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LAST UPDATED: July 26th, 2022

James Kontos is a criminal defense attorney who operates in Rockledge, Florida and helps those accused within Brevard and Orange Counties. Kontos founded his firm in 1995 and exclusively handles criminal defense and other criminal-related charges. Kontos has over three decades of experience in handling criminal-related cases. 

Throughout his career, Kontos has been involved in cases at both the state and federal court levels. The James Kontos firm is managed entirely by Kontos himself. All cases will be handled directly by Kontos from intake until a final result is reached. Cases are never passed onto a less-experienced attorney.

Each client that James Kontos takes on will receive open and clear communication throughout all proceedings. Depending on charges and other case dealings, Kontos will work with each client to pursue the ideal outcome for the the circumstances.

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The Good

  • Wide Variety of Practice Areas
  • Confidential Case Evaluation
  • Criminal Defense Strategies
  • Plea Bargains

Wide Variety of Practice Areas

For a small private practice, James Kontos services a number of case types. Those charged with the following crimes will be able to utilize Kontos’s expertise:

  • Felony charges
  • DUI
  • Out-of-state charges
  • Record expunction
  • Sexual assault charges
  • Probation violation charges

Kontos has more than 30 years of experience defending those accused with these types of charges. In comparison to other small practices, Kontos is well-versed in a number of areas of practice. 

Confidential Case Evaluation

Before any agreement takes place, James Kontos will personally go over a potential client’s charge(s) and determine the best path forward. All information disclosed in these meetings is entirely confidential, protecting the accused. In this case evaluation, Kontos will discuss potential strategies and outcomes based on current case understanding.

From there, the client will be able to determine whether Kontos is the right fit for them. While many law firms offer an initial evaluation, few are as adamant about keeping information confidential throughout the beginning stages of defense. 

Criminal Defense Strategies

Depending on the severity of charges and the evidence presented, Kontos can utilize a number of criminal defense strategies. Common criminal defense strategies include the following:

  • Procedural Defense Strategies — Kontos will ensure that the evidence obtained by the prosecution and law enforcement officially were conducted properly and legally through executed warrants and searches. 
  • Expert Cross-Examination — For each case, Kontos will conduct independent and thorough investigations to ensure all necessary information is gathered.
  • Exculpatory Evidence Gathering — During this stage of the investigation, Kontos will make sure that all evidence that can dispute the prosecution’s case is collected and alternatives for the crime can be accurately presented. 

Plea Bargains

Kontos prioritizes discussing all potential outcomes with his clients. In some cases, a plea bargain allows for the best possible outcome. Kontos has engaged in a number of plea bargain negotiations over the course of his career. He has successfully negotiated plea bargains that have kept his clients out of jail and major convictions left off of the record. 


The Bad

  • Small Firm 
  • Limited Service Area

Small Firm 

Currently, James Kontos works as a sole practitioner in his law firm. As the sole practitioner, he will manage each case beginning with the initial case evaluation all the way through to the dismissal of charges or until the verdict is read.

While there are benefits to this level of attention and detail to each case, the number of cases Kontos can take on and successfully manage is fewer than those of larger criminal defense firms in the state and nationally. 

Limited Service Area

While James Kontos has been involved in cases in Virginia, Louisiana, and Oklahoma, his firm solely services those charged in the state of Florida. More specifically, Kontos takes on cases in the Brevard and Orange County areas.


The Bottom Line

James Kontos provides services to those charged with criminal dealings in Florida. Kontos can help clients charged with both state and federal crimes. The areas of practice that Kontos covers include criminal felony charges, DUI, and other serious crimes. Each interested client will be able to take advantage of a confidential case evaluation free of charge. This process will determine if Kontos is able and well-suited for the case. Each client will receive undivided attention as criminal defense strategies are discussed. Additionally, where a plea bargain is more appropriate, Kontos can help facilitate that avenue as well.

Before any client charged with a criminal offense decides to enlist the services of James Kontos, it should be noted that the firm is entirely run by Kontos with no other attorneys on staff. Additionally, the service area is restricted to Brevard and Orange Counties in Florida. 

Those facing serious criminal-related charges that fall within the practice areas of Kontos and have been charged in Brevard or Orange County should take advantage of the initial consultation with James Kontos to discuss legal assistance. 

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