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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019

LiveHelpNow is a company that sells four core products: (1) Live Chat, (2) Email-Ticket Management, (3) Knowledge Base, and (4) Call Management. Each of these four products can be used individually or purchased in a bulk package. The prices quoted are per agent, so there is a steeper price associated with LiveHelpNow. LiveHelpNow was founded in 2003. They are based in Willow Grove, PA. Companies have selected LiveHelpNow more than 120,000 times. The research and development team of LiveHelpNow is on the front line, staying in close touch with customers. Over 65% of the company is engaged in developing the LiveHelpNow product. The company has a blog that discusses how you can further expand your customer support experience. We found that LiveHelpNow has several “out-of-the-box” features. These include integrations with Google Analytics, AdWords, Join.Me screen sharing and co-browsing, and SalesForce CRM. We found that LiveHelpNow features a robust customer portfolio. The customers that they help include: Brandt Immigration, Final Draft, Southern Adventist University, and more. Their product can be deployed successfully across many different industries, ranging from legal to education.  

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The Good

  • Features
  • Knowledge base support
  • Open API
  • Integration
  • Surveys

We enjoyed the "out-of-the-box" features that came with LiveHelpNow. Perhaps the best feature of their service is that it is scalable. Customers can select any or all of the four "core services," developing a customized support situation. Another feature that we liked with LiveHelpNow was the mobile support, for both the business and customer ends. Here are the overall features that we enjoyed with LiveHelpNow:

  • Strong Chat Analytics
  • Custom Knowledge Base That Doesn't Have a Limited Number of Pages
  • Robust Open API
  • App integration right out of the box.
  • Post-Chat Surveys
  • Social Media Integration

The strong chat analytics combine very well with the phone support products provided by LiveHelpNow. You can keep track of missed opportunities if your business is understaffed during peak hours. You can also manage your agents with the chat analytics features. See how long an agent spends with a customer, the specific content of each chat, and the number of chats. One of the things that we liked about the scalable LiveHelpNow situation was the knowledge base support. With other live chat companies, we saw that lower-end subscriptions often limited knowledge base pages at up to 10. With LiveHelpNow, you can enroll one agent and enjoy as many knowledge base pages that you need. We also liked the robust open API provided by LiveHelpNow. While LiveHelpNow already integrates easily with three platforms, you can easily add any platform with their custom open API. This lets you easily integrate the LiveHelpNow platform into your legacy systems, ranging from e-commerce to CRM. Also, there is app integration right out of the box. With LiveHelpNow, you can easily integrate customer support into your e-marketing, e-commerece, and CRM. Google Analytics and AdWords functionality build easily into marketing strategies. You can also use SalesForce on the CRM and e-commerce side of things. Finally, you can empower co-browsing with LiveHelpNow's Join.Me integration. Finally, the post-chat surveys are an important tool with LiveHelpNow. We liked that these tools engaged customers to provide support feedback, giving the manager a strong impression of the chat quality. We also found that LiveHelpNow's e-ticketing also includes a Twitter feature. If a customer mentions your company (with your company Twitter handle), you can easily pull that Tweet into the email and generate a personalized response to the customer. This is one of the niftiest social media integrations we've seen within the Live Chat industry.


The Bad

  • Scalability
  • Limitations
  • Triggers
  • Cobrowsing

While we liked the scalability of LiveHelpNow, it is a little bit too scalable. With other companies, we liked the number of agents available per different subscriptions. This lets companies add or decrease their workforce without changing their subscription level. However, with LiveHelpNow, increasing your workforce will ultimately cost more per agent. Here are some of the things that we would like to see changed with LiveHelpNow:

  • More "out-of-the-box" features to decrease reliability on the open API.
  • The number of triggers with LiveHelpNow needs to be increased for the power enterprise-level company.
  • Make co-browsing a core tool within LiveHelpNow, rather than depending upon Join.Me for co-browsing.

The "out-of-the-box" features cover multiple functions, but there are not that many app integrations for LiveHelpNow. A company must depend heavily upon LiveHelpNow's open APIs to develop a customized support situation for their existing apps. Also, we would like to see a Magento API included with LiveHelpNow's "out-of-the-box" features. The number of triggers for LiveHelpNow is limited. You only get THREE triggers with LiveHelpNow, which is a problem for enterprise-level websites. This makes it difficult to engage customers on your website. We did see some knowledge base triggers that we liked, but ultimately, we would like a higher number of triggers for power users. Where is the co-browsing feature as a core tool? We felt that LiveHelpNow did a good job of integrating Join.Me's co-browsing resources, but ultimately, we would like to see co-browsing as a core feature in the product.


The Bottom Line

W would recommend LiveHelpNow for a company with a small customer support team. We really liked how this product is scalable for small businesses. A company with a team of 5 to 10 agents could easily enjoy LiveHelpNow. However, a high number of users ultimately makes LiveHelpNow an expensive product.

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