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LAST UPDATED: June 25th, 2021

Dr. Phillip Hoopes moved his practice to the Salt Lake City area from Kansas City in 2000, and Hoopes Vision was born. The clinic has become one of the premier providers of LASIK surgery in Utah and was awarded the “Best of State” award for eye care in 2018.

During LASIK surgery, a computer-guided laser reshapes the patient’s cornea. The procedure is an effective treatment for both nearsighted and farsighted patients, as well as those who deal with astigmatism and presbyopia (the inability to focus up close, usually due to age).

While LASIK surgery was developed in the 1990s, it has continued to evolve with new and improved methods and technology. Due to these advancements, some prospective patients who may have been turned away years ago, can now benefit from the procedure. 

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The Good

  • More Than 80,000 Procedures Performed
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Educational Resources
  • Financing Options
  • Robust Website

More Than 80,000 Procedures Performed

Hoopes Vision’s team of surgeons has performed more than 80,000 LASIK and PRK procedures. The clinic prides itself in offering the most cutting-edge technology and services. Potential patients who feel hesitant about putting their eyesight into another person’s hands can trust that the doctors at Hoopes Vision have the experience to answer questions and resolve concerns.

Surgeons at Hoopes Vision are skilled at blade-free LASIK and wavefront-optimized LASIK procedures, as well as PRK. This is great news for patients who are not candidates for standard LASIK surgery. 

Lifetime Guarantee

Hoopes Vision is confident that you will have a great result from your lasik surgery, and that confidence is reflected in its lifetime “See Clearly Guarantee” at no additional charge. 

The company promises that your vision will be 20/25 or better within the 12-month post-operative period, or it will refund the entire cost of the procedure. Eligibility requirements and limitations are clearly outlined on the company’s website.

Educational Resources

Dr. Hoopes first published “LASIK: A Guide for Patients and Their Families” in 2000, and the downloadable ebook is now in its 11th edition. The book is consistently updated to reflect the most up-to-date information on LASIK surgery.

Interested patients can download the ebook for free from the Hoopes Vision website or contact the clinic for a paper copy.

Financing Options

One of the first questions people ask about LASIK surgery is how much it will cost. While some patients may be able to pay the full out-of-pocket cost, Hoopes Vision acknowledges that LASIK surgery presents a significant financial hurdle for some people. The clinic offers four suggestions for maximizing payment options: 

  • Care Credit — Several plans are available, including no-interest financing for 12, 24, or 60 months. Details about financing are available on the company’s website.
  • Medical Savings Accounts — If you have a Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flex Spending Account (FSA), your vision correction surgery may qualify as an eligible expense. Verify the details of your coverage with your insurance provider. 
  • Tax Deduction — LASIK is a tax-deductible medical expense, as determined by the IRS. However, we recommend confirming this information with your accountant or tax preparation specialist. 
  • Credit Cards — Hoopes Vision accepts most credit cards. This may be a good option for patients who have a credit card with very favorable terms and rates.

Robust Website

The company’s website is designed with the customer in mind. Whether you are interested in learning more about vision improving procedures in general or Hoopes Vision in particular, you’re sure to find what you are looking for. The website features clearly labeled tabs that offer in depth information about procedures, technology, financing, and more.


The Bad

  • Only 1 Location

Only 1 Location

Hoopes Vision has only one location in Draper, Utah. Unfortunately, this may be a deterrent for interested patients. 

The company has provided an incentive for out-of-towners, however. If your travel to the clinic requires an overnight stay, Hoopes Vision has contracted a discounted rate with local hotels. More information is available on the company’s website. Simply visit the Resources tab on the website's homepage and click on Patient Concierge.


The Bottom Line

Hoopes Vision has established itself as a leader in the LASIK surgery industry. It features a team of experienced surgeons who have performed thousands of successful procedures. The vision center’s website provides extensive information on LASIK procedures, technology used during surgery, and financing options. 

Unfortunately, Hoopes Vision has only one location in Draper, Utah. If this location is not convenient for you, you should explore other LASIK providers. 

If you’re considering LASIK surgery and can travel to its one location, we recommend you visit Hoopes Vision for a free consultation. 

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Pauline Causse Provo, UT

I decided to get LASIK surgery at Hoopes Vision because my brother had had a good experience there. They explained everything and answered all the questions I had. The day of happened very smoothly, and I have been going back every few weeks/months for follow up appointments (for a year after the surgery). Overall a great experience

7 months ago

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Jeff Curtis Mapleton, UT

I had a consultation where the doctor made a couple disparaging remarks that made me lose confidence in him and convinced me to look elsewhere

11 months ago