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LAST UPDATED: August 5th, 2022

Gibson Family Law provides family and divorce legal services designed to provide necessary assistance to those undergoing difficult personal transitions. Throughout the entire process, Gibson Family Law provides its clients with the support, guidance, and advocacy required to assist those as they navigate a divorce or separation. Divorce and other family-related legal services can be difficult to navigate, but Gibson Family Law will provide the experience and counsel needed during these tumultuous times. 

Gibson Family Law was founded by attorney Susan Gibson who has solely practiced family law for the last 15 years. Gibson is well-versed in handling cases throughout Philadelphia, helping clients pick and choose the most important battles in each case. She attended The Catholic University of America, Columbus School of Law and has bar admissions with the following: Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, The United States District Court, Eastern District of Pennsylvania, Supreme Court of the United States, and the United States Tax Court. 

Family law covers multiple avenues and Gibson Family Law is well-equipped to handle them. Whether clients are needing assistance through trying divorce proceedings, custody disputes, or even abuse situations, Susan Gibson has successfully handled all of these types of cases. 

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The Good

  • Specific Practice Areas
  • Positive Case Results
  • Online Management

Specific Practice Areas

As a specialized family law firm, Gibson Family Law offers a wide range of practice areas covering most client needs. More specifically, Susan Gibson is well-versed and has handled cases in need of these specific focuses. Practice areas of the Gibson Family Law include the following:

  • Divorce proceedings 
  • Equitable distribution
  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Spousal support/alimony
  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Postnuptial agreements
  • Domestic partnerships cohabitation
  • LGBTQ+ divorce

Most “family law” firms heavily focus on divorce and legal separation cases. Gibson Family Law understands that family law pertains to more than just divorce and has an expanded area of expertise. 

Positive Case Results

While case results are not necessarily a guarantee of how a future case will be resolved, it is an accurate measurement to determine past successes in an effort to find the best legal team for a client’s specific case. To date, Gibson Family Law has garnered a number of glowing case results resulting in desired results on behalf of the client.

While other family law firms likely have similar glowing case results, what stands out about the Gibson Family Law successes is the fact that clients have found Susan Gibson goes the extra mile to ensure all needs are met in a satisfactory manner. 

Online Management

The online portal available to Gibson Family Law clients provides an easy access point to track progress, manage payments, and even schedule appointments. Many family law practices will still require a great deal of in-person time with traditional billing and scheduling formats.

Gibson Family Law understands that clients going through difficult family proceedings have other responsibilities that may take precedence. By offering an online portal for communication and updated results or progress allows clients the flexibility needed during these particularly difficult times. 


The Bad

  • Counties Serviced
  • Firm Size
  • New Practice

Counties Serviced

Like many law firms, Gibson Family Law is restricted to a particular service area. Currently, Gibson Family Law offers services and legal services in Bucks County and Montgomery County, both located in Pennsylvania. Outside of this area, Gibson Family Law will not be able to take on the case.

Larger family law practices in the area are able to cover a larger geographical service area representing a greater portion of the state. This is not the case for Gibson Family Law. 

Firm Size

In an effort to provide a more individualized and dedicated service, Susan Gibson left a larger family law practice to open her own firm. Currently, Susan Gibson is the only practicing attorney and it does not appear that there is much additional support staff, if any. While size of a firm does not predict success, it does determine how many cases can be managed at any given time. With only one attorney on staff, Gibson Family Law may be limited in how many cases can be managed at a particular point in time. 

New Practice

While attorney Susan Gibson herself has plenty of experience having worked for a much larger family law firm, the Gibson Family Law firm is very much still in its infancy. There is a difference between taking on a large caseload with a large law firm backing those efforts and running a practice entirely on your own.

This does not mean that Gibson Family Law is not well-equipped to handle difficult cases, it just means that it may be experiencing growing pains that are common among new practices. 


The Bottom Line

Gibson Family Law provides legal services to those needing help in divorce, separation, or other family disputes. With Susan Gibson at the helm, the firm specializes in a number of family law practice areas including divorce, child support, and alimony needs. To date, the Gibson Family Law Firm has accumulated a number of positive reviews with case results proving the effectiveness of Susan Gibson. Clients that decide to utilize Gibson Family Law for their case will be able to conduct many necessary tasks all through the online management portal. 

While Gibson Family Law has undoubtedly proven its effectiveness, there are limitations that potential clients should be aware of. First, the law firm solely practices in Bucks County and Montgomery County in Pennsylvania. Outside of this area, Gibson Family Law will not be able to take on the case.

Additionally, Susan Gibson is the only practicing attorney for the Gibson Family Law firm, limiting the potential case load. Lastly, Gibson Family Law, while led by an experienced attorney, is still in its infancy having been founded in 2021. 

Those in need of a knowledgeable family law attorney looking for personalized service and open communication throughout the duration of the case would likely benefit from what Gibson Family Law offers its clients. 

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