Posted: Alayna Pehrson|December 4th, 2018

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100 Million Users Affected By Recent Quora Data Breach


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Written by Alayna Pehrson
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On Monday, December 3rd, 2018, Quora announced that the account data of about 100 million of its site users was compromised by a "malicious third party" that had gained access into its systems. Quora stated that it has alerted the proper law enforcement and launched a "comprehensive investigation" shortly after discovering the breach.

Quora, a widely-used question-and-answer website, discovered the data breach on Friday, November 30, 2018. The site stated that it has not kept any identification information for anonymous users on file. Users who were not anonymous on Quora, however, are the ones most likely affected by the data breach.

According to Forbes, the type of information that was compromised in this breach includes email addresses, passwords (encrypted), IP addresses, user IDs, account settings, public actions and content (comments, upvotes, questions, answers, etc.), contacts, demographic information, and more information imported from linked networks. Fortunately, no financial information is at stake because Quora allows people to use its site for free.

As a result of this data breach, Quora published a security update FAQ page for users to reference. On the FAQ page, Quora explains that it will notify all "impacted Quora users of the incident via email and will provide relevant updates as they are available". The question-and-answer site also provides information on how users can reset their passwords on this page.

At this time, Quora does not know who exactly is responsible for the hack. The hackers continue to be labeled as a "malicious third party". Those who are worried about this particular data breach should check out the official Quora FAQ page, keep an eye out for a Quora email notification, and consider looking into professional identity theft protection services.

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