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Paycor was conceived in 1990 by Bob Coughlin and has developed into one of the largest independently owned human resource management and payroll companies in the nation. Paycor helps their clients perform better with intuitive, cloud-based technology, and payroll software. Paycor works directly with small to medium-sized businesses across the U.S. Their services include custom reporting, tax filing in every jurisdiction in the U.S., 401(k) retirement services, workers’ compensation, benefits administration, open enrollment, performance reviews and much more. Today, Paycor is a trusted partner to more than 30,000 small and medium-sized businesses. Known for delivering modern, intuitive recruiting, HR and payroll solutions, Paycor partners with businesses to optimize the management of their most valuable asset — their people.   

The Good

  • Refined products
  • Unified platform
  • Paperless solutions
  • Several functions

Refined Products

Paycor focuses on the needs of their customers by continually designing and refining their products based on client feedback to ensure their products work the way their customers want them to. Their products are mobile ready, meaning they are designed to fit any device giving their customer's freedom to access their information from multiple sources; i.e., desktop, tablet or phone.

Unified Platform

Paycor offers customers a unified platform that provides everyday efficiencies by reducing duplicate entries and opportunities for errors. Using Paycor's time tracking system, clients can ensure they have accurate employee scheduling and hours rather than a rough estimation. Managers just need to review hourly reports and approve without taking the extra detailed time making corrections.

Paperless Solutions

Paycor's human resources application offers a paperless solution for employee self-service. Employers build their plans online, and employees sign in to make their elections when they are comfortable and in their own desired environment. With Paycor, all of the company data, from training documentation to payroll, is contained on one cloud-based platform allowing employees to make a change to their personal information during open enrollment and have it reflected on their payroll account as well. Likewise, when reviews are completed or goals set, they can be attached to a single employee record for maximum efficiency.

Paycor's Applicant Tracking Solution allows its users to post jobs, review resumes and approve or deny hiring within one application. Workflows send notifications to recruiters, hiring managers, and even candidates. It paints a picture of where every candidate is in the hiring process. It also provides analytics to help get rid of bottlenecks within each hiring step.

Their employment screening tool is a smart and easy way to protect a company's hiring process by verifying information about employees and prospective job candidates. It's quick and easy to set up and provides options in regards to each customer's specific search constraints. The results are easy-to-read reports that paint a clear picture of who a potential hire might be before they even walk through the door.

Their Onboarding Process is a self-service portal that allows new hires to get started on paperwork before their start date. New employees can be prompted to complete all necessary paperwork, including the I-9 employment eligibility verification and federal and state tax forms. Plus, they can review employee handbooks and policies, benefits and anything else relevant before day one. Employees complete their own new hire paperwork, including adding their personal, tax and direct deposit information, then administrators can review the information and create the employees' record with just a few clicks. This way new hires can spend their first days getting up to speed and becoming productive more quickly.

Several Functions

Paycor provides integrations with 401(k) providers that ensure employees' deductions are properly sent to the provider. It streamlines the process and allows employers the opportunity to choose the provider that will give the best plan to their employees. They also empower employees and managers to maintain their personal and team information from anywhere with an internet connection. Each team member will have a login that will allow them to make their own elections creating a more natural, paperless, open enrollment process.

Their employee management software also creates an open communication between management and employees. With their product companies can create and maintain employee reviews, track promotions and manage transfers from a unified platform. Completed documents can also be attached to each employee record and reviewed as a full history over time.

They help empower employees by giving them the ability to view all paycheck details through Paycor's employee app. Employees can see earnings, deductions, payroll taxes, pay stubs, direct deposit, information about garnishments, and any other pertinent details regarding past and present payroll information. Paycor can help put employee's minds at ease and save HR professionals' valuable time by making payroll services and information easily accessible to employees.

With their announcements and company document sharing employee portals allow companies to communicate important news securely to each of their employees effectively. Content can even be customized for specific employee groups and timeframes.

With Paycor's management software employees can also log into the system from their computer, or the mobile app, to view schedules and request time off. Administrators can access balances of vacation days, sick days and PTO, review the schedule and then provide instant approval. Employees can also be granted the flexibility to clock in and out from the mobile app using the cloud-based technology.

Paycor provides personalized support and never using a call center. Paycor representatives are available by telephone during regular business hours and online 24/7. When a company begins working with Paycor, there will be a team member assigned to work directly with them so that each customer can feel comfortable knowing they have someone on the inside that completely understands their company's unique needs and who can provide payroll and HR services that are tailored to best meet those needs.

Paycor is continuously striving to create a better user experience, so the application is updated regularly based on user feedback and suggestions. Changes and updates are made with the greatest attention to intuitiveness and usability, so the software will always be simple to navigate. Extracting information from HRIS has never been easier.

The Bad

  • Customer support
  • Transparency
  • Limitations

Customer Service

While there is not much negative feedback from those using Paycor. However, customers have been discouraged that there is no onsite availability when setting up product and regarding customer service. All is done remotely and with a company's personal representative making it more difficult for companies that have smaller human resource staffs or have just one human resource representative to get established with the software.


There have also been noted complaints that customer service is not what it is expected it to be. At times, instead of getting help walking through the setup process step by step customers found that they were emailed PDF files explaining how to launch different options within their product. Companies who do not have a tech-savvy foundation within their human resource department may find initiating products more challenging in the beginning as they work at finding the right representatives to help them implement their systems.

They are not transparent about their pricing online and do require a consult before receiving pricing information or a trial option. They are also not an international company at this point and would not work for anyone looking to eventually establish anywhere outside of the U.S. While being listed as best suited for small to mid-sized companies, Paycor is noted to not be the best option in terms of pricing and functionality for companies with less than 50 employees.


Paycor does not help manage HIPAA Compliance, Recruitment, and State Unemployment Insurance as a part of their human resource database. They also have limited benefits packages when compared to their competitors. They only cover 401k and Medical Insurance while leaving off other vital plan options like Dependent Audit, FSA, HRA, Life Insurance, Premium Only Plan, SIMPLE IRA... etc.

The Bottom Line

Paycor is an intuit full-service payroll software. They quickly respond to customers needs and have the flexibility to adapt to the feedback given by clients so that their product is ever changing and evolving making it easier to use. They cover almost all human resource and payroll needs and are one of the most comprehensive products reviewed to date.

Companies, who work with Paycor, find the help and support they need to grow their business. Whether a company needs to recruit or improve their onboarding process to increase revenues or open up multiple locations and take operations to the next level, they are able to help manage the people part so that key employees are free to focus on the specialized business aspects of growth and development.

Paycor software can help their clients more quickly, efficiently, and effectively manage their most valuable assets, people. From their web-based platform which enables management of payroll and employee administration all in one application to the intuitive interface which guides customers through each step and process, saving time and optimizing the use of personnel and resources they are available to help with any and all customer needs. Paycor serves small and medium-sized companies across America to revolutionize their HR and payroll services.


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User Reviews


12 Reviews

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August 10th, 2018 Jacksonville, FL DETAILS
Value for your money
Quality of product or service
Customer service
Company trustworthiness

I have used Paycor for 9 years and love how they keep adding functionality without billing me like my previous provider did. The support we get is unmatched! Couldn't imagine using a different solution.

June 27th, 2018 San Marcos, TX DETAILS
Value for your money
Quality of product or service
Customer service
Company trustworthiness

Basically, the cons that you listed. Everything is great, until it isn't, and then it's a bunch of "This is out of my hands" or "I have to send it to this department and they'll get to it when they can". As mentioned when you have one person who is the back office, there isn't time to wait for Paycor, and it becomes quite tedious to get anything done. We were super pleased with ADP Run (DON'T EVER USE ADP WORKFORCE NOW, THEY ARE BASICALLY A DIFFERENT COMPANY AND WORSE THAN PAYCOR), but were on path to out grow it. Been disappointed with everything else thus far.

June 7th, 2018 Austin, TX DETAILS
Value for your money
Quality of product or service
Customer service
Company trustworthiness

I chose Paycor for their (supposed) 360 integration with my 401(k) provider. The service was marketed & advertised to work seamlessly with my already-in-place retirement plan. Other perks that sold me on switching to Paycor included a dedicated customer support rep that would be familiar with my account, and an easy to use website. Implementation wasn't too painful. There were inaccuracies though. I manually corrected those. My first call to customer support proved that there was no dedicated rep. Maybe because the company seems to have a high rollover rate in customer service. 360 integration has been the biggest let down. Paycor admits to being unable to read the reports sent by our 401(k) provider- therefore they should not be claiming 360 integration. Their website is less interactive & customizable than ADP, and leaves room for error due to unclear commands. For instance, I'd like to put PTO time into a # of days used format... Paycor only allows a dollar amount or hours.

December 6th, 2017 Collingswood, NJ DETAILS
Value for your money
Quality of product or service
Customer service
Company trustworthiness

Clean and sleek design. Emphasis on employee self service. Our broker was able to offer a turn key integration with our 401k and benefit platform. Easy to contact our service rep. We don’t get bounced around like we did at our previous company.

August 11th, 2017 Scarborough, ME

I love how they dive into your banking account and take whatever with no rhyme or reason. Then to get an answer is another week long of calls and emails which go unanswered. Then get billed for services we did not ask for which totaled $1500.00. Then to be passed around to 10 different handlers of your account. The program is not user friendly and doesn't do most of the items a business would need. Department of Labor reports would be nice. Cannot wait to be done with them.

July 21st, 2017

1. Payrol was not processed multiple times despite confirmation emails and reassurance from the management team. 2. The software makes mistakes: clicking ,, submit,, button does not guarantee payroll is submitted. The next day they will tell you - it has never been submitted or it was submitted late and that is why it was not processed 3. The assigned to my account representative is never available and does not respond to emails. 4. The regional manager in Florida, Bob, is very nasty and is not helpful. 5. They started using my bank Payrol account to charge for overnight delivery of ,, Payrol summary,, weekly ( without permission to make deductions from the bank account and not offering a paperless statements as an option in the beginning ) Agree with the previous review: they do not care about you as a client.

July 18th, 2017

They really are all about just making the sale, and then nothing else matters to them

julie g
May 17th, 2017

I was charged for months of unused services which was my fault. But, once turning in their form & having them receive it before the end of the month. I was still charged for an additional month. Two thumbs down, very disappointed.

Michael Demma
March 8th, 2017

This is by far the worst system I have ever used as a manager. Basic design and operational flaws indicating lack of design and programming expertise. Does not perform as it should and does not measure up to any standard of quality. Times are changed in error. Simple calculations of time are incorrect.

September 30th, 2016 Toledo, OH

We have a few times since we worked with them. The account manager become worse in time, look like they have for small business just new entry's. Many errors and inadequate Customer Service. Better you call a friend than ask Paycor.

m cairns
September 13th, 2016 San Jose, CA

I have found them to be seriously lacking on the Payroll side. There expertise seems to be the HR side. We have had numerous errors with payroll, tax filing etc. and in need of lots of adjustments. From the outside it seems that no one talks to each other regarding issues that come up so it takes a long time to get things resolved. I would not recommend them at all.

R Lee Pack
August 27th, 2016 Gainesville, FL

Product is fine for the most part. Online help is great for the first few months then you are referred to their online training site if you need to do anything to modify your payroll. I felt sucked in by initial great customer service then left out in the cold - to learn on their tutorial - even when I needed something done urgently. I am basically renting a program and entering data into the program and, at this point, getting no customer service.