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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
LiveZilla is a company that is based out of Germany. They offer a chat platform for businesses. There is a freemium version that is available. Then there is also a one-time paid subscription that you can get for as many users as you need. As LiveZilla releases updates, you can upgrade so that it meets your needs as your business grows. While the price is somewhat on the high side, this is often a great way for a business to pick up a chat platform as a capital expenditure rather than a monthly subscription. LiveZilla is not a hosted solution. You have to install the solution on your computer or server so that it can be used by an organization. LiveZilla is one of the few platforms that we read about that was not a software as a service platform, meaning that your company had to have a physical or paid server in order to use this platform. 

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The Good

  • Visitor monitoring made easy
  • Social media integration
  • Two-way file sharing
LiveZilla offers a lot of flexibility for businesses. While the prices were somewhat on the steep side, we liked the fact that there was a one-time installation fee. Upgrades from earlier versions usually cost a 50% licensing fee. However, with the current release of LiveZilla, customers are going to be able to get the next version free as soon as it becomes available. Visitor Monitoring Made Easy With LiveZilla, you get access to a powerful visitor tracking suite. If you use LiveZilla, you might get all the tracking information for customers from LiveZilla instead of Google Analytics. Here is all the information that LiveZilla gives you:
  • Referral Information
  • Geo Location
  • Operating System (both desktop/laptop and mobile)
  • Browser
  • Last Visit
  • Time On Site
Basically, LiveZilla offers powerful visitor monitoring on your website. The visitor monitoring is built into the trigger system. When we had our live chat conversation with LiveZilla, we were able to determine that the triggers were deeply tied to the analytics of visitor behavior on our website. Social Media Integration With LiveZilla, we were able to see on the website that it integrates with social media. Tickets can be created via email, a customizable form, Facebook, Twitter, or more. You can also use your email to manage your tickets that are implemented over LiveZilla. Two-Way File Sharing This is a standard feature that we look for with live chat solutions. With LiveZilla, it is easy to send files to visitors, departments, or other "chat users" within your organization. There is a drag and drop feature to share files. You can even create "canned files" to send common documents to your chat users, such as documents, policies, and more. We felt that this was a pretty robust feature within LiveZilla.

The Bad

  • Lack of video chat
  • Integration with other tools
  • Based out of Germany
  • "On-site chat" vs. "off-site chat"
LiveZilla, the paid version, is more on the expensive side. If you are an enterprise-level business and want unlimited agents to interact with customers, you are going to be paying $985.55 for a one-time download. For two operators, however, the platform is pretty affordable. You can pay only $152.63 and let two agents use the service. Lack of Video Chat Many solutions in the industry do not have video chat built into the platform. We felt that with an actual software product that you had to purchase (not an SaaS) should include video chat. Video chat would make it easier to interact with customers, especially in identity verification situations. However, the lack of video chat is not that big of a deal, in comparison to other platforms within the industry Integration With Other Tools We couldn't find a list of integrations with other products available on LiveZilla's website. We saw many questions in the LiveZilla forums about how to integrate the product into tools such as Magento, SalesForce, and other CRM products. We would like to see a complete listing of products available that work well with LiveZilla before making a purchase. We got a sense though that LiveZilla could be pretty easily integrated to websites; we just weren't sure which other platforms the product works with. Based Out of Germany As with other non-US live chat services, we felt a little bit iffy using a service that was based in another country. The dollar-to-Euro conversion makes this product a little bit more expensive than other chat products available within the US. However, if a business feels that LiveZilla is a good fit, they should feel compelled to use this live chat resource. "On-Site Chat" vs. "Off-Site Chat" "On-site chat," in live chat terminology, means that the chat applet opens up within the web browser. "Off-site chat" happens when the chat happens in a pop-up window. With LiveZilla, we found that the "on-site chat" implementation was missing some critical features:
  • File transfers website visitor to operator
  • Queue line details displayed to the visitor
  • Internal callback service
  • Ratings/feedback
  • Commercial chats/chat vouchers
In short, if your site uses the LiveZilla "on-site chat" widget, your customers are not going to be able to leave feedback. They will also not be able to send/receive files in a support situation.

The Bottom Line

We are a little bit hesitant to recommend LiveZilla at this time. The main reason for our lack of a recommendation is the disparate features if you use the "on-site chat" or "off-site chat" features. We feel that users should be able to send/receive files with both setups. Additionally, we felt that the prices for LiveZilla were a little bit on the high end. LiveZilla does have a few good features. If you purchase the license and choose to upgrade later, the 50% upgrade license fee is pretty reasonable. Additionally, the service is pretty affordable for low-level users, such as small businesses. However, we feel that LiveZilla needs to move to the 21st century and start offering a software-as-a-service approach to make this a more viable business product. Also, users need to be able to see how to implement this product as a side-by-side solution with major products, such as CRMs and other common website applications.
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Michael Fleckner

I can definitely recommend LiveZilla! Pros: + very good performance-value ratio + stable software + lot of different functions + functions are well balanced Cons: - Design of UI could be improved

6 years ago

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Need to keep renewing to upgrade version. Just change of layouts and thats it. Nothing special.

3 years ago