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    37% of ISP Reviews Are 1 Star: Here's Why
    We have 3,164 customer reviews in our Internet Service Provider category — 1,162 are 1 star. It’s frustrating for consumers: 50 million U.S. homes have just one 25 mbps service provider, if that. And 48 percent o...
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    How to Get Free (or Cheap) Internet Service
    Imagine your relief if you had one less utility to pay for. In some American families, this could make the difference between going hungry and putting more meals on the table. But with the internet becoming an essential tool ...
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    Your Guide to Finding (and Ditching) Internet When You Move
    When you’re moving, you have a thousand things on your to-do list and a hundred surprise fees. For some people, finding a new internet service provider can be the worst part. Settling into your new place is much easier ...
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    How to Improve Wi-Fi and Internet Speed in an Apartment
    Your Wi-Fi typically gets the job done, but at 5 p.m. on a Friday night in your apartment complex, with your roommates blasting a movie with ten of their closest friends in the other room, you can’t seem to get any conn...
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    Century Link vs Cox vs Xfinity 2019 Review
    Everyone wants the best internet service at the best possible price. As the industry develops, the technology changes and allows for faster and faster internet speeds.  When setting up your internet service, you want to ...
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    What to Do When Your Internet Service Provider or 'ISP' Keeps Failing You
      Depending upon which Internet Service Provider (ISP) you have, the problems you experience over any period of time may vary greatly. In most cases, however, problems involve some combination of slow Internet speeds, in...
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