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Staff Squared, a solution from a company called Atlas, was released in 2012. Atlas, however, has been in business since 2007. Staff Squared powers human resources solutions for companies. With it, it is possible to track all members within an organization, set goals, and communicate and share documents. We found that it integrates with Google Calendar and Outlook to manage all the employees in your company. Staff Squared lets companies set goals and objectives that keeps staff in the loop. These goals can be individualized for each member of your company. Staff are frequently reminded when they have open goals. After a while, your staff will start updating their own goals, letting the manager track their progress on specific tasks, as well as keeping track of salaries and timecards.  

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The Good

  • Price
  • Features
The first thing that we noticed about Staff Squared was the price. While the features are somewhat limited, it costs $4.50 per month per person in your company. This was one of the most affordable prices in the industry. We also liked that the price did not create too much overhead for a small company. The downside to Staff Squared is that you're still going to need to depend upon third-party payroll solutions to process payments and other HR functions within your company. Here are some of the features that we really liked in Staff Squared:
  • The ability to set organizational goals for your company and individualize these to each employee.
  • A robust support site for new users.
  • Integration with Google Drive and Outlook.
  • Automated features that streamline collaboration between your team members.
The HR functions with Staff Squared are somewhat limited. What we did notice was that Staff Squared was a great scheduling tool. You can schedule your employees, as well as keep track of their probationary periods. There are also features for programming employee birthdays and other important dates into the calendar. When your employee reaches their sick time or PTO limit, it is possible to send them an alert through the calendar feature. Staff Squared also makes it possible to share different documents. Smaller businesses may not need a time card system. Your employees can easily keep track of their hours on a spreadsheet in Google Drive and share them with the payroll coordinator in your company. You can also share and protect documents with the appropriate members of your company. Also, your employees can easily access a training handbook or other resources through this platform. Another feature that we liked about Staff Squared was the automated features. We found that, after a while, employees start updating their own goals, easily updating their manager as to their progress on a particular task. There are also automated messages if an employee hasn't updated their status yet. There are also automated updates for employees when they reach their allotted sick time, time off, etc. Staff Squared is still in its infancy. We had to look on their support section to see if there was a mobile app capability. When this issue was raised by a company in the support page, Staff Squared shared its Google Play app. So, it's good to see that this company is expanding the functionality of its product in the mobile realm. There are also some great features in Staff Squared for reporting. Here are some of the reports that users can see:
  • Summaries: Pending lists of employees that are on or are wanting to take time off.
  • Absence Reports: Absence reports for employees that also provide listings days still available on an employee's pay period.
  • Staff Reports: All of your staff data on one customizable spreadsheet.
We also liked the permissions functions. In Staff Squared, there are three different user levels such as, Admin, Manager, and Staff. Admins can see anything within a company. Managers can see the information for their team members. You can easily give any manager or staff member admin rights, so this is a feature to use carefully. There are also some basic customization features. You can easily build your company logo into Staff Squared and change the colors.

The Bad

  • Limited functionalities
  • No overtime logging
  • Lack of social media integration
Staff Squared is designed to be scalable for small businesses but it is somewhat limiting in the functionalities provided. For example, this platform doesn't let you hire new employees, but you can program an on-boarding experience for them. Also, it is not possible to search for new employees or screen them with Staff Squared. We saw that Staff Squared has some great features for hours tracking. However, the platform at this time currently does not support overtime logging. We saw this in the support section as a question, which has not yet been responded to. Staff Squared should develop a means to build overtime into the time logging platform. Another issue we noticed was the lack of social media integration. On each employee profile, it is possible to include social media account names, but at this time, it isn't possible to access social media accounts. Finally, we found that Staff Squared is starting to move away from Internet Explorer. While the platform works great with IE, it works best with Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

The Bottom Line

We recommend Staff Squared as an HR nexus for small startup businesses, as well as some medium-level companies. This app, however, is somewhat limited in its functionality. While it does a good job of focusing collaboration across an organization and letting employees work remotely, there were some things we were missing, like a time clock system. If you want your employees to log their time, while making sure that everyone is taking their breaks and lunches, this platform won't do that. Also, using Staff Squared will require that your company invest in payroll and talent acquisition resources, meaning increasing costs for your HR department. However, if your employees are used to charting their hours with spreadsheets, Staff Squared is a great solution for your business.
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Alice Lipscome

Great app - love using Staff Squared and so do my team.

5 years ago

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