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    What U.S. Residents Should Know About the U.S. Census and ID Theft
    Guest Post by Kayla Matthews As the 2020 census draws nearer, you may be concerned about identity theft. The U.S. census only happens once every ten years, so you may not be used to what it looks like or how it works. This u...
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    Tech Experts Warn of Growing ID Theft Tactic Called Smishing
    Guest Post by Kayla Matthews Don’t let the funny name fool you. The identity theft tactic known as “smishing” is anything but cute. In fact, it’s one of the most personal, invasive and, unfortunately,...
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    Holiday Scams to Avoid This Year
    The holiday season is a time for joy, family, and gifts. And it’s a season that you may look forward to all year. Unfortunately, you’re not the only one. Scammers also look forward to the holiday season each year...
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    Are You Being Tricked into Handing Over Your Social Security Information?
    Guest Post by Kayla Matthews Whether you've realized it or not, you've probably been one of the millions of people to come into contact with scammers. They're the opportunistic criminals who want to trick you into giving awa...
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    2019 Identity Theft and Scam Trends: Part 2
    This is Part 2 of a two-part article. Read Part 1 here. It’s impossible to be 100 percent accurate when it comes to predicting future identity theft, scam, and data breach trends. In our previous article, a variety of ...
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    2019 Identity Theft and Scam Trends: Part 1
    This is Part 1 of a two-part article. Read Part 2 here. From 2017 to 2018, the U.S. population experienced an abundance of serious data breaches which traumatized millions of people. Here is a look at a couple of major data b...
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    Protection from Personal Loan Scams
    Are you thinking of getting a personal loan? Hopefully, you have a high credit score, as this will give you a better chance of getting the loan through a legitimate company. But even if your credit is excellent, you need to b...
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    Beware of Mobile Tech Support Scams
    Tech support scams aren't just for desktop or laptop users; beware if you use a smartphone or tablet. Crooks are really zeroing in on the smartphone and tablet as a platform for their crimes. Here is a common way this scenari...
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    Beware of All These Scams
    Scams targeting older people are probably very under-reported, as seniors don't want to appear senile. The most vulnerable group is educated men over 55, because, quite frankly, they think they know everything. Sweepstakes/Lo...
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    How to Protect Yourself from Social Networking Scams
    How do you fall under the spell of someone whose eyes you've never seen, whose voice you've never heard, whose warm hand has never touched your face? Well, just ask the thousands of people who've fallen for social networking ...

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