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3 Things to Know before Choosing an Identity Theft Company

Identity theft has become an increasingly problematic issue in recent years. As the world expands its digital footprint, identity thieves are exploring countless channels to gain access to and sell sensitive personal information. Fortunately, several companies provide identity protection services to help consumers shield themselves from criminals. Here are three important things you should know before selecting an identity theft protection company to help you choose the best company for your needs.

Serious, but Silent Crime

Identity theft is regarded as a serious crime because of it’s usual devastating effects. Many identity theft crimes can go unnoticed and result in major damage to a person’s financial history. For instance, an identity thief  could steal a credit card account number, use the card for purchases, and change the mailing location for bills. This would eventually lead to late payments showing up on the victim’s credit report, and have a negative impact on the victim's credit score. This serious of a crime is the reason as to why identity theft companies were created. These companies are designed to monitor customer’s personal information and will notify them if there is a problem that arises.


The best identity theft companies will offer high-tech monitoring services, immediate alerts if a threat is detected, and additional restoration services if an identity is stolen. These top companies should also provide guarantees, compensation, and reimbursement to a customer if their identity is stolen under the company’s watch. It’s important for people to do their own research to ensure that they choose the identity theft company that fits their needs. Many companies offer solid services like 24/7 member support, lost wallet protection, etc.; however, some companies may provide more than others. The identity theft companies with the highest customer reviews and rank usually offer more reliable services than those with lower customer ratings.


Prices for identity theft companies vary, yet most companies within the industry charge on a monthly basis. Many of these companies also offer more than one plan. These plans range from individual coverage to family protection, and some companies even offer advanced levels of protection through multiple plans. Like many other industries, identity theft company prices tend to increase as the quantity and quality of protection in each plan increases. The downside of many identity theft companies is that they do not offer antivirus software for customers’ personal computers/technology. This is something customers should keep in mind as they choose an identity theft company in order to avoid paying additional money for outside protection.