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    What U.S. Residents Should Know About the U.S. Census and ID Theft
    Guest Post by Kayla Matthews As the 2020 census draws nearer, you may be concerned about identity theft. The U.S. census only happens once every ten years, so you may not be used to what it looks like or how it works. This un...
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    Tech Experts Warn of Growing ID Theft Tactic Called Smishing
    Guest Post by Kayla Matthews Don’t let the funny name fool you. The identity theft tactic known as “smishing” is anything but cute. In fact, it’s one of the most personal, invasive and, unfortunately, ...
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    Holiday Scams to Avoid This Year
    The holiday season is a time for joy, family, and gifts. And it’s a season that you may look forward to all year. Unfortunately, you’re not the only one. Scammers also look forward to the holiday season each year ...
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    2019 Identity Theft and Scam Trends: Part 2
    This is Part 2 of a two-part article. Read Part 1 here. It’s impossible to be 100 percent accurate when it comes to predicting future identity theft, scam, and data breach trends. In our previous article, a variety of e...
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    2019 Identity Theft and Scam Trends: Part 1
    This is Part 1 of a two-part article. Read Part 2 here. From 2017 to 2018, the U.S. population experienced an abundance of serious data breaches which traumatized millions of people. Here is a look at a couple of major data b...
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    Protect Yourself from Craigslist Scams
    Many a Craigslist scam goes as follows: You post an ad selling a big-ticket item. An eager buyer responds and says they'll send you a cashier's check-not just for the cost of the item, but also shipping fees, to make things ...
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    Craigslist Rental Scams in Your Town
    Craigslist is one of my favorite sites on the Internet, though I admittedly have a love/hate relationship with it. One reason I love it is because of the deals and variety of items and services available, but I hate it becaus...
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    Travel Site Scams: Five to Get Away From
    It's summertime, and, whether you've just procrastinated your vacation planning or just decided to add another getaway to your summer plans, you're likely going to start your search online with a travel site. Of course, as yo...
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    Tax Identity Theft Jumps on Payroll Scams
    Do you work for a corporation, especially in the U.S.? You may be at risk for tax identity theft. ADP is a payroll provider. Hackers were able to acquire tax information of employees of U.S. Bank from ADP. Now, this doesn't ...
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    New Phishing Scam Targets EMV Chip-Enabled Card Users
    Banks and credit card providers are constantly looking for ways to improve security and prevent fraudulent transactions from taking place on your accounts. So, it should come as no surprise that the tactics used to bypass the...
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