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LAST UPDATED: May 12th, 2022

Marble is working to change how legal teams interact with clients, allowing for constant communication and case updates. Founded in 2020, Marble created a new way to connect clients in need of professional legal services with attorneys. With courtrooms and trials turning to Zoom to remain in operation, Marble decided to update how attorneys and clients worked together. 

Currently, Marble provides a range of legal services in 12 different states. Prospective clients can start the process online and continue to receive case updates from any smart device. Each client will have access to their own personal legal team as they maneuver whatever legal obstacles lay ahead. 

Marble works to help clients move forward. Even though the firm itself is relatively new to the industry, the attorneys practicing are experienced lawyers and legal professionals. Clients can quickly get in touch with a lawyer who fits their needs almost instantly.


The Good

  • Practice Areas
  • Legal Team Size
  • Case Management
  • Communication and Transparency 

Practice Areas

Due to the structure of Marble’s legal team, the firm has found a way to service and help clients in a number of different practice areas. The expertise provided by Marble’s attorneys provide a comprehensive legal service to clients across various state lines. Practice areas include the following:

  • Family Law — divorce, child custody and visitation, and alimony and spousal support cases
  • Employment Law — discrimination, workplace harassment, and wrongful termination cases
  • Criminal Defense — drug and alcohol offenses, theft, and vandalism cases
  • Traffic Infringements — DUI, SWI, and driving offenses
  • Immigration Law — citizenship, green card, and work visa or permit cases 
  • Estate Planning — wills and trusts 
  • Tax — tax relief and liens charges

By offering such a wide range of legal services across the country, Marble is able to service a wide range of clients’ needs.

Legal Team Size

The vast majority of law firms are relatively small in size and service a very specific geographical area. Due to state bar requirements, law firms usually only service one state and in many cases, law firms only offer services in certain counties and courthouses. This is not the case with Marble as its proprietary service has a larger reach than most law firms. 

Marble is contracted out with over 200 lawyers who can service clients in 12 different states. With this size of a legal staff, Marble is able to take on more cases and help more clients than the traditional law firm can. 

Currently, Marble can service clients in the following states: California, Colorado, New York, Texas, Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Georgia, New Jersey, Virginia, Massachusetts, and Michigan. 

Case Management

Each client’s case is managed by their own personal and dedicated legal team. More often than not with other law firms, a client only has access to one lawyer or professional familiar with their case. With Marble, clients can potentially communicate with their entire legal team, which includes a case manager, paralegal, and attorney. Together, these professionals are able to address the concerns of each client and advocate for their case.

Communication and Transparency

Marble prides itself on providing open lines of communication directly to each client. Through an online portal, clients can message or contact attorneys directly and their dedicated legal team can respond in due time. Clients can receive updates on their case and see what work is being done on their behalf.

This transparency eliminates some of the confusion clients often experience while navigating the legal process. Generally, law firms will have to call clients directly or clients will need to set up appointments to be in contact with their attorney. With Marble, communication is always available. 


The Bad

  • Middle Man Service
  • Fees and Payments 

Middle Man Service

Marble pairs clients with attorneys in a specified practice area. These Marble case managers are essentially glorified salespeople acting as the middleman between clients and the actual legal team. By having this additional party involved in each case, many former clients have experienced miscommunications that have negatively impacted their case.

Traditionally, a law firm and client work together from the initial case set up throughout the remainder of the case. By introducing a middle man, communication avenues are sometimes compromised.  

Fees and Payments

One of the main selling points for Marble is the fact that the firm charges flat fee pricing. This allows clients to have a good idea of what services will cost them in order to use Marble throughout the duration of the case. Most law firms charge either a percentage of winnings or varying fees for a wide range of services. Marble has attempted to eliminate this uncertainty by charging flat rates for all services.

However, this has been a pain point for many former clients. Because clients are charged on a monthly basis, clients have paid months of legal fees with little to no work being done on their behalf. 

Additionally, many law firms will offer some sort of free consultation to clients. Since not every attorney or firm is an ideal fit for every client, this initial consultation allows all involved parties to determine if the case is a good fit. Marble does not offer this and instead charges up to $50 for just the initial welcome appointment. 


The Bottom Line

Marble provides comprehensive legal services in a world that is turning to technology for various forms of communication. Instead of traditionally meeting in an attorney’s office, Marble allows for clients to stay up to date on their case entirely online without having to leave the comfort of their own home.

Marble can help clients in 12 states and boasts a legal team that includes over 200 experienced professionals. With a dedicated legal team, each client has access to help and council as their case navigates the legal system. Lastly, clients are able to be in communication with their dedicated legal team all through the online platform.

Despite taking a modern approach to how legal services are administered, there are some things prospective clients should be aware of prior to enlisting help from Marble. Former clients have commonly complained that Marble is simply a middle man, charging desperate clients to connect them with attorneys. There have also been common complaints for charges to credit cards without any actual legal service being provided.

Considering past experiences and the relatively new approach to law, prospective clients should conduct thorough research prior to utilizing Marble. While Marble may offer high quality services in some cases, not everyone who has used the service has had a satisfactory experience.

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Raymond Levi San Diego, CA

What can I say about Marble? it's been my 2nd try with a law firm and unfortunately the first experience with another firm wasn't a positive one. I came across marble after searching for a divorce lawyer in my area. What caught my eye was that this is not an hourly fee engagement and I'll know exactly what the cost will be from day 1. In addition, being self-employed, I liked how everything was remote and virtual. Lisa my lawyer is attentive to my needs and I'm confident in her abilities to get me the best outcome. The entire team was communicative to my needs. I wish I could afford more because there's more I need to get done.. grateful for what I got thus far.

4 days ago

star star star star star

Sam Leon Louisville, KY

My experience with Marble was excellent. I easily got through to the initial consultation, and they were very straightforward and thorough. My attorney has been the main point of contact, although all other teams at Marble were there to answer my questions or help me with my payments as well. I am approaching the end of the process and can say it's been as smooth as it can given the circumstances.

5 days ago

star star star star star

Madelyn Wingert New York, NY

I found marble law at a time in my life that was very confusing and dramatic. from my first call with a lawyer I was reassured and felt like I was in good hands. I never thought having to deal with legal issues can be this easy, human and quick.

4 days ago