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Last Updated: September 1st, 2020

Maybe you just bought a house.

Maybe you just got married.

Maybe you're worried about paying for your parents' funerals.

Life insurance is how you can help secure your family's financial stability. The coverage amount and policy type you choose will vary based on your purpose, needs, and goals. As you start to research your options, you'll find this resource list useful. I've gathered some of the best articles on the following life insurance topics:

Understanding life insurance

Once you understand how life insurance works and its terminology, you can make confident decisions about what you need as you explore your options.

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Types of life insurance

Life insurance falls into two categories: temporary and permanent life insurance. These policies meet different needs and goals. For example, term life insurance can be a good option if you just want to cover debt. Permanent life insurance is great if you want lifelong coverage. 

Life insurance policies can also be customized with riders to provide additional coverage or protect your policy. Some insurers include some riders in their policies as features while others offer them a la carte. Learn more about policy types and riders to see what might fit your situation best:

Term life insurance

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Whole life insurance

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Universal life insurance

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Final expense insurance

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Policy riders

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Buying life insurance

When you're ready to buy life insurance, you should understand the application and underwriting processes. Knowing what to expect will help you navigate the process. Some life insurance policies are guaranteed acceptance or do not require full underwriting. These policies can be bought online. If you want more guidance through the application process or a fully underwritten policy, you can work with an independent agent or directly with the insurer.

Applications and underwriting

Purchase methods

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