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Zander Insurance Group was founded in 1925 and provides coverage for life, health, automobile, homeowners, and more. In 2010, Zander partnered with ID Experts to offer identity theft protection services to customers. 

The BBB-Accredited business provides around-the-clock, U.S.-based customer service as well as two identity theft protection membership plans - the Essential plan and the Elite plan. Each plan offered has an individual plan and a family plan option. Each plan can be paid on a monthly or yearly basis, depending on what the customer decides is best for them. The company's plans start at $6.75 per month and $75 per year. 

Zander's identity monitoring services are designed to protect against many types of identity theft and fraud including financial fraud, medical identity theft, tax fraud, criminal identity theft, social security number identity fraud, employment fraud, home title fraud, and more.

The company's identity protection process was customized by Dave Ramsey and designed to provide optimal identity theft protection without wasting money on services that could be self-administered

Read on to learn more about Zander Insurance Group's identity theft protection solutions and services. 


The Good

  • Variety of Services
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Exceptional Expense Protection
  • 24/7 Customer Service

Variety of Services

As mentioned above, Zander Insurance Group provides a variety of identity theft protection services.

These services include covering all types of identity theft, personal information monitoring, social security number monitoring, change of address monitoring, court records monitoring, data breach updates, around-the-clock customer support as well as identity recovery and restoration services.

Zander also provides unlimited restoration services, stolen funds and expense reimbursement insurance, lost wallet protection, free credit report monitoring reminders, and child identity theft protection.

With the company's Elite Plan, customers can get premium VPN and premium Antivirus protection. Elite Plan customers can also obtain account takeover monitoring, Experian CreditLock services, and new account monitoring. 

In terms of child identity theft protection services, the company covers up to two adults and up to 10 dependents/children to those who sign up for the family membership plan.

It's important to note that dependents who turn 18 years and older will not be eligible to continue receiving monitoring services under the primary member's family plan. Dependents 18 and older can, however, still be eligible to receive identity restoration services if they are unmarried and are living in the primary member's household. 

Competitive Pricing

The insurance company offers full-service identity theft solutions for fairly competitive prices.

The company's protection plans start at $6.75 per month for the Essential individual plan to $12.90 per month for the Essential family plan. These prices cover all basic identity protection and identity restoration services and are some of the lowest monthly prices that can be found within the identity theft protection industry.

Exceptional Expense Protection

In the unfortunate event that an account member becomes a victim of identity theft, Zander's expense protection will cover stolen funds, refiling applications for loans, and other related out-of-pocket expenses, legal fees, and lost wages of up to $7,500 per week for four weeks.

Zander covers these costs with a $1 million identity theft insurance policy that has zero deductible. With the family plan option, Zander's insurance policy will provide cost coverage for up to $2 million. 

As part of its recovery service, Zander follows up on resolved cases for 36 months to ensure that the client experienced a full identity recovery.

24/7 Customer Service

In addition to identity theft services, Zander offers each client around-the-clock access to its U.S.-based customer service and support team.

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Customer Review: Margaret Beus from Richland, Washington

"...we have occasionally had questions and their customer service has been very helpful and easy to work with. It is also not difficult to contact them."

Customers who fall victim to an identity theft event can report the theft to Zander's 24/7 customer support team. Additionally, customers can contact this support team if they have questions regarding their plan coverage.

If a theft does occur, Zander will provide the victimized customer with a certified recovery specialist and will take over the work to restore the customer's identity to pre-theft status.

Along with the company's customer service availability, Zander also provides a helpful resource link page on the identity protection services section of its website. This page provides links that can help clients obtain a credit freeze, opt out of "receiving pre-approved, unsolicited credit and insurance offers in the mail", obtain a copy of their credit reports each year, and more. 

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The Bad

  • No Credit Monitoring
  • No Monthly Payment Refund
  • Limited Website Information

No Credit Monitoring

Zander's identity protection service does not seem to include credit monitoring services. The company states that this type of monitoring service, which is provided by most companies in the industry, provides minimal benefit at an additional cost.

Instead, Zander recommends customers check their personal credit reports through Overall, those who have a Zander identity theft protection service membership and who are interested in credit monitoring must pay for those services separately. 

No Monthly Payment Refund

Zander Insurance Group does not provide a refund to customers who cancel a monthly membership. That said, the company states on its website that it may offer refunds on a pro-rated basis to those who cancel a yearly membership plan. 

A customer's Zander identity theft membership plan automatically renews each month or year, depending on what plan they have set. Customers must contact the company directly via phone or email to request to cancel their current membership plan. 

Limited Website Information

The company's website does disclose some information regarding its identity theft coverage and service, however, there is a limit to the information provided.

It is unclear whether the identity theft solutions company provides credit reports, certain fraud alerts and notifications, and more. Customers who wish to have detailed information are required to contact the company directly.


The Bottom Line

Zander offers comprehensive, affordable identity theft protection services.

The company provides unlimited recovery services and restoration services, free child protection with the family plan, and up to $1 million in identity theft insurance policy for each member who becomes a victim of identity theft.

Zander identity theft services also protect against different types of identity theft including financial fraud, medical identity theft, tax fraud, criminal identity theft, social security number identity fraud, and more.

Although the company does offer some monitoring service protection, Zander does not seem to offer credit monitoring services. Additionally, the company does not provide refunds to those who cancel a monthly membership plan. The company also has limited information on its website regarding certain aspects of its identity theft protection service. 

If you are looking for an identity theft protection service, you will have a difficult time finding one for a lower price than Zander, especially if you are looking for a company that offers plans for both individuals and families.

Before you sign up, however, we still recommend that you take the time to conduct personal research, check out the company's terms and conditions, and read several Zander ID Protection reviews to learn more about the company's identity theft protection service.

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Elizabeth Winter Garden, FL

I’ve purchase several policies through Zander Insurance in the past, I’m an avid Dave Ramsey listener and an EntreLeadership All Access Member. This is one product that should NOT be endorsed and does not live up to its claims. After being a victim of identity theft (self discovery not flagged by their monitoring) I immediately contacted Zander Insurance. The case was passed off to CSID for restoration. The claim on their website for Unlimited Recovery is completely false. “Zander Identity Theft has a 100% Recovery Success Rate, and takes care of all of the work to restore your identity.” The reality is they hand you off to CSID who disputes they have the responsibility to “take care of all the work”. The representatives are so overworked they do not even address email or voicemail in a timely manner. I reported this disconnect to Zander. This issue was escalated to a supervisor at Zander who committed to resolve the issue with CSID. This was not accomplished nor did the supervisor check in with me again after our initially conversation. In the last week I have spent over 20 hours resolving my identity theft issue with less than 1.5 hours of support from CSID. The information CSID did share could have been found on Google. It did not reflect any detailed knowledge on their part and they struggled to answer some basic identity theft related questions. The “best” engagement with my CSID represenative was when I pointed her to a state specific identity theft site and she then emailed me a link from that same site to complete one of the listed forms - a form I refenced in our call! I’m sure Mr. Ramsey is not aware the support offered is virtually worthless or he would not endorse this product with such enthusiasm. I’m an extremely dissatisfied customer.

3 years ago

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The customer service for getting a refund is terrible. I had an issue that required my original account to be closed and had to open a new account. I had already paid the yearly fee for the original account but had to pay a second yearly fee with the assurance that the fee would immediately be refunded to my credit card. No refund has been issued despite my repeated calls for over a month. Each time I call I have to wait for nearly 2 hours for someone to actual come on the line. I keep being told that they are sending my problem a higher authority for this problem and that someone would be calling me to follow up on this issue . So far, no phone call and no refund. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!! They are liars!

3 years ago

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Scott Watts

I signed up yesterday, paid for a full year, and today cannot log on to my account. I get an error that I need to call customer service. Have called twice and had to hang up due to long hold times, and now am on hold for right at 15mins as I write this review (still on hold). Purchased solely because of Dave Ramsey endorsement. I am about to simply dispute charge with my credit card company, and let Zander deal with them. Will never purchase based on a Dave Ramsey endorsement again! How can he put his name on a company with such poor customer service. Don't give me excuses about increased call volume due to breaches from other agencies. Answer the phone! They must be making paying him big bucks for his endorsement! What a joke and waste of $150.00!

3 years ago

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gary Gainesville, GA

The website promises 24/7/365 access to a certified specialist. What you get is being put on hold during normal business hours. The other 16 hours Monday-Friday and 24/7 Saturday and Sunday is an answering service. I have being trying to speak to a Zander employee for a week without any luck. I have left repeated messages on the company number, answering service and sent emails. All I have gotten was a email on Sunday stating they would call me which they did one time while I was at lunch a week after my first message. Their message to me was to call them back. Not what I thought I have been paying for.

3 years ago

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Angie Lambert Evanston, WY

Zander sucks. I had my id, phone, and a credit card stolen in Hawaii, and I couldn't get a hold of them - I was told that I would be on hold for 20-30 minutes or I could leave my number and they would call me back and I wouldn't lose my place in line. I left my number and they called a day later, while I was still in Hawaii and left a message. Then I called again and this time I stayed on the phone after the same spiel of 20-30 minute wait. I put my phone on speaker and waited for over ONE HOUR. So I left my name again, and sent them an email telling them I thought they were a scam. I received a call over a day later on my cell phone and I didn't answer because I didn't recognize the number. Finally, a week later, my husband called and cancelled. They didn't even ask for verification of who he was or anything like that. WAST OF TIME AND MONEY.

4 years ago

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Bosco Plainfield, IL

Absolutely worthless coverage. No identity theft monitoring so when my wife's information was stolen we only found out by monitoring our bank account on our own. We were told we could work with a resolution specialist and we have tried as have they. We both are not available much during the day and they would leave us a message but the resolution specialist NEVER answered her phone. Always went to voice mail. Zero value for the money spent.

1 year ago

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A Tempe, AZ

I found out that my identity was stolen, but by my personal bank looking at my credit score. I called Zander, and their answer of why I did not receive a call was that they only monitor the dark web. That confused me as if someone bought 20k of furniture. It is kinda a clue that it was out there a few months and Zander never contacted me about this. I will cancel service with them.

1 year ago

Zander ID Protection Logo

Reply from Zander ID Protection

Hi A, we'd like the opportunity to clear up any misunderstanding caused by the associate with whom you spoke and save your business, if possible. Could you please reach out to our ID Theft manager, Brian, at ?

Aug. 16th, 2019

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Rebecca Avant, OK

I've called multiple times over the last month and have never gotten through unless I lie and say that I'm a new customer wanting to sign up for insurance. Also, they do not call back or respond to emails. If I do get my identity stolen I don't have much confidence that I will ever be able to get anyone on the phone or email. I've had their insurance for over a year now and am shopping for something else. Dave Ramsey should quit endorsing this company.

3 years ago

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James Pittsfield, IL

Customer service is terrible. Their computer systems are down now and they can't make ANY changes to your account for another 8 days. 8 DAYS!!! Customer service assured me that it wouldn't affect my account, but refused to take any checks. They informed me that the only way to pay the account was with a credit card!!! DO NOT BUY ZANDER INSURANCE!!!

4 years ago

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michele f Kansas City, MO

the website will not let you cancel your membership or remove your credit card info. they keep renewing with your credit card till you take the time to call in and talk to them and jump through hoops. This is not the practice of a reputable company.

2 years ago

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Clydette Long Beach, CA

Trying to get a hold of this company is maddening, I was on hold 45 minutes yesterday and today trying one last time before cancelling. I read all the other reviews, they really need to change the recording, it has beeps and annoying music, NOT soothing at all.

3 years ago

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Solomon Valleyford, WA

This service is a waste of money, and while they tell you they will look into something (they have told me twice), it is just a brush off. They will not get back to you.

1 year ago

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Jacob San Francisco, CA

Horrible company. Product is not what they promised and when I tried to cancel they did not respond or answer my emails. WASTE OF MONEY. DO NOT BUY!

3 years ago

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Jasmin Orlando, FL

Extremely hard to cancel. Go with LifeLock sooooooo disappointing scam scam scam scam

2 years ago

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