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$1.90 Monthly Fees Per Employee

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Zoho People is a sub product under the parent company Zoho Corporation. Zoho People is a one stop online solution for human resource information systems. Zoho People also manages information such as company assets, specs, training records, leave applications and more. Zoho People’s self-service portal provides employees access to their own records, helping companies keep records accurate and up-to-date all the time. Using Zoho People administration workload is dramatically reduced because their staff manages much of their own information; via the web and you have online access to your entire company's employee reporting hierarchy. The Zoho People employee portal provides its customers with all they need to record their staff's basic demographic data and important human resource information. Managers and employees are able to manage their own information, which dramatically increases data accuracy and reduces your human resources personnel's administration workload. Zoho People is ideal for Freelancers, small and medium businesses, companies with 5-100 employees but also has packages available to support companies with as many as 500 employees. Zoho Corporation was founded in 1996. Zoho People was launched in 2007. Zoho Corporation has offices based in the United States, India, China and Japan.

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The Good

  • Languages
  • Self-service employee portal
  • Mobile app
  • Job scheduling
  • Security
  • Plans for small companies

Because Zoho Corporation is an internationally based company that supports many languages, including; Chinese (Simplified), Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish

Zoho People is designed to manage all your human resource activities from a single location though a self service employee portal. It is capable of helping your employees manage and track time and attendance even when they are away from office, it helps increase productivity by encouraging employee collaboration and knowledge sharing, provides employee time tracking and is designed to be integrated with Zoho CRM (customer relationship management).

Zoho People also includes mobile app features that allow employees to access human resource information while in or away from the office. With the mobile app employees have the ability to check-in and check-out for their attendance marking, search for members by department, name and email ID, they can access the company calendar and track synced calendar information such as who is celebrating their birthday that day. Employees can also call, text and email employees directly from their personal device as well as view organizational departments and its members and perform a quick search based on tags.

Zoho People is ideal for companies who utilize work from home or off-site work environments because the check-in and check-out tools make it easier for home employees to track their time remotely instead of having to submit a time-card regularly.

Zoho People helps better schedule jobs by gauging your employees' work time that and helps managers decide what kind of workforce they need to complete each task. Zoho People provides accurate timesheet reports to give a clear, accurate view of how much time a company spends on each job it performs. With Zoho People a company can monitor performance of their employees and keep you up-to-date on the progress of their business.
For security Zoho People regularly takes backups on a daily and weekly basis. They also have recovery servers for any emergencies. Zoho Corporation guarantees 99.99% up-time (excluding any scheduled/emergency maintenance). Zoho provides high data security which ensures that company data is secure and private. We offer security on multiple levels including the physical, software and people/process levels. Within the day to day process Zoho People offers their File Cabinet file sharing tool. This tool is intended to help human resource staffs to store and share human resource and Company related files online and to safeguard the privacy and confidentiality of employees' and company's data. You can store multiple different files such as offer letters, appointment letters, payroll records, performance appraisal evaluations, contract agreements, insurance papers and any other related documents.

Zoho People is one of the few plans we have found that offers a free plan option for very small companies. While offering limited application options they do include full support for all of their customers. There is also a two-month free subscription discount for their yearly plan. Zoho People is working hard to provide effective programming for human resource software in a market where many overcharge.

The Bad

  • Not comprehensive
  • Large company limitations
  • Mobile app setup

Zoho People is not a full service human resource software. They focus primarily on employee organization and communication. It lacks other fundamental application features like recruitment help, payroll processing, employee benefits tracking and other common company policies. With this software you do get what you pay for however to get a more complete service you would need to also purchase additional products provided though the Zoho Corporation. Their products are compatible but building a full human resource support system could become costly for small companies.

Because Zoho People is suited to small and mid-sized businesses but it is not a preferred choice for large businesses because they do put limits on User and Automation modules.

While having a more complete, better functioning, mobile app they have developed multiple apps for all of their corporation programs and there is a concern that by flooding the market with their products has caused them to be less effective and take more time to update and improve their capabilities. Customers also report having a difficult time initially setting up the apps on their mobile devices because screen-lock and customization requirements are not clear.

The Bottom Line

For companies looking to streamline their interoffice communications and give more power to their employees by allowing them direct access to their personal information and more control over how they "check in" with the office, Zoho People would be a great fit. They offer more freedom in terms of employee participation in the program and with their mobile interface they allow employees the freedom to access important information no matter where they can work.

Zoho People is showing the market that human resource applications and software doesn't need to cost a fortune to purchase and they are offering help to companies that my consider themselves too small to benefit from traditional human resource programming. They are also leading the market in mobile application development and giving more complete access to their customers.

They are not the best fit for companies looking for a more complete human resource interface but when partnered with the other applications under Zoho Corporation they do help create a more complete interface. By being able to work with just the Zoho People application smaller companies can better customize and build their human resource department based on actual programming needs, as opposed to acquiring more comprehensive software and being stuck with applications they can't use.


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Cristina D.
August 16th, 2016 Manassas, VA

Pros: none, really. I'd rather use google sheets to manage my team. Cons: the latest version is an insult to UX. Lots of glitches when linking from their automated emails, frequently used forms are hidden and it's a pain to go through their multiple menus to find what you're looking for. It's supposed to make your life easier, but it's an additional stress.