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LAST UPDATED: February 28th, 2022

Entrepreneurs Matthew Wilson and Guenther Eisinger started Omnipresent in 2019. The service originally came about to solve a problem Wilson and Eisinger were having which was managing a business thousands of miles apart while also working with a remote team. Wilson lives in London, UK while Eisinger lives in Vienna, Austria. Working together from different countries posed its own unique set of challenges - thus Omnipresent was born.

Omnipresent is a business intelligence software that allows businesses to recruit and hire a global team. Employers can hire from anywhere as the Omnipresent software allows for managers to hire, pay, and support a completely remote and international team.

With Omnipresent, employers can hire candidates anywhere, onboard them at any time, handle all local taxes and cross-border payments with one invoice, and provide competitive benefits regardless of where someone lives.  

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The Good

  • Geographical Reach
  • Easy On-Board Service
  • Global HQ Platform
  • Resources

Geographical Reach

Companies no longer need to restrict the hiring pool based on geography. Omnipresent has partners able to hire talen in over 160 countries and regions worldwide. Companies no longer need to miss out on world-class candidates. Many business software intelligence providers do not address the global hiring issues, but that is exactly what Omnipresent specializes in. 

Easy On-Board Service

Getting an employee hired, trained, and officially on-boarded can be a time consuming process. Add thousands of miles of distance between employees and the task can seem daunting, impossible even. With Omnipresent, onboarding global talent is easy. With Omnipresent, businesses can take advantage of the following onboarding services:

  • Onboarding and Offer Management — Omnipresent will help build and create an efficient onboarding process that allows for new hires to feel welcome and a part of the team. Omnipresent can help tailor offers to a global team member by drafting compliant, attractive, and relevant employment offers.
  • Expenses — Managing a global team also calls for the management of multiple currencies. During the onboarding process, Omnipresent will help managers review, approve, and pay the team’s expenses.
  • Compliant Employment Contracts — When hiring a global team, drafting compliant employment contracts is necessary. Omnipresent provides global hires with compliant employment contracts during onboarding. The Omnipresent team will make sure that global talent receives a legally compliant employment contract from their designated country. 
  • International HR Support — The Omnipresent global HR database is up to date with all employment standards across the world. Through the company’s own research, Omnipresent can provide HR and employment practices that would be most beneficial and ensure that all local and international labor standards are met.
  • Leave, Probation, and Termination — Omnipresent provides compliant and effective tools for the leave, probation, and termination processes. Legal responsibilities will be made known to all parties through Omnipresent as well.

In addition to the above services, the Omnipresent onboarding tool also addresses performance plans and disciplinary management. Omnipresent provides one of the most complete global onboarding services on the market. 

Global HQ Platform

The Omnipresent platform allows for remote team management and ongoing admin supervision. The Omnipresent software includes the following services:

  • One Stop Management — All from one platform, a manager can onboard, manage, and pay remote team members. 
  • Streamlined Monthly Invoice — Managers can keep ongoing administration work to a minimum by paying one monthly invoice for payroll, taxes, social contributions, and benefits for the entire remote team. This is available in the preferred currency. 
  • Documentation Organization — Manage documents, payslips, expenses, contracts, and other important employee documents all from one platform. 
  • HR System Integration — Omnipresent integrates with more than 20 popular HR systems, including BamooHR, Workday, and Hibob. 
    There is not really another software out there that offers a complete global management software like Omnipresent. 


When businesses turn to Omnipresent for global hiring help, they will also have access to a plethora of resources. From guides, to reports, to the OmniAtlas and calculator, businesses will have all the tools they need to manage a remote global team at their fingertips. 


The Bad

  • Software Specifically Designed for Remote Work
  • Undisclosed Costs for Services

Software Specifically Designed for Remote Work

The Omnipresent service addresses a very real and specific need of businesses today. It streamlines the entire global hiring process and makes managing a global team simple. That being said, this is not a need every business or company will need. Because the service is so niche, it limits what kinds of businesses can use the software.

Undisclosed Costs for Services

As with many business software companies, the cost for service ranges depending on exactly what the client needs. While some business software providers will give a range or package pricing, Omnipresent is not able to do that due to each client needing access to different aspects of the platform. As a result, business owners looking into the Omnipresent service will need to contact the company directly for service costs. 


The Bottom Line

In order to create the best team, businesses need to be able to hire the best talent. Instead of being geographically restricted to hiring within a few miles of a location, Omnipresent allows businesses to hire anyone from around the world.

Omnipresent makes it possible to pull from over 160 countries and regions while simultaneously streamlining payroll, benefits, compliance, and taxes. Companies looking for a remote staff that can be managed from anywhere would find the Omnipresent software to be extremely valuable. 

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