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LAST UPDATED: April 9th, 2021

Zander Insurance Group was founded in 1927 and has been providing service to customers for more than 80 years. The life insurance agency specializes in term life insurance, disability insurance, identity theft protection, health insurance, long-term care insurance, auto insurance, home insurance, and business insurance. It also offers similar products and employee benefit plans to businesses. These additional offerings can be helpful for people who are interested in purchasing more than just life insurance coverage.

Zander Insurance is one of America's largest insurance brokerages. Zander is heavily endorsed by Dave Ramsey , a financial advice expert.

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The Good

  • Instant Quote
  • Thorough Website
  • Application Process
  • High Financial Strength Ratings

Instant Quote

Zander's website has instant quotes available. All you have to do is fill out a simple form that includes questions like your date of birth, coverage amount, length of term, and your health class. The coverage amount is the death benefit amount that will be paid to your beneficiary. It can be used to cover final expenses, pay of debt, and offer income to your dependents.

After filling out the short form, you receive an instant life insurance quote on a term policy that allows you to get an idea of what your insurance policy would cost and the benefits offered with the insurance coverage and peace of mind.

Thorough Website

Zander has an extensive website that provides a lot of information for its customers. The company has a blog that is separated into different insurance categories, and each of them include blog posts written based upon commonly asked questions.

Application Process

Once you view the life insurance quote for premium payments online, you can choose to apply and buy life insurance through Zander Insurance.

Most life insurers complete an underwriting process before an applicant is approved. Some life insurance companies require a medical exam for their policies in their underwriting guidelines. Others offer life plans that do not require a medical exam and base the underwriting on a health questionnaire. Life insurance rates for these policies tend to be higher, and there's limited opportunity to qualify to pay a lower monthly premium rate.

Keep this underwriting information in mind as you consider term life plans from multiple insurers through Zander Insurance.

High Financial Strength Ratings

Zander Insurance only represents life insurers with the highest A.M. Best financial strength ratings, which means that Zander clients can be confident when purchasing a life policy. Financial strength ratings indicate a life insurance company's ability to meet its claims obligations. The higher the rating, the more stable the insurance provider. Policyholders can trust that their claims will be met because Zander Insurance works with financially strong insurance companies.


The Bad

  • Limited Options
  • Contact Information Required

Limited Options

Life insurance shoppers can only purchase a term life insurance policy through Zander. Those seeking permanent life insurance, will need to consider another insurance company with a wider range of insurance plans to find the kind of policy they want.

Contact Information Required

Zander Insurance requires contact information before you can see life insurance quotes and start applying for life insurance through Zander. This can be inconvenient for shoppers who are still in the research stage, and there are other sites that do not require contact information before showing term life insurance products and quotes on insurance premiums.


The Bottom Line

Overall, Zander Insurance seems to be a good option for individuals seeking a term life insurance product. It only works with life insurance companies with high financial strength ratings, which means that buyers can confidently purchase one of Zander Insurance's term life insurance products.

The company also has a thorough website that makes it simple to find answers to common questions and offers instant quotes. However, site users must provide contact information before viewing quotes. Other sites do not require contact information before showing quotes.

With Zander Insurance, you can easily request an application online. However, Zander only provides term life insurance, which is a drawback if you are interested in a permanent policy. Before choosing to work with Zander, read customer reviews and compare it to similar companies.

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Todd R Austin, TX

I should have known there was an issue immediately when I started getting calls from 2 different salesmen who didn’t know the other was calling. Then, when my policy was sent to me from Banner, there was incorrect information that I wanted corrected. Zander, when they actually communicated, was probing for more and more information on behalf of he underwriter for a colonoscopy that never happened. I’ve never had a colonoscopy. I was asked twice “Are you sure you’re not just forgetting?” Who forgets a colonoscopy?! Then they started asking about polyps being removed. That never happened either. The communication with Zander was awful. Given how upset I was that I was being treated like a criminal, I would have thought someone would have picked up the phone and called, instead of waiting on me to answer questions in an email I never saw. God awful customer service and a God awful experience. Now I’m questioning the ID theft protection I signed up for.

2 years ago

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Theresa P Orlando, FL

Run run as fast as you can. I have three life insurance. I called Zander up to ask about replacing and consolidating. They had me do a medical exam. afterwards they gave me a quote for a $400,000 policy. I had requested a $900,000 policy. They had the nerve to tell me I could not have a higher policy than my husband. After I did the medical exam. Because he had a higher income than me. He is uninsurable due to health reasons. He had a group policy through work so that became my cap, as far as Zander is concerned. Way to act like it's 1920 Zander.

2 years ago

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