feature of PureChat. This is problematic as file sharing helps agents send files directly to a customer.

The Bottom Line

We do recommend PureChat at this time. We think that the service has a pretty good reputation for being a new product. The service also acquired business customers quickly from its initial founding. We also felt like the basic services and features for the product were outstanding. The freemium version lets you try the product out. Meanwhile, the per agent cost for "Pure Awesome" and "Super Awesome" were affordable for small businesses. While this may not be a perfect product for large businesses, it does have the functionality needed for helping customers who get stuck on a website. For the future, we would like to see more integrations added to PureChat. For example, some Magento functionality would be great. In addition, we do need cobrowsing in a later update to help the agent see what the customer is doing on a website.
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Chris Harris

Pure chat is good among what I have used. Now I am using Tiger.do it is also pretty good actually. Its been 5 months I have started using no problems

5 years ago