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    How to Report Tax Fraud to the IRS and How They Deal with It
    Guest Post by Kayla Matthews The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is the group responsible for investigating tax fraud instances allegedly committed by U.S. businesses or the country's citizens. Here's what you should know abou...
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    What You Need to Know About Tax Identity Theft This Tax Season
    Identity theft may not be your main concern this tax season, but it definitely should be on your radar. What is tax identity theft or tax-related identity theft? The official IRS website states that “tax-related id...
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    Tax Identity Theft Jumps on Payroll Scams
    Do you work for a corporation, especially in the U.S.? You may be at risk for tax identity theft.  ADP is a payroll provider. Hackers were able to acquire tax information of employees of U.S. Bank from ADP. Now, this doe...
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    The IRS Won’t Call, but a Scammer Might
    You probably realize that collection agents will explore all available resources when attempting to track down delinquent individuals. Hopefully, this is not a process that you frequently have to endure, as it can be stressfu...
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    The 10 Stages of Tax Identity Theft
    Tax identity theft, like many other forms of identity theft, is down right terrifying. Each tax season provides an opportunity for tax identity theft criminals to do their dirty work. Once these thieves get their hands on you...
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