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    Protection from Personal Loan Scams
    Are you thinking of getting a personal loan? Hopefully, you have a high credit score, as this will give you a better chance of getting the loan through a legitimate company. But even if your credit is excellent, you need to b...
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    How IoT Makes Homes Vulnerable
    The more "connected" your home is, some say the more vulnerable you are to being a victim of theft or worse. Unfortunately, connected devices collect lots of personal information about you. Lots. This data gets uploaded to co...
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    7 Guidelines to Stop Online Dating Sites from Misusing Your Personal Information
    Everyone knows online dating can be crazy and fun, what with setting up profiles and posting just the right pictures. But when you sign up for an online dating service, you might not be prepared for how much email you will re...
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    Beware of Mobile Tech Support Scams
    Tech support scams aren't just for desktop or laptop users; beware if you use a smartphone or tablet. Crooks are really zeroing in on the smartphone and tablet as a platform for their crimes. Here is a common way this scenari...
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    Beware of All These Scams
    Scams targeting older people are probably very under-reported, as seniors don't want to appear senile. The most vulnerable group is educated men over 55, because, quite frankly, they think they know everything. Sweepstakes/Lo...
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    An Expert Shares the Dangers of Public Wi-Fi
    Public, free Wi-Fi is a convenience that most of us appreciate, but you shouldn't be blinded by its too-good-to-be-true appeal. Using public Wi-Fi networks might just be one of the riskiest, tech-related mistakes you make on ...
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    Shopping for Antivirus Software? 9 Questions to Ask
    In the market for antivirus software? The good news is, you'll have many more choices than you would've had ten years ago. The bad news: you'll need to take a lot more features into consideration than you would've ten or even...
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    Medical Identity Theft Can Be Deadly
    Every time you have a medical procedure done, including routine checkups and treatment for minor issues, paperwork is generated. You should have copies of every single paper. This is one line of defense against medical identi...
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    Why You Want a Copy of Your Medical Records
    After receiving medical treatment, many people never look over the paperwork (save for bill total) and just shove it into some folder in a file cabinet. But medical identity theft is very much out there; know the signs: You'...
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    Having "The Talk" with Kids in a Digital World
    The "Talk" is not just about sex, it's about how their digital lives today, will affect them for the rest of their lives. 92 percent of teenagers are online every day. If you took all the kids in the U.S. age eight and under...

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