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    10 Expert Tips to Help You with Password Management
    Unfortunately, not everyone practices proper password management. And, in this digital age, how you manage your passwords can be the ultimate determining factor between staying safe and falling victim to identity theft and ot...
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    Family Security Audit: How to Secure Your Passwords
    Passwords might not seem like a big deal in your everyday life, but in reality, they’re what stands between you and countless cyber criminals. report_problem Attention: Data breaches are still a major threat. Acco...
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    How Can a Security Freeze Help Prevent Identity Theft?
    Guest Post by Kayla Matthews In this age of massive data breaches, identity theft is arguably more likely now compared to when people did not share their information so freely online. One of the precautions you can take to pr...
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    What U.S. Residents Should Know About the U.S. Census and ID Theft
    Guest Post by Kayla Matthews As the 2020 census draws nearer, you may be concerned about identity theft. The U.S. census only happens once every ten years, so you may not be used to what it looks like or how it works. This un...
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    Tech Experts Warn of Growing ID Theft Tactic Called Smishing
    Guest Post by Kayla Matthews Don’t let the funny name fool you. The identity theft tactic known as “smishing” is anything but cute. In fact, it’s one of the most personal, invasive and, unfortunately, ...
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    Holiday Scams to Avoid This Year
    The holiday season is a time for joy, family, and gifts. And it’s a season that you may look forward to all year. Unfortunately, you’re not the only one. Scammers also look forward to the holiday season each year ...
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    6 Steps for Protecting Seniors from Identity Theft
    Guest Post by Kayla Matthews Identity theft happens when someone gets ahold of your private and personal information, such as your Social Security number or bank account information. With access to this data, criminals can ma...
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    Strategies to Protect Your Business Against Cyber Attacks
    Guest Post by Dan Matthews What is your company doing to prevent the next big cyber attack? If you don’t have a good answer to that question, then you are putting your business at risk. Every year, cyber attacks from al...
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    Thousands of Disney+ User Accounts Hijacked and Sold on Dark Web
    Disney+, a new streaming TV and movie service provided by Disney, allows customers to view everything from classic movies to original, exclusive television shows. Although the streaming service has only been active since Nove...
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    How to Protect Confidential Information in the Digital Workplace
    Guest Post by Lori Wade The current business environment is incredibly competitive and relentless. With excessive competition, companies will take any measure necessary to surpass the competition. That includes stealing sensi...

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