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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
Livecom, the precursor of Casengo, was founded back in 2003. Their founders are Floris and Thijs van der Veen, who originally launched Livecom. Their Livecom solution is aimed at large enterprises. The founders of Casengo developed the product to help small businesses. Companies including Philips, ABN AMRO, BMW, and others have used the platform utilized by Livecom and Casengo. Overall, Livecom and Casengo both are aimed at helping companies respond to their customers better. In 2011, the development team and Livecom started wondering about including small businesses in their proprietary web chat solution for businesses. The Casengo application was developed in 2012. The app has many integrations, being used easily with platforms such as Drupal, Magento, and WordPress. The Wordpress solution is a great fit for businesses because many websites now use the Wordpress proprietary platform. The company is based in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. The website for Casengo features several helpful blogs on topics that range from creating efficient chats to e-commerce. 

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The Good

  • Features
  • Functionalities
  • Integration
  • Transfers
Casengo, which is based out of the Netherlands, saw the need for small business access to live chat back in 2011-2012. When they rolled out their solution, derived from Livecom, they made the solution small, robust, and applicable to different platforms. For example, if you have a small WordPress website, it is easy to integrate the free version. Here are the features that we liked about Casengo:
  • You can scale your subscription to add or subtract agents as needed.
  • The knowledge base boosts self-service for online visitors.
  • There is a file share feature built right into the chat applet.
  • Easy live chat for WordPress, Magento, and Drupal.
  • Social media integration for Facebook and Twitter.
  • Mobility usage to take your customer support anywhere.
The basic version of Casengo lets 3 chat agents interact with customers who visit your website. The premium and enterprise version lets you add unlimited agents to your website. We like that the unlimited agent number with the premium version lets you "scale" your employees, without increasing your cost. Another feature that we liked about Casengo was the self-service functionality. When we used Casengo's chat feature, there was an online form that let us enter our specific need, which was responded to instantly. With Casengo, their support tools include unlimited FAQ and knowledge base integration for your website. The automated responses built into the chat solution often let customers answer their own questions before a human agent is required. We also liked the easy integration for WordPress, Magento, and Drupal. Casengo's WordPress plugin makes it easy to customize your themes for both platforms. While Casengo doesn't necessarily contain analytics for e-commerce, the Magento platform contains robust support to streamline the e-commerce experience for customers. Another feature of Casengo that we really liked was the ability to transfer to another agent. This is an important feature for escalation. If you have a senior agent on your team, they may be able to respond to the most difficult chat situation. Also, this gives your team the ability to split into "departments." If a customer has a billing question, they can be channeled to an appropriate agent. We also liked the labels and filters features associated with the chat history. This is a powerful tool that lets managers sort through chat history by categories and tags. When analyzing chat efficacy, this is an important tool to see how agents are doing their jobs.

The Bad

  • Limitations
  • Cobrowsing
  • Triggers
  • Video chat
While Casengo had some pretty robust features, the product lacked some basic functionality that we expect in a customer support solution. There are a few things that you cannot do in Casengo that are considered standard in other chat solutions. Here are some things that we would like to see in Casengo:
  • Cobrowsing/Screen-Sharing
  • Proactive Chat Triggers
  • Video Chat
We really want some cobrowsing functionality built into Casengo. One of the biggest needs for a robust customer support experience is to be able to see what they are seeing. Cobrowsing is a requirement in the chat industry to deliver robust, customized support. We also wanted to see some proactive chat triggers built into Casengo. Customers have to click on the chat applet for it to "pop up" on their browser. While the customer can drag the chat applet to different locations on the browser, it does not open automatically and start a chat on the help sections of a website. There is not a video chat feature built into Casengo. Other chat providers include a third-party solution for video chat. Video chat is an essential component of a robust customer support experience. We also had some questions about e-commerce reporting. While Casengo can integrate with Magento, we want to see some infographics or information on how to see the impact of live chat on e-commerce. We saw this information with other chat hosting platforms. We also didn't like the chat limitations for the lower-end subscriptions. With the basic subscription, your company can only use 100 chats per month. If your business were to suddenly take off, you would be at a disadvantage if you were to "burn" through your allotted chats very quickly. However, with the higher-end service levels, you can chat with as many customers as you would like.

The Bottom Line

We recommend Casengo for the small business that needs a quick chat fix for their website. We really were missing out on some important features, such as cobrowsing. Customers should be able to have access to the "hands-on" help that is empowered by cobrowsing. We also feel that there should be video chat included with any online chat experience.
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