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    How to Protect Your Data and Devices
    Having antivirus software isn't enough for protecting your data and devices. It's only the beginning. There's more: Recognizing ruses by hackers to get you to give up personal information Keeping software updated Using long,...
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    Protect Yourself from Online Dating Scams
    $200 million: The amount people were ripped off by online dating scams in a year. DUI: dating while under the influence...of the quest for costly to countless people. A article notes that this quest...
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    Prevent Child Identity Theft
    Here's one for the know-it-alls: Kids are 35 percent more likely to become victims of identity theft than are adults. Betcha didn't know that! This startling news comes from a 2015 Javelin Strategy & Release study. N...
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    Protect Yourself from Craigslist Scams
    Many a Craigslist scam goes as follows: You post an ad selling a big-ticket item. An eager buyer responds and says they'll send you a cashier's check-not just for the cost of the item, but also shipping fees, to make things ...
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    Beware of These Sinister Job Scams
    Post Office Jobs Just because an ad is on Craigslist or in your local newspaper doesn't mean a crook didn't place it. Crooks recruit people wanting to work for post office or federal jobs. Applicants must pay a fee (red flag...
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    Change Passwords or Not; That Is the Question
    We're told to change our passwords often to minimize getting hacked. Now we're told this is a bad thing. But not for any inherent techy reason. It's because frequent password changing makes many people lower their guard when ...
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    Shred Your Boarding Pass
    Apparently there are people who take pictures of their airplane boarding pass...and post it online. I'm dead serious. I've heard of toddlers getting excited over scraps of paper, but full-grown adults posting images of their ...
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    Look Out for Shipping E-mail Phishing Scams
    Stop clicking on e-mails about your package delivery! Scam, scam, scam! Look, it's simple: Scammers are also pretending to be from the DHL and FedEx shipping companies, not just UPS. Crooks know that at any given time, thous...
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    Ransomware Is an Imminent Threat
    Watch out for CryptoWall. This malware leads the pack of fast-moving ransomware that, according to Trend Micro, is the chief cyber threat to businesses. In fact, CryptoWall was very lucrative for hackers, raking in $18 millio...
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    Identity Protection vs. Identity Restoration: Which Is Right for Me?
    What Is Identity Theft Protection? What Is Identity Theft Restoration? Identity theft protection is a proactive measure designed to either prevent occurrences of identity theft, or limiting these events in number ...

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