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LAST UPDATED: November 3rd, 2020

Quotacy offers instant price quotes after filling out a brief application without requiring contact information for term life insurance. The experts look at different policy options from several life insurance providers to find the best deal for their clients on term and permanent life insurance policies.

Quotacy, founded in 2014, brings consumers a simple way to buy life insurance online. It is a life insurance brokerage agency that helps clients compare quotes from multiple companies to find the best policy.

Quotacy may be a new name, but those behind it are experts in life insurance. Over the last 25 years, it has helped the very healthy and those facing serious medical challenges find a life policy by comparing options from several insurance companies.

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The Good

  • Quotes from Multiple Companies
  • Clients Are First
  • Best Fit Life Insurance
  • Available Nationwide
  • Complimentary LegacyShield Account
  • Additional Insurance Help

Quotes from Multiple Companies

Customers interested in a term life insurance policy or a permanent life insurance policy can receive help from Quotacy. Term life insurance lasts a set period of time. Quotes for term policies are easy to view online using Qutacy's life insurance quote tool.

With this tool, site visitors can input some demographic information to view term policy rate estimates for monthly premiums. To view insurance plans and more specific rates for premiums, site visitors can fill out additional information. Visitors will then see several similar life insurance plans from different companies for a life insurance comparison.

At this point, Quotacy's quoting tool merges with its application process, and visitors can select an insurance policy and apply. This merged process simplifies the life insurance premiums quote and buying process.

Whole life insurance quotes are not available online. Whole life insurance offers permanent coverage and cash value growth at a guaranteed rate. You can access the cash value while living.

If you're interested in a whole life policy, you'll need to schedule a call with a Quotacy agent.

Quotacy insurance agents are independent. Once customers indicate which life insurance policies they are interested in, the agents offer quotes from partner life insurance companies for you to compare.

The agents work directly with the life insurance companies, which cuts the hassle of customers independently reaching out to several life insurance companies to get quotes.

This process makes it easy for you to compare life insurance policies, premium costs, term length, available riders, and evaluate the long term benefit or a policy. It's easy to find affordable life insurance with Quotacy.

It also helps you find the best life insurance policy that meets your needs.

Below are a few of the insurance companies that Quotacy works with:

  • AIG
  • Ameritas
  • Mass Mutual
  • Nationwide
  • Voya Financial
  • Prudential
  • Pacific Life

Clients Are First

Quotacy insurance agents are not paid based on the number of sales they make. Customers can rely on advice from Quotacy insurance agents because they are not biased towards any life insurance company and are able to put the clients' best interests first.

The de-emphasis on sales enhances each insurance agent's ability to offer quality customer service.

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Customer Review: Renee Soltis

"Excellent cutomer service knew their poroduct and kept me informed through the entire buying process"

Best Fit Life Insurance

The Quotacy team is dedicated to helping each of its clients find the insurance policy that best meets their coverage and budget needs.

Life insurance rates are determined through underwriting. Underwriting categorizes life insurance applicants into risk classes. Each risk class has a different rate for the same coverage amount and insurance policy.

Underwriting considers your lifestyle, health, and other factors. Fully underwritten life insurance policies require a medical exam.

Some insurers underwrite health conditions like diabetes more favorably than others. Working with a Quotacy agent, you may be able to find an insurer that will place you in a more favorable rate class.  In some cases you may end up with a better life insurance rate. However, Quotacy's focus on finding the best fit from the coverage options, is a more comprehensive approach that makes it stand out in the industry.

Available Nationwide

Quotacy helps clients from all over the United States find the right insurance policy by evaluating and comparing life insurance policies from several insurance companies in order to find the best monthly premium cost for the desired coverage.

No matter where you live or if you're interested in a term life policy or permanent policy, Quotacy can help you evaluate life insurance rates and plan options.

Complimentary LegacyShield Account

Quotacy also offers a complimentary LegacyShield account that its clients can use to store their will, life insurance policy information, and other financial documents in one place to make it easy for your loved ones to access and fulfill your last wishes.

You can also use your account to store your personal history, memories, and photographs.

Additional Insurance Help

In addition to helping consumers find the best life insurance carrier and insurance coverage for themselves, Quotacy also helps customers with quotes for disability insurance.

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The Bad

  • Limited Customer Insight
  • Doesn’t Work With All Life Insurance Companies
  • Doesn't Offer Universal Life Insurance

Limited Customer Insight

While Quotacy has received a fair number of reviews on Best Company, it has not received enough to draw conclusions about the customer experience. However, it's promising that Quotacy's reviews are mostly positive.

Doesn’t Work with All Life Insurance Companies

While Quotacy works with many reliable and well-known life insurance companies, it doesn't work with all insurance providers. If a potential client is interested in a specific company, they may have to reach out directly to that company.

Working with Quotacy is an easy way to broaden a life insurance search even when combined with a customer's independent efforts.

Doesn't Offer Universal Life Insurance

While Quotacy helps clients buy term and whole life insurance, those interested in universal life insurance coverage will need to work with another agency or insurer.


The Bottom Line

A life insurance policy is an important way to protect your loved ones' finances. Purchasing life insurance can offer peace of mind because the death benefit gives the beneficiaries money that can help pay for funeral expenses, lingering debt (like a mortgage or student loans), and take care of dependents.

Be sure to list a trusted individual as your beneficiary who will use the funds wisely. List more than one beneficiary just in case.

Quotacy is a great way for people looking for a life policy with the best coverage and price for their financial situation. Its agents are familiar with the life insurance industry and understand how underwriting works. This makes Quotacy an especially helpful company because it can help people with health conditions find the right insurance policy and most favorable insurance company for them. Its products and services are high quality. It is a trusted life insurance agency.

Quotacy helps customers get quotes from multiple life insurance carriers without the hassle of sales calls. Clients can fill out an online application and work directly with an independent agent to find the best policy.

Quotacy agents help their clients from start to finish and assist with beneficiary updates and questions even after the policy is purchased. Customers can trust Quotacy agents to put their interests first because they are salaried, so they are not paid based on the number of insurance policy sales they make.

While Quotacy doesn't work with every life insurance company, it does work with many trusted and well-known life insurers. Working with Quotacy will help clients consider all of their options for the kind of life insurance policy they are looking for.

If you want to compare life insurance policies and quotes and consider multiple options before you purchase life insurance, Quotacy is an excellent choice.

Whether you are looking for term life insurance coverage or a permanent policy, Quotacy agents can help you find good coverage.

Quotacy is a trusted choice when looking for life insurance quotes from multiple companies. If you are buying life insurance and want to find the best deal for your situation, Quotacy is a great option.

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CindyD Chicago, IL

Absolute scam - don't even waste your time filling out their application. When I filled out my application, quotes ranged from $350 to $900 across maybe 10 companies. When I submitted that I'd like to purchase, suddenly, the lowest price was just shy of $1,700 - a nearly 500% markup. This is for a 30 y/o male nonsmoker with no health conditions, so don't let them convince you that it had anything to do with personal specifics; it's strictly a bait and switch scam.

3 years ago

Quotacy Logo

Reply from Quotacy

Hi Cindy, Thank you for your feedback. I'm sorry your experience was not a positive one, and that we were unable to find you coverage for the price you wanted. We looked at pricing for you with all our carriers based on the health and lifestyle information you provided us, and unfortunately that was the best rate we could find for you at this time. We strive to provide accurate quotes in order to set realistic expectations before you choose to formally apply with the insurance company. Although the price was higher, we could have communicated the reasons for the difference in a better way. Again, I'm sorry we were not able to provide a more favorable outcome for you. I know that Renee reached out to you and the feedback you gave her on the phone was very helpful. We will use this in the future to improve our communication. If you would like to discuss this further you can contact our team at 844-786-8229. Thank you, Abby

Mar. 3rd, 2020