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LAST UPDATED: April 26th, 2022

Personal injury claims can be complex and confusing to navigate. Midwest Injury Lawyers was founded to help victims sort through the red legal tape and insurance roadblocks. Insurance companies receive professional and experienced legal advice which means individual victims need someone on the case that can provide the same for them and advocate to recoup damages. 

Midwest Injury Lawyers was founded by personal injury professionals Chester L. Cameron and Samuel R. Carl. Cameron received his Juris Doctorate from the University of Arkansas School of Law and is authorized to practice law in courts in both Indiana and Illinois. Carl earned his Juris Doctor from Depual’s College of Law and passed the Illinois State Bar in 2011. Together, Cameron and Carl cover a number of personal injury claims practice areas. 

Individuals who have been the victim of a traumatic experience and looking for help can get practical legal advice from Midwest Injury Lawyers. The team will provide counsel including if and how the case would be approached. If the Midwest Injury Lawyers are unable to provide service, victims will be pointed in the right direction for help. 

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The Good

  • Several Personal Injury Practice Areas
  • Service Payment
  • Case Building Process
  • Giving Back

Personal Injury Practice Areas

As a dedicated personal injury law firm, the Midwest Injury Lawyers provide comprehensive legal services to victims of a wide range of personal injury cases. While most personal injury firms provide assistance in the even of car accidents, motorcycle accident, and medical malpractice suits, the Midwest Injury Lawyers are experienced in helping clients in the lesser known spaces of personal injury including:

  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Brain injury accidents
  • Dog bite incidents
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Nursing home incidents
  • Wrongful deaths
  • Construction accidents
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Trucking accidents

While the Midwest Injury Lawyers will effectively handle the more traditional personal injury cases, the firm also handles these lesser known practice areas. 

Service Payment

Many personal injury victims never seek out legal help as the idea of paying insurmountable legal fees prevents them from doing so. To alleviate this fear, the Midwest Injury Lawyers do not charge clients a penny unless the case is won on their behalf. Midwest Injury Lawyers only accept cases on a contingency basis. This means that clients will never have to pay for legal services from their own bank account.

The Midwest Injury Lawyers will take a percentage of the damages won in the event that the case falls in favor of the client. By setting up the payment structure this way, Midwest Injury Lawyers allow anyone in need of legal service regardless of their financial situation to access the legal help they need.

Case Building Process

Each law firm approaches personal injury claims a little differently. Midwest Injury Lawyers utilize a five step process that helps clients understand the legal proceedings and what the available options are. This is how the Midwest Injury Lawyers handle cases:

  • Initial Consultation — Before any agreement is reached between client and attorney, the Midwest Injury Lawyers provide a free consultation and case evaluation to every victim looking for help. During this first meeting, all parties involved can determine whether or not the firm can be of service.
  • Case Investigation — In the event of an accident, insurance companies will immediately dispatch their own investigative team to gather pertinent information. Victims need this same help, which is what the Midwest Injury Lawyers can provide. The legal team will collect necessary evidence to determine responsibility and fault.
  • Contract/Agreement — Following the investigation, the client determines whether or not they want the Midwest Injury Lawyers to continue their work. If they decide this is the best firm for them, all parties will sign a contingency fee agreement. This means that the client only pays for legal services in the even that the case is won in their favor. The fee for legal services will be paid based on a percentage of the recovered damages.
  • Insurance Settlement — The case may or may not end in this stage of the process. The Midwest Injury Lawyers will submit a claim or make a demand to the insurer of the person responsible. In the event that the insurance company complies and pays fair value for the settlement, the case ends. If not, the Midwest Injury Lawyers will continue to advocate and fight for a fair settlement. 

Final Damages

If a settlement was not agreed to, the legal team with Midwest Injury Lawyers will conduct further discussions with the client to go over all remaining options. This can include filing an additional lawsuit to collect damages owed. 

Many law firms will stop work if the initial settlement is not reached, but that is not the case with the Midwest Injury Lawyers. The firm will continue to explore all avenues on behalf of the client. Additionally, the client will not pay any legal fees until a satisfactory settlement is reached. 

Giving Back

One thing that sets the Midwest Injury Lawyers apart from other firms is the fact that it regularly gives back to the community. A portion of all personal firm earnings is donated to several non-profits. The firm currently has relationships and donates to Meals on Wheels of Chicago and the Bright Promises Foundation. 


The Bad

  • Service Area
  • Staff Size

Service Area

For the most part, Samuel Carl handles the Illinois cases and Chester Cameron manages the cases in Indiana. While there may be some collaboration on personal injury claims, that is generally how the firm’s service area breaks down.

Larger personal injury firms that employ a larger legal team generally have the ability to service clients in more states/courthouses. Unfortunately, the Midwest Injury Lawyers are unable to take on cases outside of Illinois and Indiana. 

Staff Size

While Midwest Injury Lawyers is dedicated to providing thorough legal services in each client’s case, there is a limit as to what the firm can take on. Currently, there are only two lawyers on staff that can represent clients. This drastically limits the number of clients and cases the Midwest Injury Lawyers can take on. Larger personal injury firms can manage more cases at any given time so client intake will be based on availability with smaller firms like Midwest Injury Lawyers.


The Bottom Line

The attorneys at Midwest Injury Lawyers are able to provide in-depth investigative and legal work on behalf of clients in need of personal injury counsel. The firm provides comprehensive personal injury legal services and only charges if the client wins their case. The Midwest Injury Lawyers have created an efficient case building process that allows for each case to receive the attention and investigation needed to be successful. Lastly, the firm makes it a point to participate in regular charitable giving efforts. 

Drawbacks of the Midwest Injury Lawyers include a limited service area and a rather small legal team. If neither of those items are drawbacks for potential clients, Midwest Injury Lawyers may be a viable option.

Victims in an accident looking for help to take on experienced insurance companies may find the Midwest Injury Lawyers to be of great service. Potential clients can take advantage of the free consultation to determine whether or not the firm can represent their case effectively. 

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