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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
Comm100 provides customer service and live chat communications solutions for businesses. All of its products are software-as-a-service, meaning a web-based solution for customers. Over 200,000 businesses around the world use Comm100 for their conferencing and customer support chat needs. Comm100 was founded in July 2009. The first product was deployed to businesses in August 2009. Two years later, the company reached the 100,000-customer mark, in April 2011. For a while, all products and services were offered for free until the end of 2011. The company is a member of M3AAWG, which unites against messaging abuse. Also, the company has won several awards, including the silver "Best in Bids Awards 2013 International." The company also works very hard to maintain high-level uptime for customers. In 2014, the company received a pending patent for MaximumOn, which makes sure that chat data centers are always online. The company provides business communication tools that bolster a company's customer service and marketing abilities. We found that Comm100 Live Chat and Comm100 email marketing were the core products offered. The company develops its technologies from Microsoft, including ASP.Net, SQL servers, and Internet Information services.

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The Good

  • Features
  • Third-party applications
  • Triggers
  • Reporting
We looked very closely at Comm100's live chat features, in addition to taking a glance at their email marketing platforms. We found that the chat support was very friendly, providing certain core features necessary to any chat experience. We also felt that their email-marketing platform was a great way to bolster e-commerce. Comm100 has worked very hard to make sure that their product is highly integrated with third-party applications:
  • WordPress
  • GoToMeeting
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • Shopify
  • ZenDesk
  • SalesForce
  • Google Analytics
  • Magento
These third-party apps make it very easy for a business to streamline their approach to e-commerce. With Comm100 integrating with GoToMeeting, a live chat agent can share screenshots with the visitor and remotely control the visitor's desktop to help them with their needs. WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla are the most commonly used content management systems on the market, and it is very easy to embed the Comm100 code into your existing website. Google Analytics gives you a sleek approach to keeping track of interactions and conversions on your website. Google Analytics can be embedded into your chat, helping you track customer conversions. Finally, Shopfiy, Magento, and SalesForce make it sleek and easy to manage your e-commerce and CRM. Behavior-based chat triggers are built into Comm100's Live Chat tool. With the triggers, you can empower time-on-site chat invites and rule-based invites. The rule-based chat invites can be activated when a customer goes to the help page on your site. However, the rule-based auto invites are not included with the team-level subscription. We also liked the "whisper" and department features that are included with Comm100. You can chat with other agents while you are interacting with a customer. Rule-based chat invites also let you break your team of agents up into departments, routing your visitors to departments such as "sales," "customer care," and others. This helps you funnel your chats so that the best chat experience happens for customers. There are also major reporting and analysis features available, in addition to the integration of Comm100 with Google Analytics:
  • Chat agent metrics.
  • Missed and refused chats.
  • Customer rating report.
  • Online report for agents, including time and performance.
These reports are also downloadable. You can download these into a CSV file or other format so that you can easily gauge metrics for your agents and chats. Another feature that we liked about Comm100 was powerful email marketing solutions. We found that the email marketing also let you socialize with customers, with the integration of social media buttons for drawing customers to your social media pages.

The Bad

  • Cobrowsing
  • Video chat drawbacks
  • Limitations
There were a couple of concerns that we had with Comm100. We really wanted to see cobrowsing built into the chat platform and this wasn't included. Also, we felt like the high cost per chat agent could easily make Comm100 an expensive solution. Here is what is really missing with Comm100:
  • Built-in cobrowsing.
  • No video chat.
  • Low user cost.
With Comm100, cobrowsing is a core feature that is missing. Cobrowsing really lets an agent dig into the user chat experience by sharing screens in real time. It is often helpful in figuring out how to deploy a software product. The lack of cobrowsing is not directly addressed on the website, and Comm100 is supposed to include it in a "future release." We also were missing a good video chat experience. While the Zen Desk integration might support video chat with one of their third-party app providers, Comm100 needs to develop a video chat solution. File transfer is possible with Comm100, but video chat often enhances a chat by providing a powerful identify verification tool. With the team-level subscription, your business doesn't get access to the following features:
  • Rule-based auto invitation (an important trigger).
  • Department/Skill routing.
  • Post-Chat Customer Rating.
For the high price of Comm100, we would like to see these features included in all subscription levels.

The Bottom Line

Despite its limitations, we felt that Comm100 has some better solutions than the competition. We liked the eight different third-party integrations, which empower e-commerce and CRM experience for customers. We also liked the powerful trigger tools, even if behavior triggers were not included in the team subscription level. There is also file sharing included, which is a powerful feature. This lets customers get documentation from the chat manager. We also like the ability to route chats to agents and departments, including "whispering" to help agents with a particularly difficult chat. We would ultimately like to see a lower price for the team subscription level. For the missing features, your company might be better off selecting the higher-end subscription packages.
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